18 Workout Photos Aaron Rodgers Doesn`t Want Us To See Of Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick had one hell of a career. When she stepped away from the circuit after the 2018 Indianapolis 500, she retired as the most successful woman in American open-wheel racing. She had it all, was a marketing man’s dream athlete; the looks the beauty, the athletic physique and the personality to match. Danica had star appeal.

Even though she’s stepped away from professional racing, Danica’s still a star name on the sporting scene. She has other skills and interests that she’s pursuing and is also looking forward to spending more quality time with NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Danica may not be competing professionally anymore, but she hasn’t taken her foot off the gas when it comes to her fitness regime. Danica had an enviable physique during her NASCAR days, and she’s still pushing hard in the gym, would probably even give Aaron a run for his money. Here are some glorious pics of Danica illustrating why she’s one of the fittest athletes around. Aaron certainly thinks so, although he wouldn’t want us setting eyes on these pics.

18 Sweaty Post-Workout Pic

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Most celebrities, even though they’re athletes, only post glamorous pics on their social media pages. They wouldn’t dream of sharing pics of themselves sprawled out, a sweaty mess, after an intense session. Danica isn’t like most athletes. She likes to keep it real. Aaron probably wanted her to be like most athletes when she was posting this pic though.

17 Ripped To Shreds

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There’s being ripped, having muscularity, then there’s being ripped to shreds. Danica certainly falls into the latter category. Forget NASCAR, Danica resembles a pro bodybuilder in this pic. Is Aaron Rodgers that shredded? When looking at them side by side who would you think is the professional athlete? Aaron won’t want to hear the answer.

16 It’s Yoga Time

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Why was Danica one of the fittest sportswomen around? Because she pays attention to all types of fitness, is all about enhancing the powers of the mind, body and soul. Danica just loves to practice yoga. Here she is in the classic yoga pose in her zen-like state, zoning everything and everyone out, even Aaron.

15 Muscle Suit Might Mess With Aaron’s Mind

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Ok, so this was for an ad that Danica was shooting, but even so, seeing Danica in this very realistic looking muscle suit must have freaked Aaron out a little. Because of the way Danica trains, who knows, if she goes at it hard in the gym for a few months, gets seriously pumped, she could actually look like that one day!

14 The Calm Before The Storm

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Danica’s got a book out called Pretty Intense. She’s certainly got that intense look, but there’s also a sense of calm about her, the calm before the storm, before she does battle with the iron. Muscular and shredded, Aaron could only wish to have a physique like that, as would most.

13 Bent In Half For The Sake Of Fitness

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Danica’s a big advocate of practicing yoga. When she does, she doesn’t just do the hero pose. She gets her buddies involved, in this case to bend her in half, all for the sake of yoga, her fitness and flexibility. Aaron Rodger wouldn’t be the only person wincing a tad upon setting eyes on this pic.

12 Yoga Helps Danica Fly

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Danica flew around the race track and that’s because she practiced flying during her fitness sessions. Danica practices all sorts during yoga. This is one of her more daring poses. This is a pic taken when Danica was still a professional athlete. Aaron must have been crossing his fingers, hoping that Danica’s yoga partner doesn’t have a bit of a wobble.

11 Roping Up

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Danica loves incorporating all sorts into her workouts. She doesn’t just do the standard cardio and weight training. Just look at her shimmying up that rope – it’s fitness personified, all muscle. Strength is one thing, but Danica wants to be a well-rounded athlete. It’s all about functional fitness with Danica, something Aaron doesn’t really possess.

10 Calloused And Still Smiling

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Danica loves pushing herself when pumping iron. From the looks of things, she’s just done some powerlifting. Her hands are all powdered up and calloused – not the glamorous look that’s normally associated with Danica. Having said that, she still looks fabulous, is smiling and looks to be loving life. If Aaron knew she was snapping pics, he may have wanted her to choose some other workout attire though.

9 Let’s Get Flexible

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Here’s another pic that proves that Danica’s athleticism goes way beyond racing around a track. She’s mastered the upside-down lotus pose and by doing so, has proven she looks just as good upside down than in the standard hero pose. She’s dedicated to mastering difficult poses and by the looks of things, has achieved mastery over this one!

8 Pumping Those Guns

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Those are some pretty big dumbbells and that’s some serious amount of weight and Danica’s holding them in a pose, all be it for a photoshoot, like they’re nothing. We’ve seen that Danica possesses a tremendous amount of muscularity. This is why. It’s fair to say she’s more muscular than Aaron. She’s certainly more ripped than him. She’s showing her boyfriend up on the fitness front.

7 Dripping With Sweat

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Here’s another sweaty pic of Danica post-workout. There aren’t many athletes who’d post such pics. But Danica loves nothing more than sweating it out and wants everybody to know it. She approaches her training sessions with intensity, and from the looks of things, looks to have smashed through this one.

6 Determined To Succeed

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When racing, Danica used to set her own fitness tests. Of course, she’d pass them every time. Just look at the will, determination, the concentration on her face. She makes things tough for herself, but it’s why she was such a tremendous athlete.

Danica’s fond of wearing tight attire, and not very much of it whilst training. Aaron’s sure to appreciate the effort, but looking at pics like this may leave him sweating a bit too.

5 Super Intense On The Rings

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Is Danica a racing driver, a yoga aficionado, or a gymnast? She’s all in one, has many strings to her bow when it comes to fitness and training. Here she is getting her inner gymnast on. She’s a lean mean racing machine and boy does Aaron, and sports fans around the world know it.

4 Mountain Climbing And Changing It Up

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Here’s Danica changing it up once again. Her routine is varied and it proves her athletic capabilities go far beyond racing around a circuit. It’s a great pic, but it looks a little treacherous. Aaron and Danica’s team must have breathed a sigh of relief when she got her feet back on solid ground.

3 What A Setting

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Look at these pics, the photos Danica posts on social media, and it can seem like Danica spends more time upside down on her head than on her feet. She’s forever doing handstands, testing herself doing tricky poses in order to perfect her prowess as a yogi. Aaron must have been jealous he didn’t get to grace this experience in this stunning setting with Danica. But Aaron just can’t stand on his head!

2 Switching Up The Beach For Woodlands

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Danica’s on her head yet again, but this time she’s on her own in the woodlands. Although it’s an impressive feat, it’s still a mightily dangerous position to put yourself in as a star athlete. One fall, a little slip, and it could be lights out. Aaron Rodgers is likely to have echoed these sentiments.

1 Flexibility Is Key

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Again, it’s an impressive feat of flexibility from Danica, but it’s a little painful to watch. Contorting her body in such a way messes with the minds of those witnessing it. As her boyfriend, sometimes Aaron must want Danica to take it easy with her training. Keep up the intensity, but spend a little more time on both feet.

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