19 BTS Too Real Photos Of These Celebs That Will Make You Hit Unfollow

Many of us dream of meeting our favorite celebrities in real life, but, even if we do, we often get disappointed because, unfortunately, not all celebs are as breathtaking as Keanu Reeves. Some of them are rude to their colleagues on set, others are known for having diva-ish demands, and there are also those who can either attack or abuse a fan who just wanted a photo and an autograph. Getting to know them a little bit better can make our affection toward these people burst like a bubble. Sure, all of us have our bad moments when we misbehave, but when these moments happen too often... something's seriously wrong.

From Christian Bale throwing a tantrum on set, to Mariah Carey having ridiculous demands for her cameo, to Gwyneth Paltrow being rude to her co-stars, here's the list of behind-the-scenes photos that will make us utterly disappointed in these celebrities.

19 Shia Labeouf Had A Fight With Tom Hardy BTS Of 'Lawless'

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Back in 2012, when Shia Labeouf and Tom Hardy were working on Lawless, things got heated between them. According to movie director John Hillcoat, they had a fight and, at some point, it got so intense that both of the actors had to be restrained. For Labeouf, this instance wasn't too unusual because he's well-known for his "disagreements" with others especially the paparazzi.

18 Naya Rivera Has A Feisty Temper BTS

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Naya Rivera is best known for her role in Glee. The fans who think that she looked awesome there should better know her as a person before admiring the actress. On the set, Rivera has been known for her feisty temper because she was caught fighting with her co-stars more than a few times. Besides, the actress was arrested for domestic violence charges against her hubby. How tough is that girl?

17 Lea Michele Is No Darling Behind The Scenes

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Lea Michele was Rivera's colleague on the set of Glee, and she was no fun to be with either. Even Rivera herself once admitted that it was hard to work with Michele because of her divaish behavior and because she was "holding up production". Some of her other costars also stated that Lea liked the spotlight a little bit too much and didn't want to share it with anyone.

16 Russell Crowe Threw A Phone At A Hotel Clerk

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Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor, yet he's not a brilliant person in real life. In fact, Crowe is known for losing his temper very quickly. We know the instances when the actor insulted people on social media (he even got to the all-beloved George Clooney!), threatened movie producers, and got in fights repeatedly. In 2005, he even was arrested for throwing a phone at a hotel clerk!

15 Christian Bale Threw A Tantrum On Set

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When Christian Bale is on the set, he demands total perfection from everyone and sometimes he demands too much. For example, on the set of Terminator: Salvation, he threw a huge tantrum at the director of photography who accidentally stepped into the shot and distracted Bale from the scene. The guy was literally crushed because Bale threw almost 40 f-bombs at him during his furious speech.

14 Justin Bieber Allegedly Spat On His Fan

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We can understand that sometimes it gets annoying to be followed by fans and paparazzi everywhere and to have to give them your autographs all the time. But it's the price of being famous and if you're not respectful with your fans, soon you won't have any. We're talking to you, Justin, the guy who spat on his fans and yelled at them during a concert!

13 Miley Cyrus Has Gone A Long Way Since Hannah Montana

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Once an innocent Disney TV idol, Miley Cyrus is completely different these days. A while ago, it seemed that the singer had been trying to do everything just to seem more adult. She was wearing revealing outfits, demonstrating inappropriate behavior, and even showing us some suggestive dancing. Recently, she's been behaving a bit better, but the memories of her being a "bad girl" are still fresh.

12 Taryn Manning Had A Fight With Her Makeup Artist

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We all know that Taryn Manning stars in Orange Is the New Black, but few of us know that not only her character has a violent history. Manning herself is known for having at least one documented fight that happened with her makeup artist Holly Hartman. It's unclear what caused the actress's outrage, but, according to the legal documents, she "headbutted Hartman, sprayed her with Windex and put her in a headlock." Whoah, chill!

11 No One Likes The Paparazzi, But Alec Baldwin Seems To Hate Them

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Alec Baldwin has been accused of attacking paparazzi on quite a few occasions. One of the most impressive ones happened after an unlucky photographer decided to catch a snap of the actor and his wife who had recently given birth. Baldwin grappled the poor fellow, pinned his arms back, and pushed him against the car. And it's all because of a photo!

10 Mariah Carey Was Such A Diva, She Didn't Even Make It Into A Movie

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There's no way we could leave Mariah out of this list because she has way too many instances of being a diva. One of the brightest ones happened on the set of Will Ferrel's The House, where Carey had a cameo. First of all, the singer was four hours late to the set and then she demanded to rewrite the scene to her liking, although it had been approved of beforehand. As a result of her diva-ish behavior, her cameo was entirely cut out of the film.

9 Rachael Ray Is Rude To Her Audience

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Famous chef Rachael Ray always looks lively and cheerful in her show. But, according to some evidence, her attitude changes as soon as the cameras stop rolling. Her audience members claimed that the celebrity was "cold" and "seemingly annoyed that she had to do the show." Besides, Ray also has been called a tyrannical boss who makes her employees do everything for her.

8 Catherine Zeta-Jones Demoralized A Little Girl

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Back in the days when Catherine Zeta-Jones was a star of The Mask of Zorro, she was on the peak of her career and had hordes of fans. One such fan, an 8-year-old girl who wanted to be an actress approached the celebrity after an advance screening of the film and confessed her dream. Zeta-Jones' response was cold "You're pretty enough, I suppose," which, according to the girl's words, shocked her and made her think that everyone was judging her on her looks.

7 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Rude With Other Women On Set

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Gwyneth Paltrow is an amazing actress, but in real life, she's far from being the best person in the world. Among other things, she can get really jealous when other women get attention on the set. For example, when Scarlett Johansson became her co-star on Iron Man 2, Gwyneth turned into a total diva and completely ignored Scarlett, making other crew members feel really awkward.

6 Tom Cruise Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Diva Demands

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Even men can be divas and Tom Cruise is one example. He has demonstrated divaish behavior more than once. For instance, he always makes someone walk through any door in front of him and open and close it many times. According to the actor, it removes the bad energy, but it's still unclear why he can't perform these manipulations by himself. Besides, Cruise also has a lot of on-set demands, such as his own coffee van, from where he can get a cup anytime.

5 Katherine Heigl Ruined Her Own Career

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Bet you've noticed that Katherine Heigl used to be popular a few years back, but these days we don't see her anymore. It didn't happen because the actress decided to take a break or retire from acting, but because no one wants to work with her. Not only was Heigl rude with her co-stars on set, but she also allowed herself to trash the projects she worked for, when, for example, she accused Grey's Anatomy of poor writing.

4 Edward Norton Had Repeated Arguments With Directors

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Edward Norton is known for having fights with movie director and demanding to rewrite some parts of the script in accordance with his wishes. At least once, his attitude cost him a role, when he was replaced by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk in the MCU. Back then, Marvel Studios issued an official statement claiming that their decision was rooted in the need for an actor to have a "collaborative spirit".

3 Jennifer Lopez Doesn't Seem To Be "From The Block"

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Although Jennifer Lopez claims that she's still "Jenny from the block", she clearly isn't. Jenny from the block wouldn't act like a total diva, ignoring the fans who wanted her autograph and behaving like she's better than everyone else around her. Needless to say, her on-set demands and tour riders are full of ridiculous demands. Get off the high horse, Jen!

2 Taylor Swift Had Been Hiding Her Nasty Side, But Not Anymore

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For a long time, Taylor Swift has been pretending to be an innocent and naive sweetheart who has had her heart broken repeatedly. But, if we think about it, if the singer had so many breakups in such a short time, it means that something is probably wrong with her, not these guys. When the truth surfaced and Swift's former classmates revealed that she was a bully at school, we finally realized that she never was a nice girl.

1 Ariana Grande Stops Being Nice When She Steps Off The Stage

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Ariana Grande looks awesome on stage but in real life, she isn't that sweet. Her Victorious co-star, Victoria Justice, revealed that Grande bullied her on the set and the singer's fans also saw the glimpses of not-so-nice behavior from their idol. However, Ariana displayed more maturity since the attacks during her concert in Manchester two years ago, so we can hope that she'll eventually overcome her diva behavior.

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