19 Of The Most Attractive Ladies From Mexico

We know that Mexico is a beautiful country, but besides that and the temperature being sizzling hot all year long, so are the women.

What do we go bonkers for most though? The spicy food and the hot tamale women. The country is, without a doubt, blessed with the hottest women. And why is that? They are curvy, exotic, have luscious dark hair and a tanned complexion. Some people may complain about issues in the country, but one thing we cannot dismiss, is the kind of women they have blessed the entire world with.

More than you know, there are many gorgeous Mexican women who have made household names for themselves – move aside Gisele and Adriana Lima. So, here it is, we want to introduce you to the most beautiful and hottest Mexican females. Do they really need an intro, though?

19 Claudia Salinas Is Worth Checking Out ASAP

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We would do just about anything to have this foxy Mexican lady as our plus one! The dark-haired beauty with legs for days is beautiful on the inside and out. In Mexico, she is known for her charitable work, and let us say, we would not hesitate to volunteer with her.

Salinas, who strut her stuff in a lavish gown, has ballet to thank for her lovely pair of legs.

18 Sugey Abrego Will Make You Watch The Weather Network

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When we watch the television for weather, we want to know that it is going to be beautiful, but it is an extra treat to see Sugey Abrego. The weather may be chilly, but it feels like thirty degrees when the dark-haired beauty is announcing the weather. Why did it get so humid and sticky all of a sudden?

17 Ana Claudia Talancon Makes Us Want To Sing Mexican Songs

Talancon is the girl next door and has it all! She is responsible for making us all go gaga for Mexican women. This soap actress has been quite generous over the years, as she has displayed her curves in numerous swimsuit ads.

Here is a photo of her during a photoshoot, and you can evidently see how much the camera loves her and her delightful curves.

16 Marlene Favela Is A Blessing

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We’re warning you now, if you search Marlene Favela on Google, you will need a tall glass of water nearby.

By now, you may have noticed that she certainly has some junk in the trunk, and she dons clothing that hugs it perfectly. She’s also known for her long, brown and wavy locks that caress her body. May she keep blessing us with shots like these and wonderful torso ones!

15 Camila Sodi Is Loved By Mexicans

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This model turned actress was hitched to actor Diego Luna until 2013 – you know what that means? She’s a steamy single lady. And does she need to do any convincing when she looks that hot in an oversized men’s button-down?

With such a slim figure, we’re trying to figure out how she gave birth to two children.

14 We All Need Some Ninel Conde In Our Lives

Conde is so easy on the eyes, especially since most of her photos are of her soaking up the sun on the beach! And if you think that’s great, go listen to her busting out her angelic chops!

As seen in the above photo, Conde is voluptuous and displayed it with teeny shorts and a bedazzled top. Who can even pay attention to her voice when she looks that delicious?

13 Mexico’s Most Famous Singer, Thalia

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Thalia is one of those that requires no introduction; men and women around the world go bonkers for her steamy appeal and her incredible voice.

Thalia deserves to be lounging in the sun, as she is not only a singer, but an actress and businesswoman, too; we call that a lethal weapon. She is known as the ‘Queen of Latin Pop,’ and with that red pout and rocking bod, we would not think otherwise.

12 Her Name Is So Long, But She’s Worth It

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Whenever you have a minute, put down whatever you are doing and go follow, Daniela De Jesus Cosio you’ll thank us later. Since her name is so long, we’ll stick to calling her, “Daniela Hottie.”

The Mexican fashion model’s pictures are truly epic; this photo with her ‘daddy long legs’ is self-explanatory. And because she has one of the steamiest bodies, she doesn't mind posing bare.

11 Barbara Mori Is Still Top-Notch

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Folks, you may just want to start watching some past telenovelas so you can drool while watching Barbara Mori! Known for her dark locks and bright green eyes, Mori has aged like very fine wine. All these years later and she can still pull off a tight dress. Plus, her enchanting glare is ultimately irresistible.

10 Ana De La Reguera Is A Dream

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If you’re a fan of low-cut blouses and tight-fitting jeans, Reguera is your lady! This brown-haired beauty has made appearances in telenovelas, HBO sitcoms and Hollywood films, too.

Not one who is confined, Reguera, has taken many revealing photos of herself, while embracing her natural beauty. She evidently has great taste in fashion because we go bonkers for a woman in nothing but a button-down.

9 This Mexican Actress Will Blow You Away

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What do you call a woman with gorgeous lips, luscious hair and the perfect pout? Martha Higareda. The Mexican sweetheart may just look familiar to you if you’re a fan of Netflix’s Altered Carbon. We know, she is the woman of your dreams. In the show, the mature actress has not minded going fully bare in front of the camera – we no longer need to use our imagination.

8 The One And Only Eva Longoria

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Do we need to introduce this Hollywood A-lister? No, but the Mexicans are lucky to have her. From the start of her career, she stole our hearts, so it would be a crime to not include her on this list.

Her exotic beauty stands out even more in this Poison Ivy green jumpsuit, that showed off just the right amount of skin to tease. And her dark eyes; oh, those heartbreaker eyes.

7 Priscila Perales Is A Beauty Queen

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Perales got the memo that mustard yellow is on trend, but it now became our favourite hip colour. Notice how long her legs are and how slim she is? That’s because Perales is a pageant contestant, and a winner, too. She has one of the finest bodies in the pageantry world, and the beige heels perfectly accentuated her toned legs.

6 Do We Really Need To Introduce Paulina Rubio?

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This is a name we know that you have heard uttered before! Yes, this household name who is the most successful Latina singer of all time, is also one of the most stunning Latinas in the world. Rubio is the woman we would not mind seeing on the background of our phones everyday. And it is her wild and big golden hair that we see in this photo that makes us act rowdily for her.

5 The Caliente Maite Perroni

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After checking out this chica, we need a Peroni beer ASAP! Over the years, her beauty has not faded, and she’s only gotten more beautiful with age – is that because of the cervezas?

The true embodiment of a stunning and alluring Mexican woman, Perroni is as foxy as it gets. And yes, we must admit we’d venture through to amazon and jungle for her.

4 Gaby Ramirez Is Easy On The Eyes

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This actress was born to be in front of the camera, and we are so grateful she is, as she has blessed the world with her undeniably good looks! Any photo of her is beyond perfect, even those selfies that are a few centimetres from her flawless face.

And after reviewing the above photo, all we have to say is, “ay caramba!”

3 Elsa Benitez Is A Miracle

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This leggy woman is like a Mexican Cindy Crawford – you see it, right? Just this photo of us in her two-piece bikini has us sold! The Mexican model and television presenter is famously known for her desirable legs and hypnotic smile. And if ever you’re up to it, checkout Sports Illustrated, as she has graced their pages.

2 Ximena Navarrete Is A Mexican Doll

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It maybe difficult to pronounce her name, but that’s because when looking at her, words get easily slurred.

Sorry Kylie Jenner, but we now have a new beauty guru we want to follow and go bonkers over. It is hard to dismiss and disregard how flawless Ximena Navarrete looks, to the point that she looks airbrushed. And yes, all photos are this perfect.

1 Laura Elizondo Tickles Our Fancy

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Laura Elizondo is the woman any man would want to see hung on their walls; we are totally digging this beauty queen. The brown-eyed and auburn-haired Mexican chiquita has us wanting to take a one-way flight to Mexico.

Before that though, have you noticed who she looks like? She is a brunette Britney Spears! Oops…she did it again.

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