18 Unsettling Images Of Nice Cars In Junkyards

When you picture a junkyard, the first thing that comes to mind is rusty old cars, many of which will have seen better days, and some of which are in pieces which are cast to the four corners of the scrapheap. After all, junkyards are where old cars go to die when they have suffered a terminal breakdown or been involved in a smash that left them a total loss.

Of course, sometimes motorists have to face the tragedy that their brand new cars are a total loss, which is why you sometimes get the incongruous sight of brand new cars sitting in junkyards, with apparently just a few dents in the bodywork. Even supercars can end up in the junkyard, thanks to some of the most expensive car crashes ever recorded.

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18 Fender Bender

Via jalopnik.com

It looks as though the owner of this vehicle has spent a bit of time and money customizing the exterior, with an over-size spoiler and fancy rims. It’s just a shame that he also seems to have hit the brakes too hard and got himself into a fender bender that has left his pride and joy high and dry in the junkyard.

17 Indian Graveyard

Via bbc.com

Not all of the cars found at junkyards are lost causes, or you can always pick up a bargain if you need some spare parts for your own set of wheels. India is a great place to pick up a scrapheap steal (if you can be bothered to travel that far) including a nearly-new Jaguar for just $7,000.

16 Not So Porsche

Via autobahnnound.com

Jaguars are far from the only high-end vehicles that you can spot lurking at the junkyard if you keep your eyes peeled. At first glance, there seems to be little wrong with this stylish Porsche 991 from around the turn of the 21st century, but it has to be laid up in a junkyard for some reason!

15 Seen Better Days

Via autobahnparts.com

There are even companies that make a business out of buying up high-end luxury vehicles which have seen better days, like the BMW in the picture above, just so that they can scrap them and sell their parts for a profit. If a car isn’t going to make it back onto the road, at least its engine can live on in another vehicle.

14 Where Supercars Go To Die

Via youtube.com

Of course, if you really want to see some of the most expensive junkyards in the world, then you need to head to Dubai, where million-dollar supercars get scrapped simply because they have fallen out of fashion. Everything from Lamborghinis to Ferraris are left on these desert scrapheaps when their billionaire owner decides he wants a new toy.

13 Long-Time Resident

Via pinterest.com

The sporty roadster in the picture above looks as though it only needs a little TLC to get it back up and running, but the thick layer of dust on the windscreen and bodywork suggests that it has been abandoned at this junkyard for a long time. Once cars get scrapped, they get forgotten about very quickly.

12 Faded Ferrari

Via twitter.com

Another classic from the supercar graveyard of Dubai – the only place where any motorist would ever dream of scrapping a Ferrari. Let’s face it; most people would still keep hold of their Ferrari even if they wrecked it completely, just to have a little of that Italian stallion magic sitting at home in the garage.

11 Executive Ending

Via flickr.com

There isn’t one type of new car which is more likely to end its days prematurely gathering dust in a junkyard. From city cars to SUVs, they can all meet their fate on the automotive scrapheap, just like this elegant executive car which probably started its life in a flashy showroom.

10 Convertible Classic

Via sciencetells.co.uk

Everyone dreams of owning a convertible one day – so long as you live somewhere with the right climate for driving with the top down. Unfortunately, it looks as though the owner of this 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder roadster was having a bit too much fun, as it’s rear wing has definitely seen better days.

9 Flat Top

Via grassrootsmotorsports.com

A junkyard mystery from Canada, where somebody spotted a whole parking lot full of scrapped Toyotas which looked as though they had been squashed by a giant weight. And aside from their flattened roofs, most of the vehicles looked like they hadn’t been driven at all and barely had a mark on them.

8 Work Of Art

Via judebert.com

Car owners spend a lot of time and money customizing their cars these days, which can make it even tougher to take when a vehicle needs to be scrapped. Somebody has clearly put a lot of love into the custom decoration of this car, which has now been consigned to the scrapheap.

7 Condemned Cube

Via thetruthaboutcars.com

The Nissan Cube falls into the same category as the Chrysler PT Cruiser – cars that should never have been built in the first place, but which don’t deserve to end up on the scrapheap just because they’re ugly. This compact little run-around looks as though it would manage the daily commute just fine. Once you put on some new tires.

6 Ready To Roll

Via youtube.com

Sometimes it is a real mystery why owners decide to scrap a vehicle, rather than putting in the time to try and sell it themselves. More money than sense perhaps? This sporty Tesla may be past its prime, but some eagle-eyed junkyard owner has spotted that it still has some value to drivers looking for an electric bargain.

5 Mini Break

Via lashinsautosalvage.com

The Mini is one of the most iconic cars ever made, and this shiny white model looks as though it has just rolled off the production line, rather than being dumped at the local junkyard. There must be some serious mechanical problems with this pocket dynamo if it has ended its days on the scrapheap.

4 All-American Reject

Via thetruthaboutcars.com

You can just imagine how the poor patriot that owned this car felt when he saw his pride and joy being towed off to the junkyard. Not only had he wasted all that money on tacky stars and stripes paint job, but now his beloved flag was destined to rust and rot next to cars from Japan and Europe…

3 Diamond In The Rough

Via autoweek.com

The Mitsubishi Lancer was a bit of a cult classic in its time, thanks mainly to the fact that it appealed to young boy racers who wanted a cheap car they could fix up. The car even featured in The Fast and Furious movies, which probably goes a long towards explaining how this particular model ended up on the scrapheap.

2 Much-Loved Classic

Via pinterest.com

Perhaps the only car more recognizable than the Mini is the Volkswagen Beetle, and even though this is one of the less popular 21st-century models, there are still plenty of drivers who would happily take this on as a project rather than see it rust away on a junkyard.

1 Unusual Find

Via curbsideclassic.com

From an instantly recognizable classic to an unusual piece of vehicular engineering; this lesser-known Toyota WiLL Vi from 2000 might be rare enough to earn a place in an automotive museum, but its previous owner just wanted to get rid of the oddity – and so it will spend its days on the scrapheap.

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