19 Celebs Who Should Have Their License Revoked For Bad Taste In Cars

Even though modern culture might treat celebrities like modern-day deities, the truth is that stars are just people like the rest of us. Sure, they get to live their lives in ways that the rest of us can only dream of—flying in private jets on their way to private parties in private villas at private resorts—but they still have to manage the world with nothing but their wits (and maybe a pile of cash and a few business advisors).

Most stars manage to keep things fairly tame, though the ones that party and go wild get in enough trouble to keep us all entertained year-round. From actors to reality stars, musicians, and athletes, plenty of celebs seem like they don't deserve their wealth and fame.

Nowhere do celebs  reveal their wacky mindsets more often than in their car purchases. Some celebs seem to have no taste at all, opting to drive boring commuter cars, while others have terrible taste and customize their cars in the worst ways imaginable. Keep scrolling for 19 stars who should have their licenses revoked for their bad taste in cars.

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19 Chris Brown's Lego Lambo

via Twitter

Chris Brown's taste in cars can mostly be summed up as Lamborghinis in terrible wrap jobs. His fighter jet-inspired Lambo was one thing but then he had the guys at West Coast Customs do a wrap that's more reminiscent of a Lego car. Of course, the WCC crew is responsible for plenty of tasteless celebrity cars, as this list proves.

18 Will.i.am's Volkswagen Creation

via Auto Zeitung

Will.i.am fancies himself a car aficionado and often employs both West Coast Customs and his own resources to create some wild custom jobs.

Case in point is this strange art deco Volkswagen Beetle, which doesn't actually look anything like a Volkswagen Beetle anymore. Adding insult to injury, the rapper and producer also has a DeLorean that he's completely ruined too.

17 Deadmau5's Purrari

via Your EDM

The mostly-masked DJ known as Deadmau5 has such bad taste in cars that Ferrari even had the company lawyers send him a cease-and-desist letter because his meme-inspired wrap job was so disgusting.

Ferrari keeps close tabs on its cars, to be fair, but Deadmau5 took things a few steps too far with his Nyan Cat design.

16 Classic Kardashian Excess

via Mirror

No one is about to accuse the Kardashians of being anything other than overindulgent, but still, a few of their cars are truly atrocious.

This G-Wagen looks terrible done up in neon yellow with chrome accents and excessive lighting. But what else would Kim take her family out in for a night on the town, something tame?

15 Sly's Not-So-Sly Mustang

via Zimbio

Sylvester Stallone owns some awesome, expensive cars, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he's got great taste in cars. In fact, it seems likely that he just looks at the price tag and the higher it is, the better (like his Bugatti Veyron).

But his real personal preferences come out with this customized Mustang, which even came from a bad era for Mustangs to begin with.

14 Kid Rock's Country Style

via Just A Car Guy

Kid Rock lives his real life in the exact same eclectic manner as he approaches his music career.

This custom interior is complete with cowboy-themed leather everywhere and bone-grips on his revolvers. Kid Rock looks perfectly at home in the midst of such a ridiculous interior, just like he did when he faked a run for Congress as a publicity stunt.

13 Bieber Needs Cash

via Pinterest

Justin Bieber definitely doesn't need any cash, though he definitely needs to get a lesson in taste.

The wild child rocks his way around Calabasas in a parade of various exotic sports cars, and though he definitely puts the cars through their paces, details like spray-painting "Cash Only" on the side of a Lamborghini should truly get his license revoked.

12 Kylie Loves Orange

via MTV UK

Kylie Jenner's billion-dollar net worth is a testament to the peculiarities of taste. Some people love her fake looks, while others think that her excessive makeup application is just as tasteless as her obsession with wrapping her cars in bright orange, tinting the windows to limo levels and mounting everything on custom rims.

11 Jennifer Lawrence's Bland Eos

via PopSugar

There aren't many cars that are blander than the Volkswagen Eos, which makes it highly surprising that a celebrity of Jennifer Lawrence's caliber would drive the car.

Lawrence was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in 2015 and 2016, so there's no doubt she could afford a better, more inspired ride to match her star power.

10 Conor Sure Is Notorious

via Auto Trader

Conor McGregor earned a reputation for being a motormouth in the MMA world, though he also put his money where his mouth was. His flamboyant personality in the press has been matched by some ostentatious car purchases, none of which are more ridiculous than this Rolls-Royce that he had his own face plastered all over.

9 Paris Hilton's Bentley

via Pinterest

Paris Hilton provided the career inspiration that led her former assistant, Kim Kardashian, to achieve levels of fame that were previously unheard-of. But just like Kim lacks taste, so does Paris.

She had the guys at West Coast Customs take her Bentley Continental GT, a luxurious grand tourer of epic proportions, and absolutely ruined it with a bright pink color scheme.

8 Jake Paul Can't Focus

via Pinterest

Most social media sensations become famous purely for being over-the-top, ostentatious, and absurd—and Jake Paul is no different.

He demonstrated his complete lack of taste and attention-seeking behavior when he bought a Ford Focus RS done up in just about the worst camo pattern imaginable. But of course, it matched his outfit.

7 Nicki Minaj's Pepto-Lambo

via Pursuitist

Nicki Minaj loves all-pink everything, from her nails to her hair and even her cars. But this poor Aventador deserves a better fate than being wrapped in a matte pink that's so chalky it looks like dried-up Pepto-Bismol. And Pepto-Bismol is exactly what everyone who sees the car needs after they get a queasy feeling in their gut.

6 Justin Timberlake’s Jetta

via Cash Roadster

Justin Timberlake is another massive star who still rolls around in a bland Volkswagen. In Timberlake's case, his VW is an early-2000s Jetta. Sure, along with Jessica Biel, he owns plenty of other cars, but this Jetta seems to hold a dear spot in his heart. Maybe it has a cassette player for when he wants to listen to all his early mix-tapes.

5 Britney In A Mini

via 24ur.com

The modern Mini Cooper isn't a bad car, per se. Sure, it's got terrible reliability stats—but at least it looks good and drives well when it does run. Still, Britney Spears could do much, much better than a basic convertible Mini Cooper. She's not a particularly large person, but even she looks a little cramped behind the wheel of the tiny car.

4 Austin Mahone's Rusty i8

via YouTube; Pinterest

Austin Mahone bought himself a futuristic BMW i8, one of the world's best hybrid-electric sports cars (there aren't many but the i8 is awesome). But then the young singer went and wrapped the forward-facing car in a rust wrap and mounted gold rims on it. The result is just crummy, an effect that's only reinforced by this photoshoot in a junkyard.

3 Tom Hanks Having Fun

via The Sun

Tom Hanks may very well be the nicest guy in Hollywood—and the perfect actor to play Mr. Rogers—but his taste in cars is a bit surprising, to say the least. He's got an electric-powered Scion xB, as well as a vintage Fiat 126 that was gifted to him from a town in Poland. Hanks loves the Fiat so much he often poses by other ones just for kicks.

2 Alfred Morris and His Mazda

via Washington Post

Some stars and athletes become famous not just for their work, but for their simple taste. Alfred Morris, an NFL running back, earned some media attention for not spending his money on flashy cars, instead opting to keep driving his old Mazda as his daily driver. Mazda even decided to refurbish the car as a thank you for his loyalty.

1 Darren McFadden's Donk

via Deadspin

Darren McFadden was a moderately successful NFL running back who played well when he was healthy. His mindset for cars, however, was totally off the charts, as evidenced by his collection of donks. Perhaps only Stance Nation is a worse automotive subculture than that for donks, which are just silly, ugly, and pointless.

Sources: USA Today, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

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