19 Behind The Scenes Pics Of Margot Robbie We Can't Stop Looking At

When it comes to some of the newest starlets, there have been very few that have made a big splash in Hollywood or the entire world, for that matter, as an actress like Margot Robbie has.

Since her debut in 2008, she has worked with some of the biggest directors and writers like Adam McKay, David Ayer and most recently, Quentin Tarantino. This kind of legitimacy is something that very few achieve after decades of work, and Robbie's quality of work is a testament to how she got this far.

Margot Robbie's beauty and acting chops set her apart from other big-name actresses that solely rely on their good looks for parts, as she uses her charming aesthetic to help envelop herself into the characters she plays. Here are some fantastic shots of a true artist in her best element; behind the scenes.

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19 Something Behind Those Eyes


This shot from the set of Terminal is so good it could honestly serve as a screenshot of the movie in a believable sense. Here, we see that Margot is able to bring a bit of mystery to her seemingly simplistic character of a waitress. In the thriller, her questionable background is a big part of the movie and this shows the work behind it.

18 Focus On This Pairing


In a candid shot, we can see Will Smith and Robbie getting really close on the set of Focus. The movie itself has gone on to be underrated. but her looks on and off the screen are clearly deserving of being called beautiful. We also see the enjoyment that she has in doing what she loves.

17 A Match Made In Heaven


Yet another shot of Robbie really enjoying her work, this shot from the set of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood shows that world-brightening smile of hers. We also see those iconic blonde locks as she portrays the legendary Sharon Tate, in a role that she was certainly born to play.

16 Life of The Set


It almost seems impossible to get a shot of Robbie on the set of any of her movies without her at least grinning. Here we see that she is enjoying her time during the filming of I, Tonya. A movie with such a serious tone means that having a light hearted set can help the overall flow of the production, and she is a true professional for this.

15 Breaking Through By Busting Moves


Many consider The Wolf of Wall Street to be the moment that Robbie was able to break through the glass ceiling and become a true star, and it was because of the unparalleled energy that she brought to every scene she was in. With this shot, it would appear that she brought that energy to the set as well.

14 The Early Beginnings of A Lasting Legacy


While The Wolf of Wall Street might be Robbie's break-through moment, Suicide Squad was the film that made it clear that she can also be a leading lady. While the film itself was divisive amongst fans, the portrayal of Harley Quinn was unanimously praised. Here we see how graceful she can seem when she is actually perfecting her crafts.

13 Intrigue and Mystique Abound


In another shot behind the scenes of the movie Focus, we see that Robbie can maintain that questionable body language and slyness while remaining appealing. There is something very calming about her smile, but she can always portray an underlining meaning in each motion.

12 Legendary In Her Own Right

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Let's be honest, The Legend of Tarzan was a bit of a mess, but at least we got another solid performance from our girl. Robbie looks absolutely angelic here and proves that she can even rock the red-head look with ease. Not only is she a chameleonic actor, she's equally stunning in doing so.

11 Glowing Behind The Lights

Speaking of looking angelic, Quentin Tarantino has stated that Robbie's presence in the film as Sharon Tate is simply "angelic". Seeing her in this amazing yellow two-piece outfit is a testament to her looks and her aura. There is something so radiant about her in this picture, and we are thankful for her in this film.

10 A Whole New Style

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Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot was an interesting little dive into comedy with Tina Fey for Robbie, and it seems like the movie has gone on to be somewhat of a quiet success. In this case, however, we see that she does not need to be dressed in outlandish or overly stylish clothes to look awesome.

9 Craftiness In Demeanor

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Yet another shot from the set of Focus, showing that same intensity that she can bring with just her body language and poise. Without knowing many contexts of the movie, one can clearly see the intrigue between these two characters. With that lamp shining on her face giving a beautiful outline, this is close to a flawless shot.

8 The Idea of Perfect

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This candid photo of Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street shows a side to her that hasn't been seen much since this film. She fits into that role of a woman so proud of social status symbolism stuck in a mid-century demand with perfection. Just the joy on her face says so much about her character.

7 Depth In Expected Ways

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The movie and outfit might be the same from the last image, but from a different angle we see a much more intimate look at Robbie. We can see that her penchant for the finer things isn't innate, but rather a representation towards the warmth her character seeks from the inside. That is expert work by Robbie.

6 Fierceness Never Looked So Confident

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This next image from the set of I, Tonya is a much farther shot than the rest, but it is her iconic figure that is on display here (no pun intended). As said with other pictures, she has a special way of using her body language to convey the thoughts and intent of her character. And here, she looks like she is ready to blow the judges away with some intense skating.

5 Getting In Character Way Too Well

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Another shot from her most iconic role, Margot is seen here in somewhat of a voyeuristic shot in full Harley Quinn attire for Suicide Squad. She might be on camera for this shot but it is the fact that even when she is not framed perfectly by a cinematographer or director, she still looks flawless from this offbeat angle.

Something about the picture being partially obscured makes this look like a file case photo in a real-life folder in Arkham Asylum.

4 So Much Said Without Hearing It

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Without even hearing a line of dialogue, there is almost a sound to this image. It can be clear that she is talking up a storm while Liz Lemon looks on in distaste and anxiousness. This is one of those behind the scenes photos that almost looks like an accidental painting. And this wouldn't just make for a good painting, it might be a masterpiece.

3 Vibes Change With The Times

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This last shot from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is interesting because we get a glimpse of what Margot might look like if she was pregnant. Sure, it might be a bit strange but there really is something angelic about a woman who is ready to give life. Given the circumstances, it was amazing to have her depict such a warm glow from herself as her character shifted into a melancholy woman in the second half of the film.

2 Almost A Page Out Of The Comics

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Yet another shot from Suicide Squad shows another in-depth look at how this talented actress can look the part from just about every angle. Here we see that trademark body language from her and that iconic outfit is on point. She brought a ghetto elegance to the character that few actresses could have brought to the table.

1 Evidently A Professional In Every Sense

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Finally, to round out our list, we see Margot talking to director David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad. The reason that this is the last image is that the difference in body language, looks, and overall facial demeanor is completely different to that of when she is on screen. Here we see a genuine force of talent that is intent on working with her director to ensure the highest quality of filmmaking. What. A. Star.

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