19 Dumb Reasons Car Salesmen Lost Their Jobs

Losing your job sucks, regardless of the reason it happened. It must feel worse for those who have lost their jobs for dumb reasons though! We’ve all heard the stories of people that lose their jobs due to cutbacks, layoffs, or companies folding. Those are easy to understand and make peace with.

For some, the story is much more complicated, and they get fired for stupid reasons, or for doing stupid things! Some of these stories left us baffled at how some employers treat their staff, and equally stumped as to how employees thought they could get away with some of their stupid moves! Let’s take a look at 19 Dumb Reasons Car Salesmen Lost Their Jobs.

19 Fired For Wearing A Packers Tie!

via ABC News

This story became an internet sensation due to the sheer insanity behind this car salesman’s firing. John Stone worked at Webb Chevrolet in Chicago. As a true and passionate fan of the Packers, he wore his Packers tie to work the day after they beat the Bears in the NFC Championship game. The boss approached him to say he had to take off his tie or lose his job. Apparently the dealership was an official sponsor of Bears radio broadcasts and they felt this tie would affect sales and their overall bottom line. We guess they haven’t ever heard of personal expression—or wrongful dismissal law suits!

18 Sales Issue

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After being employed for 7 months at a Dublin based car dealership, a salesman was fired for not making sales. The dealership’s management team stated that it was their busiest time of the year and they couldn’t fathom how this sales rep failed to make a single sale. The car salesman, whose name was kept away from the press, filed a wrongful dismissal claim, and lost. The court ruled that this qualified as poor performance, given the busy time of year. Go figure!

17 Fired For Remaining Neutral

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Have you ever taken the safe-road, and remained neutral in a moment of conflict? Ramadan Sulejmani thought this diplomatic tactic would be the safest route to take when his boss and another fellow car salesman were in the middle of a verbal dispute. So far so good – this seems like a decent strategy. However, this ultimately ended up getting him fired. He was a car salesman for 4 months and had a fabulous sales record. There were no complaints or write-ups against him. It seems the boss had an ego and needed this employee to back him up. That may now cost him in the way of a law suit.

16 Fired For A Social Media Post

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We are fully accountable for what we post on-line, but some stories are too juicy to resist posting on our social media. It’s all fun and games until someone gets fired though! A BMW car salesman lost his job due to what he posted on his own account. Another car salesman had let a client’s 13 year old son sit in a car and he ended up running over his parents foot and of course, damaging the vehicle. The now-fired car salesman posted a photo of this with the word “ooops” listed above it. He went on to slam his “prestigious BMW dealership” for serving hotdogs and chips at their event. We hope he enjoyed the post – he’ll have lots of time on his hands now to post more frequently!

15 Fired Over Aggressive Behaviour On-Line

Via CityNewsToronto

The case of Marco Muzzo’s impaired crash made headlines everywhere. His irresponsible actions led to the deaths of three young children and their grandfather. The severity of the crash, paired with the fact that Muzzo came from a billionaire family launched this story to international headlines. Luigi Caruso was one of many people who posted their opinions of this online. He was shocked to see a Serpa BMW employee responding with rage at his comments. This car salesman started harassing him and threatening him, and was subsequently fired for his aggressive behaviour online. Serpa BWW released a public apology for the actions of their former-employee and posted that this person had since lost their job. Social media is a personal space in a public sphere – be careful folks!

14 Fired For Refusing To Work In A Racist Environment

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Racism isn’t tolerated anywhere. Imagine being fired for refusing to accept racial harassment at the workplace? This seems like a story that should be buried in the past, as we’d hope society has advanced well beyond this point by now. Apparently not. In January of this year—yes in 2019—an African American car salesman from Washington was fired when he complained about the way he was being treated by his supervisor. After he issued the complaint, he was fired for complaining! The facts of this case and the things this supervisor said to him are way too crude for us to list here, but trust us on this one—the supervisor deserved to lose his job for the inappropriate firing of this car salesman. We’re also happy to report the salesman received $1.5 million in compensation for the harassment and unlawful firing.

13 Fired For His Personal Car Choice

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A car salesman in Detroit was fired for the most bizarre reason we’ve ever heard. This poor guy lost his job when his superiors discovered that he wasn’t driving the same brand of car as the ones he was selling. His personal information has been kept confidential, but the facts speak for themselves in this case. Let’s really think this one through, folks…. if someone is selling cars at Porsche, does that mean that they have enough money or that they even want to drive a Porsche themselves? Although many car dealerships insist that you buy your cars “through” them, there’s no way they can dictate that you must be driving the brand of car they are selling. That remains a personal choice. What is the world coming to?

12 Fired For Being Too Nice

Via Motor1

Glassdoor is a great place to rate an employer and leave an honest “witness statement” to those who may be considering future employment. This can easily backfire and lead people away from certain organizations if employees leave disgruntled messages on that forum. A former car salesman in Nicholasville, Kentucky, used Glassdoor to vent about being fired in 2013. The reason will shock you: he lost his job because he was “too nice to work in the car industry." That’s actually the reason he was given as he was walked out the door of the car dealership. We hope this guy received the compensation he deserved for this ludicrous firing. There’s a good chance that Wildcat Ford might experience difficulties in hiring new staff!

11 Fired For Being Too Old

Via ExpressAndStar

In August of 2013, Express & Star reported that a car salesman by the name of Gary Hawkins took legal action against car giant Carcraft. He was employed with them for just 8 short months before being fired from his position. The reason: good old-fashioned ageism! He was told that he was fired for being too old—that was the actual reason he was given. He was only 52! Not only is this illegal, unethical, and absolutely ludicrous, but it’s also kind of crazy since they had just hired him less than a year prior. We’re pretty sure they would have noticed his age at the time of the interview or at some point through the application process. They could have spared themselves a law suit by just not hiring him in the first place. The truth about their ethical standards—or the lack thereof—sure reared its ugly head!

10 Fired Over His Choice Of Suit Jacket

Via YouLookUglyToday

A story from Tampa Florida reveals that Lee Grant, age 62, was fired because he wore “ugly sports coats.” Well folks, if fashion faux-pas could lead to firing, there would be a LOT of unemployed people out there! Lee maintains that he believes his dealership was “reaching” when they used this excuse for his firing. He believes the underlying pulse of his termination to be age discrimination. The dealership maintains that they were undergoing a “new image campaign” and that they instructed Lee to purchase sports coats for his salesman position. When he bought the blazers they did not approve of the style or colour choice, and he was promptly let go. This case was deemed “the dress of a salesman.”

9 Fired Because A Colleague Didn't Like Him

Via Videoblocks

News Cut tells us the story of Joe Girard who was once fired from his sales position at a dealership for the oddest of reasons. He was definitely a fabulous car salesman, so that wasn’t it! He was documented as selling 13,001 cars between 1966 and 1977. Imagine that! This guy ate lunch at his desk and didn’t even spend time socializing with colleagues. He believed his sales record to be phenomenal as a result of his determination and dedication.

So why did he get fired, you ask. Well, being anti-social means you make more enemies than you do friends. One of his fellow salesmen complained about him, and the rest is history. He was bitter about this firing for years, and took the anger with him to the grave—he never let this go, and we don’t blame him.

8 Fired For Duping Clients


Forgery, theft, and breach of trust are all really good reasons to get fired. A former salesman for Lexus of Greenville named Kenneth Galloway is in trouble for all of those things combined! He lost his job when his criminal actions rose to the surface.

He managed to steal more than $80,000 by keeping the money that his customers gave to him for down payments on new cars. He apparently adjusted customer contracts to reflect lower down payments than they had actually made, and he continued to pocket the money. He also forged customer signatures on contracts before this all came to a crumbling finish. Lexus of Greenville clearly fired him, and then the police took over and he fled the area. As of June 4th of this year, WYFF news reported that he’s still on the loose—we’re thinking he’s blown through most of that money by now!

7 Fired For Not Tolerating Farts

Via NYNews

Last year, the New York Daily News published the story of Brett Bland, who worked under another salesman by the name of Jeremy Pratt. Apparently, Brett was routinely exposed to Pratt’s inappropriate and downright disgusting actions. Pratt reportedly used farts as ammunition, pinched the nipples of his colleagues routinely, and was habitually known to prank the other salesmen at work.

At one point, he took this all way too far when he put Bland’s face on an image featuring a female child and started warning people at work that he was a sex offender. It goes without saying that this would lead to his firing. Come on folks, a little common sense and decency would go a long way!

6 Fired For Not Sharing Prescription Details

via Undercover Recruiter

A dealership in Phoenix was under fire for firing a car salesman who refused to provide information on his medicinal prescriptions. It was reported that the car salesman was taking strong prescription medication while at work, and the dealership had asked him to produce more information pertaining to the prescription for their review. He refused, stating this was a personal matter and none of their business.

While we can see both sides of this story as being reasonable within their own right, the car salesman took this case to court and ended up losing the battle. The dealership had stated that they were concerned the medication may impair his ability to drive their vehicles and without his cooperation and additional information they couldn’t mitigate the risks to the safety of their customers.

5 Fired For Swearing At The Boss

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We are all guilty of swearing from time-to-time, although most of us likely try not to engage in this behaviour while at work. Nick Aguirre was a car salesman at Plaza Auto Centre Inc in Arizona and was actually fired as a result of this. He reportedly cursed his employer and referred to him as “stupid” while they were in a heated discussion on the phone. His outburst, paired with his word choices, resulted in his termination. He took his complaint to the NLRB panel, and they later decided that in fact, he was wrongfully terminated. He was reinstated shortly thereafter.

Their argument was that his behaviour was a direct result of his employer's provocation and that the more appropriate punishment would have been disciplinary action. They were able to prove that his actions were not “menacing, physically aggressive, or belligerent,” so point noted. We now know where that fine line is in the sand that we should not cross!

4 Fired For Complaining About Improper Treatment

Via PlymouthHerald

In 2014, in Kirkland Seattle, a car salesman with the last name of Ruhul Kayshel complained that he was exposed to racial slurs while at work, and that his dealership shortchanged him on commissions. He worked at Toyota of Kirkland and reported that at least 30% of his commissions on each car sale were stolen by the higher-ups at the dealership. He says he eventually had enough and went to his superior, by the name of Michael O’Brien, to air his concerns. Although he didn’t expect this to be an easy conversation, he certainly did expect that there would be one…there wasn’t. He received a text message terminating his employment. The last we heard, he was filing a class action law suit. We’re sure they’ll listen to his complaints now!

3 Fired For Not Agreeing With Policies

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Chevrolet car salesman Matt Darcy was under fire for his policy-challenging statements back in 1992. The Baltimore Sun recently re-posted this story for the world to see. Darcy was fired after just 13 months on the job. The reason? Well, he didn’t agree with the “buy American” movement that his dealership embraced. Although he was happy with his job, he did not agree with the hype and messaging that his dealership embraced. He didn’t want to be part of promoting the “buy American” movement, stating that he buys “what’s good for his money.”

He went on to say: “I don’t have to spend money on something just because it’s American.” While he lost his job over his personal standpoint on this policy, many called in to a Detroit radio show to agree with his standpoint and rally around him. His boss says his views made him a “disloyal employee”. We’ll leave them to duke this one out.

2 Fired For Having Cancer

Via IndependentContractor

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and still fighting through the pain and sickness and spending 50-60 hours at work. Now, imagine being fired because of your illness. Rocky McCullough doesn’t have to do any imagining on this topic, because this was his fate, at the hands of Southern Ford. Despite incredible sales performance and sales that were up by 247.6 percent over the year prior, he lost his job. He kept working through chemo treatments and never once faltered on his commitment or his performance.

McCullough alleges that his employer simply did not want him on their insurance policy, as his treatments were becoming expensive. Our thoughts are with him. We hope he wins both his battles with ease—the one against cancer, and the ones against this clearly unethical employer.

1 Fired Over Racial Discrimination

Via NBCChicago

Chicago 5 News shared the story of Laurence Phifer, a top-grossing salesman at Al Piemonte Suzuki. He alleges that he was the target of racial discrimination and was wrongfully dismissed from his job. He claims numerous encounters of racial slurs and racial jokes while at work. He states that he was fired after going to management to file a complaint about what he was being force to endure while at work.

We expected to hear that the dealership had some sort of proper legal argument in this case, but the weak statement they released to the public was really generic. They basically stated that they have a strict policy against discrimination and that they “cannot comment further.” It sounds like they may need more time to come up with a defense, or better yet—maybe they can fix this problem now before it manifests into a bigger one!

Sources: Chicago 5 News, The Baltimore Sun, New York Daily News, Express and Star, WYFF, Glassdoor

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