19 Celebs Who Drive Cheap Cars We Can Totally Afford

Celebrities are often spotted in incredible supercars and known to drop a lot of cash on these really sweet rides. The customization options are endless, and it’s always amazing to see how each of these celebs express themselves with the cars they drive.

This isn’t true across the board though. While most celebrities do tend to use their wealth to attain the cars of their dreams, some just don’t seem as invested in the type of vehicle they are seen driving in. Many celebrities perceive their own cars as mere tools to get from point A to point B, and they seem indifferent about putting their money down on a flashy vehicle.

It’s shocking to see celebrities drive cars that are attainable to most of us. Let’s take a look at 19 celebs who drive cheap cars we can totally afford.

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19 Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius

Via TheRichest

Leonardo DiCaprio can undoubtedly afford to purchase any car his heart desires, and what he seems to desire is this very basic Toyota Prius.

Known for his environmental consciousness, this seems like a perfect car for Leo’s political and ethical statement. Priced at under $30,000, this is an affordable car that any of us could easily own.

18 Tom Hanks – Toyota Scion

Via ClubXb

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors and he has certainly made it clear to the world that he prefers to stay off the radar. He lives in a small town and drives a Toyota Scion, opting for a low key and simple lifestyle.

This car can be easily found for just over $20,000, which makes it easy for anyone to afford.

17 Jay Leno – GMC Syclone

Via Road&Track

Jay Leno has some pretty impressive cars in his fleet, but this one left us scratching our heads in wonder. His GMC Syclone can’t possibly be worth more than $40,000, even with the Syclone package enhancement feature added to it.

He seems to love this vehicle, in spite of it being a pretty basic set of wheels.

16 Conan O’Brien – Ford Taurus

Via TheDrive

Sentimental value has Conan holding on tight to this 1992 Ford Taurus Sho. He purchased this vehicle well before his days of fame, and has kept it in his possession as a reminder of “where he came from.”

In all fairness, if you have to own a Taurus, this is the best one there is! It must be a good feeling for him to hold on to this piece of his childhood.

15 Colin Farrell – Ford F150

Via FordTruckEnthusiasts

Colin looks like he really belongs in this truck. It’s a pretty basic Ford F150 with nothing spectacular done to it, yet he seems to meld to the frame in an oh-so-casual way.

This truck suits his casual style. Hagerty pegs the value of this vehicle to be in the range of $30,000, which is affordable for most people – certainly to Colin Farrell!

14 David Spade – Grand National

Via USAToday

Known to be an avid car collector, David Spade had a fabulous 1987 Grand National amidst his fleet of other fine cars.

The Daily Mail reports that he spent $9,000 restoring this car in order to sell it for $33,000 on Craigslist. This seems to be a reasonable, affordable, and easily attainable price tag!

13 Jeremy Piven – Ford Bronco

Via Jalopnik

Jeremy isn’t hurting for cash, that’s for sure. If you’re wondering why he is in a Ford Bronco, the answer is a pretty obvious one. It’s an awesome ride!

Sometimes the fun in car ownership isn’t in the flashy and fast cars, but rather the ability to go anywhere, do anything, and have fun doing it. This early model Ford doesn’t cost much, but the fun he gets from driving it is priceless.

12 Jennifer Lawrence – Volkswagen Eos

Via Pinterest

Staying true to her humble roots, Jennifer Lawrence can often be seen driving in California in her modest Volkswagen Eos.

With a base cost of just under $30,000, we’re sure Jennifer can easily afford this car, and so could most average citizens. It gets her from point A to point B, and it seems to be well aligned with her down-to-earth persona.

11 Zak Efron – Oldsmobile Alero

Via CelebSpace

You guessed correctly – this was Zak’s first car, and he continued to drive it with pride even after his rise to fame.

Auto Evolution reports that Zak donated this car to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in an effort to have it auctioned for profit. What a fabulous way to give back – and what a lucky winner to score Zak’s car!

10 LeBron James – Jeep Wrangler

Via FadedYouthBlog

LeBron is one of the highest paid players the NBA has ever seen. We’re sure he can afford to drive something way flashier than this Jeep Wrangler, but he seems to really love this ride.

Palm Dodge Chrysler reports that this 2010 Jeep was purchased by LeBron for $33,000, after which time he invested another $33,000 in customizing it to his liking.

9 Britney Spears – Mini Cooper

Via Pinterest

Even in her earliest days of fame, Britney could have afforded to buy this car a hundred times over. She seems happy to own it and is seemingly uninterested in the flashy supercars that she could easily own if she wanted to.

We have to admit, she looks great in it, and it suits her!

8 Justin Timberlake – VW Jetta

Via TheRichest

Justin Timberlake is not really known for being flashy in any way. He seems to live a pretty low key life and moved his family to a small town to get away from the lights and cameras that are part of the LA lifestyle.

Staying true to his roots, Justin owns a basic, stock VW Jetta valued at just over $16,000, according to CashRoadster.

7 Warren Buffet – Cadillac

Via Forbes

This is mind-boggling. Warren Buffet can obviously afford to drive anything he wants. He can even buy a dealership full of cars with incredible ease! However, he drives a very basic $45,000 Cadillac XTS and seems over-the-moon happy with it. In fact, his prior car to this one was also a Cadillac.

This is an affordable car to many of us, which makes him a bit more relatable, at least in this sense.

6 Cameron Diaz – Toyota Prius

Via Welt

In an effort to maintain her dedication to environmental preservation, Cameron Diaz sticks to her guns by driving a Toyota Prius.

She can clearly afford to drive anything she’d like, and there’s no doubt that she has some pretty awesome cars in her collection, but her statement-piece – and the car she drives most often – is the environmentally conscious Toyota Prius.

5 Erica Bana – Ford Falcon

Via TheDrive

Erica Bana loves his first car. He purchased this beauty for just $1100 at the young age of 15! He has since invested some good money into restoring and revamping this vehicle, and has gone on to race and showcase it.

It’s evident that he loves this car, and it’s adorable that he has hung on to it for this long.

4 Christian Bale – Toyota Tacoma

Via Zimbio

Christian Bale seems to be a pretty laid-back dude. In spite of the fact that he depicted Bruce Wayne and carries superhero status everywhere he goes, he likes to keep his off-screen life very simple and low key.

He opts to drive a pretty basic Toyota Tacoma, and we must admit, it’s well suited to his simple and comfortable persona.

3 Lady Gaga – Ford Truck

Via FordTrucks

Even Lada Gaga has to pay her dues. She’s depicted here in her Ford F150, pulled over and in the middle of getting a traffic ticket. We’re not sure how fast she was going, but when we pictured a celebrity getting pulled over for speeding, we imagined it to be happening in a high-powered supercar.

Gaga appears low key and nearly unrecognizable, which may very well be the precise reason she bought this truck.

2 Prince Jackson – Ford F150

Via YouTube

Being the son of a music legend means you can have absolutely anything your heart desires. There’s no shortage of money in Prince Jackson’s bank account, yet he seems fairly modest in the way he spends his cash.

As the proud owner of a customized Ford F150, we respect Prince for being able to make modest choices at a young age, in spite of his incredible wealth.

1 Mark Whalberg – Minivan

Via TheBlast

Ok, this is a bit disturbing. We know Mark Whalberg has four children and is a dedicated father, but honestly, he can afford something better than this minivan.

Anyone can afford to drive this vehicle – we’re sure he could have splurged for something a tad classier than this. We give him credit for being humble, but he may have cross the line in keeping it simple this time.

Sources: TMZ, Celebrity Car Blog, CarThrottle

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