19 Creepy Images Capturing Something Sinister In The Wild

When it comes to capturing unseen moments in the wild, we mainly get to see those moments thanks to trail cameras posted up by hunters and researchers who want to study animals and wildlife.

The cameras are hidden all over and give us different points of view of animals' behaviors, all while not disturbing them.

Sometimes though, we don’t get to see two little baby rabbits playing, or a deer eating some fresh grass, but something more terrifying. Something we wish we didn’t see. Be it an animal attacking another animal, which is normal but terrifying to see, or something outside our realm of normal. Something sinister.

Dark forests at night are already scary enough, but these sinister things make them three times more chilling.

Here are 19 sinister images caught on camera.

19 The Girl And The Deer


First glance, it looks like a regular deer in the woods at night. Widening the view though shows more than just a deer in the woods, it shows a little girl.

According to cyber-breeze.com, what makes it send chills down the spine is the fact not only is there a little girl capturing the attention of the deer, but why? Why is she wondering the woods at night?

18 Bigfoot Does Exist!


Back in 2011, this mysterious creature was seen speeding through a forest at an incredible speed.

According to cyber-breeze.com, it ran so fast that it was hard to get a good look at it. Of course, the one speculation that everyone jumps to is that it must be Bigfoot. Legendary creature or not, it would be scary to run into this creature at night as it sped around the forest.

17 Proof That The Mythical Creature Known As “The Rake” Is Real


According to cyber-breeze.com, this creature is known as “The Rake” and it’s a mythical creature that tends to inhabit the New York state. It almost looks like the famous Canadian wendigo creature.

Either or, this creature is plain creepy and something that would give anyone nightmares for years, if not life.

16 The Ghostly Figure And The Deer


It almost seems as if deer have a knack of being stalked at night by different beings.

According to cyber-breeze.com, this deer was spotted on a trail camera and he wasn’t along. A chilling smoke like being was caught lurking behind him, sending chills down the spine to everyone who sees it.

We are unsure of what it is, but it definitely doesn’t look happy, nor normal.

15 The Walking Dead?


This fully looks like either a fresh zombie walking around, or a ghostly figure lost and wandering.

According to cyber-breeze.com, the figure was spotted on a trail camera with a smoke like drape around it, making it look ghostly or someone wearing a long cape who is just taking a nice stroll through a field late at night.

14 …Definitely The Walking Dead


The image up above of the ghostly figure, or zombie, roaming the field late at night, well it has friends.

According to cyber-breeze.com, after zooming out on the trail camera, the ghostly figured looking lost and roaming around was spotted with two more similar looking figures.

The scariest part of them, its hard to get any facial recognition on any of the figures.

13 A Strange Monster


It’s hard to see what’s going on here.

According to boredomtherapy.com, there is a hand holding what looks like a slingshot or a bow and arrow, but even that’s hard to see unless one really tries. Maybe a hunter wearing camouflage?

It honestly looks like a swamp monster or something similar. Either way, he would easily scare the crap out of someone if ran into at night in the woods.

12 The Taking Of Debra Logan Come To Life


Ever seen the movie on Netflix called The Taking of Debra Logan? Well, this looks like a scene straight out of that movie.

According to cyber-breeze.com, it’s hard to depict if this is an old woman, an old man, or some other creature roaming the forest. What we can depict though is that whatever it is, it’s wearing a nightgown.

11 A Demon Chasing A Deer


This is straight up creepy.

According to cyber-breeze.com, this was another case of a deer being stalked by something on a trail camera. This time though, it wasn’t a little girl or a ghostly figure, but a demonic looking creature with wings.

Imagine taking a walk through the woods and running into this sinister looking creature. Chills just thinking about it.

10 Run Deer! Run!


This picture isn’t as scary as the others. There is no ghostly figure, unrecognizable monster, mythical creature, or zombie. There is only a deer and a squirrel.

According to cyber-breeze.com, what makes it chilling is the implications behind the picture. The deer is obviously running away from something. Question is, is it running from the flying squirrel or is are they both running away from something else….

9 Just Clowning Around


After the clown spree we had around the country a few years ago, this picture would give anyone nightmares.

According to boredomtherapy.com, this completely out of place clown was caught taking a stroll through the woods, all while wearing a rather sinister grin on his face. He also seems to know there is a camera watching him and he’s just staring right at us.

8 The Mysterious Goat Man


According to boredomtherapy.com, this goat man looking creature was supposedly a prop for a horror flick that made its rounds on the internet, giving everyone the creeps. The thing is, if its really just a horror movie prop, why is it standing in the woods at night over someone’s body?

7 A Clouded White Figure In The Woods


This looks like something out of a horror movie. Unexpected couple, driving through a wooded area and their tire blows. Next thing they know, this figure is behind them. Before they know it, they’re running for their lives.

According to cyber-breeze.com, it’s hard to depict if that’s a face, or just leaves blocking its face, but what we can tell is that its either wearing a gown or long coat.

6 Primate Meets Exorcist?


This is something straight out of a horror movie. Plant of the Apes meets The Exorcist.

According to boredomtherapy.com, it's quite impossible to figure out what this creature is. It looks like is has either a human or primate head, but it’s unusually skinny, standing on four legs and looks like from the waist down is backwards.

5 The Sleepwalker


This is another case of a child being out in the middle of night, alone, and for unknown reasons.

According to boredomtherapy.com, this child was caught in the middle of a field, alone at night and standing near an ominous tree.

Maybe he was sleep walking? Or maybe he decided to go out for a stroll and get some fresh air.

4 Definitely Not Someone You Want To Run Into At Night


There is no question this guy is human, but he is definitely not someone anyone would want to run into at night.

According to boredomtherapy.com, this man was caught roaming the woods shirtless at night and almost looks like one of the cannibalistic members of the Polk family from the TV series American Horror Story: Roanoke.

3 Yeti? Or Abominable Snowman?


It’s hard to figure out what this is. Is it a Yeti? Or maybe the Abominable Snowman?

According to boredomtherapy.com, the picture doesn’t look to have been taken in the mountains or snowy region, so it most likely is either. One never knows though.

Either or, he looks massive and he definitely looks like he could easily kill an animal with his bare hands.

2 When Jurassic Park Becomes A Reality


It’s obvious that dinosaurs died out long ago, but has anyone seen the Jurassic Park movies?

According to boredomtherapy.com, there is no clear reason as to why this bad boy was roaming the woods at night or where he even came from. Maybe scientists finally were able to recreate the dinosaur, specifically a raptor and he managed to escape and go on a stroll.

1 The Grim Reaper


What’s scarier than running into or even seeing a video, or picture, of the Grim Reaper himself.

According to boredomtherapy.com, a trail camera was able to get a glimpse of Death himself, bloody scythe and all, roaming the trails.

Imagine being out on a later night job and running into him? He could easily give someone nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Sources: cyber-breeze.com, boredomtherapy.com

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