19 Hilarious Posts About Urban Outfitters That Upset Millennials

Everyone that shops at Urban Outfitters knows that this store is pure ridiculousness. The merchandise has sometimes surpassed the offensive mark and the employees have this air about them that makes no one want to ask for help. While a lot of the clothing looks cool, retro, hipster, and all that good stuff that attracts Millennials, the company has had problem after problem.

So much so, that people are doing what they always do when they are annoyed, pissed off, or just feel like making fun of something; they turn to social media.

Urban Outfitters has been ripped to shreds lately for some of the reckless choices they have been making. They include but are not limited to; cultural appropriation, inappropriate slogans on shirts, and even a sweatshirt that looks like it has blood splattered all over it, with the name of a school on it that had to endure a mass shooting...

This company clearly has zero chill, yet, we still find ourselves shopping there and vying for that cheap t-shirt that has song lyrics spelled out on it. Or that jumpsuit that is so small that we have to squeeze our body into it. Or better yet, that cheap AF material that rips if any part of your body is even the slightest bit too big.

So we ask, why? Why do we keep putting ourselves through the torture of wearing their clothes? It’s simple, everything they do is on trend and let’s be real, if you don’t have at least one item from Urban Outfitters in your collection it’s like you're from another planet.

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19 Eye Sore

Not everything at Urban Outfitters is trendy. A prime example of that are these shoes. WTF Urban Outfitters? This is not appealing at all. These shoes, first of all, look so uncomfortable — the bottom of them doesn’t look like they have a good, supporting base.

In addition, the colors are low-key awkward. The sad part is these probably sold out in no time, you know there are hundreds of guys out there who are wearing these shoes to nightclubs, bars, on first dates, and dare I say weddings...

This shoe looks like a right ripoff of mukluks only they aren’t as cute and the fact that these boots cost basically $300.00 is insane. They come in two heinous colors that no one should want. This is the crap we are trying to prove about Urban Outfitters, they could put anything on their site and in their stores and that crap would fly off the shelves. Like, who are they really marketing towards? It can’t be Millennials with these outrageous prices for a shoe that legit looks like it will fall apart as soon as we get heavy rain. How stupid do they think we are? Pretty stupid we think because we just keep buying stuff there that we would never buy anywhere else.

18 Urban Outfitters Be Like

This hilarious meme has been circling the Internet for years in regards to how tightly wound Urban Outfitters has its customers wrapped around its grubby fingers.

The #UrbanOutfittersBeLike tag is a complete joke. It has people posting the most absurd things that could only be sold at Urban Outfitters for an absurd price. The joke is, they are not far off. UO has sold a lot of ridiculous things, like a notepad you could get at a dollar store, a pack of pencils, a cleaning cloth, you name it.

Through genius marketing, they have been able to sell these basic AF items for astronomical prices. They use keywords like retro, authentic, one of a kind, natural and, of course, the ultimate keyword ORGANIC.

These people will sell you your own arm even while it’s attached to you. To be honest, it’s our own fault for constantly falling for this overused marketing scheme but what can we do? We are already too far addicted. The joke is, we have personally seen a lot of the items that are featured in these memes in Urban Outfitters stores so in addition to these memes being funny AF they are also telling the truth. At the end of the day, that’s messed up.

17 Hi Welcome to UO

via Me.me

There is not one person on this earth that can tell me that this cartoon guy from Shrek doesn’t look exactly like an Urban Outfitters employee.

Every last detail is spot on; the septum piercing, the black hair, those ridiculously overused bangs, everything black... This is what you see when you walk into Urban Outfitters the only thing that isn’t spot on is the half smile.

Ain’t nobody in Urban Outfitters smiling at anyone.

We aren’t sure what that’s about maybe they hate their job, maybe they are told to not smile whatever the heck it is, it’s working. Come on, homegirl looks creepy AF and the only reason why we aren’t running away or closing the page as fast as possible is that we know this chick. We see her “greeting” us every time we enter an Urban Outfitters locations. No matter what, there is someone at UO who looks like this. Scaring the complete crap out of the world since 1970. There are a few other memes like this and trust us, they are just as spot on. It’s as if they grow with the company every year. As the style changes in the store the ridiculousness of the staff changes.

16 This Puffer Jacket

I have to admit, usually, when we order things online from Urban Outfitters, it comes looking exactly like it looks in the picture. So, this situation right here is an epic screw up. Let’s go through all the ways this is messed up.

For starters, the jacket isn’t even the same color, 2. Yes, it’s a puffer jacket but the puff on this is beyond normal, 3. The cut of the jacket is off, and 4. It’s petty AF, but this girl looks like she is swimming in this jacket whereas, the model's jacket looks like it was specifically tailored to her body. It probably was. This isn’t the worst case of false advertising but it’s pretty shoddy considering UO tries to make it seem like they are so inclusive.

This jacket probably costs so much money because, of course, it’s Urban Outfitters and whatever if your willing to pay that then go for it. However, the least they can do is deliver on what they advertise. The unimpressed look on the customers face says it all. Hopefully, she was able to return this thing because it looks uncomfortable AF and to be honest, a winter jacket without a hood is freaking useless.

15 So True

Urban Outfitters has people out here looking rough as heck. They are selling distressed this, distressed that, vintage this, vintage that — you get the picture. But really what it is, is the homeless look for a high price.

You really have to scour through the racks of UO to find something that is just somewhat normal or a t-shirt that doesn’t have a “designer hole” in it, which honestly, is an uphill battle. There is no question that we love that homeless look but wow, can we get some variety?

We don’t always want to look like we smell like we don’t shower.

Sometimes we want to jazz it up and look like we showered at least 2 days before. The designs at UO are just so confusing. Sometimes you see a sundress that is perfect for the summer weather and other times, you see a skirt that looks like you could have pulled it out of your mother’s collection from the '80s. Honestly, at least if you pulled it out of your mom’s collection it would have a reason to look vintage. Paying full price for something that essentially makes people look a little bummy is insane. So instead of going to UO once a week, we'll get once every two weeks. You know, spread out our homeless look a bit.

14 UO The Musical

via Veriy

We never really thought about this until we saw this sign. Urban Outfitters should just shoot all their clothing ads at Coachella each year. Just knock it all out at once and keep it moving on, because they would save so much money on marketing.

What percentage of people do you think shows up to Coachella in an outfit or two or all from Urban Outfitters? The fact that someone has used their own marquee to call out Urban Outfitters says a lot. It just proves that their reach goes far and wide and not always in a good way.

Let’s be honest, this marquee looks like it is placed outside of some hole in the wall gas station that is probably owned by people who are much older and shouldn’t know what UO or Coachella is. Regardless, here they are almost being forced to know about UO because they are basically a culture. These people could be onto something though, would you want to see Urban Outfitters: The Musical? Because that sounds like it would amazing. Clothes flying everywhere, people dancing like idiots and singing about looking like upscale homeless people, we love it already. Tickets would fly out the door, no doubt.

13 Ripped Dress

What’s better than a Disney and Urban Outfitters mashup? Nothing really. We do love the fact that someone really tried to look on the brighter side of things by throwing Disney into a meme meant to take a dig at Urban Outfitters.

If Cinderella originated in the current day she would be setting trend after trend. You know ripped up dresses, house servant clothes, a freaking pumpkin chariot she would be the chick to follow...

Her social media pages would be blowing up and truth be told, she would probably be a model for UO. Her classic look—or shall we say vintage attire—is definitely one that would sell out immediately at Urban Outfitters.

In fact, we can almost guarantee that if UO developed a Disney inspired line of clothing, it would not just anything. Like the jacked up dresses these Disney Princesses were forced to wear when they were poor or going through hard times, that would make a a lot.

Real talk: Cinderella’s ripped dress looks better than some things we have seen people buy at a UO.

At least the dress has a nice little off the shoulder thing and a soft pink color, $60? we’d buy that for sure.

12 Is She A Bush?

via BuzzFeed

If you have ever had the pleasure of looking through an Urban Outfitters catalog, you know that this is the exact kind of treat you’re in for. If you haven’t had the pleasure go and look for one right away because you are missing out on some gems. Like this for instance. Tt]his chick is a whole bush, and come on, don’t act like UO wouldn’t try to sell that bush costume in the store or online.

How in the world do you have the gall to post a blue sundress next to a picture of a bush in shoes? They are most likely trying to sell the shoes but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were selling the whole outfit. Like, here, wear this to a party. Don’t worry about poking someone’s eye out. Don’t worry about getting sued for poking someone’s eye out, it’s cool you’re wearing Urban Outfitters, they will understand.

The catalog is filled with more laughs than a comic strip which is a damn shame because fashion shouldn’t be a joke. We literally live for the UO catalog, even though they are pretty inconsistent about when it comes out and what season they feature, it’s still a great read.

11 Who Is Using This?

via BuzzFeed

There goes another one of those keywords; retro.

First of all, why would you need to be extra AF and waste your money on this old phone that looks heavy as heck?

Also do you notice that this phone is attached to her iPhone? Why can’t you just lift your dang phone up to your ear or better yet, use your earpiece? Can you imagine the number of times she went to turn around or lay on her side and the cord on this thing flipped her phone up in the air or straight off the bed? Eventually she is going to have to buy a new phone. That’s what you get for being extra. It’s little knick-knacks like this that make people talk smack about Urban Outfitters.

What happened to just living in the era you’re in? Why does anyone need to attach a phone to a phone? This is just foolishness. UO is just pushing it at this point. We know that they love their cute little accessories and fun toys but this is pitiful. What’s even funnier is the picture of the model demonstrating how to use the phone. The technology is old and maybe UO knows that their fan base would have no idea what it is or how to use it.

10 Can’t Have Just One

via Odyssey

Can you shop at Urban Outfitters without going over budget? That is a very good question. Our answer is no, because one shirt is our entire budget. It’s easier for us to go over budget when they claim to be having a sale. Newsflash! 30% off is not a sale or a deal when one item is $75.

Again, we are still going to spend our money and probably go over budget at some point, but we know personally when we walk into an Urban Outfitters we have to be mad frugal.

Unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of people, normally parents don’t even know their kids have just racked up a $500 bill on let’s say, three items — not even a complete outfit.

Urban Outfitters is like a potato chip you really can’t just have one item. Right beside those oddly dyed jeans is a barely-there crop top or a marina that adorns the body of many D-bags around the world. Take for example this useless avocado float. One person probably bought a pair of them, maybe three because they need a couple for the pool. One really is never enough even if it’s a waste of money.

9 Soup Ladle

What a joke. This goes to show you UO will sell anything. This isn’t a real item but we can almost guarantee that a “Jeffrey Dahmer Soup Ladle” would sell out.

No one can sell serial slayers like Urban Outfitters.

They can make anyone look cool and they have. UO has put the faces and quotes of some unsavory people on their items and they have sold like hotcakes. It’s like they don’t do proper research before they execute their plans and when they are called out for their shoddy items they basically backtrack and either offer a useless apology. Or, they don’t even acknowledge it and keep it moving.

A soup ladle named after a psycho? We could see people buying that and posing for some real tasteful photos. Hashtagging Jeffrey Dahmer, making him a thing again. Of course, let’s all forget why he is a household name. This post may seem outrageous but there is so much truth behind it. The reality that this was only retweeted 17 times is shocking because it literally had the words Urban Outfitters in it. Maybe @rkref should have put a hashtag in front of it. He missed an opportunity to start a movement a far as we are concerned.

8 Highway Robbery

This right here is some foolery. As the tweet says, this is a staple in black homes and has been for decades. The audacity of Urban Outfitters to sell one of these clips for $8 when we go to the hair store (no that’s not the official name) and grab a pack with like, 20-30 pieces in it for legit $1.99 is straight up highway robbery.

I would love to know how many people bought this from UO... I feel bad for them. To make matters worse, the color is basic AF. We we can get them in a bunch of cool colors like neon’s, primary colors, or a mixture of both. We can even get some with cute designs on them that will, of course, rub off over time because we all know the quality is cheap.

The point it, Urban Outfitters really thought they were fooling people with this one. Come on, you can even go to Walmart and grab you a pack of the Goody brand. I bet they didn’t put a disclaimer up on the website saying that these clips are not for all hair types. Clips like this will easily slide out of hair that is too thin and you know once this touches your hair you can’t return it. $8 for one? Get out of here.

7 Ramen Noodles

via BuzzFeed

When will Urban Outfitters learn that they don’t have to sell EVERYTHING? Leave food to the grocery stores and novelty shops.

Why do they feel the need to sell ramen noodles and at such an offensive price? Then they have the gall to put it on sale for $2.99... please go sit down somewhere UO. You are really trying to start a war.

Ramen noodles are at the grocery store for like, 50 cents. Or if you want it in the cup because you feel like being fancy AF, you can get it for 79 cents.

For $5.00 they better be unicorn flavored and come with a prize in the package.

The boldness of this all is giving us a headache. And of course, like everything else at Urban Outfitters, someone was dumb enough to buy this and cook it only to realize that it is a regular bag of Ramen noodles. Because the bag is green, we can only assume that it is vegetable flavor which is one of the least favorites of all the flavors. Like I said, if it ain’t unicorn flavor with a prize in the package, we ain’t interested. How you gonna ask your cashiers to cash this out without laughing in the face of the customer?

6 Halsey Callout

via Stereogum

When Halsey has to call you out on some shady crap, you know you have hit rock bottom. Why would Urban Outfitter leak this girl's album two weeks earlier and then sell the physical copy three days before release? I scoured the internet for a response to this tweet from UO, but of course, I couldn’t find one and there is a good chance that I couldn’t find it because they didn’t respond.

They really tried to mess up her sales and it’s not even like they needed the leg up or the publicity. Urban Outfitters is doing well, there will always be someone buying their overpriced clothes. So, they just did this because hey, why not? This is beyond salvage. Musicians rely on album sales and merchandise to make money. If UO couldn’t wait, why not print and sell a bunch of shirts with her picture on it or better yet the album cover.

But the entire album? That’s rude. We have seen from her social media pages that she isn’t one to mess with. Her clapback game is strong as ever, so of course, she would react to this on a public platform. Urban Outfitters really tried the wrong one this time around.

5 Beaver Perfume

via Yelp

I'm not sure if they are trying to say this product is beaver scented or meant to attract beavers. Either way, this is another useless product found at Urban Outfitters.

Who would want to spend their money on this even if it was for a joke?

This is the kind of product that will sit in your junk drawer for years until it begins to leak out of the bottle and all over everything else. It just has absolutely no purpose. Hopefully, this photo was snapped in store and the product was placed right back down because the nonsense involved with this is truly baffling.

It’s funny that they tried to make the label cute with a heart and purple color, but why not just slap a beaver on it and call it a day? It’s like that old saying, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig (or did I make that up?). Either way, no matter how much you dress up this bottle, you are still selling beaver perfume. I love how discreet they are being about what beaver perfume really is. It doesn’t describe if it is supposed to be a joke-y beaver smelling perfume or if it's supposed to attract beavers to you. By the label saying “white trash perfume,” we have to assume it’s a joke.

4 Smug Look

via Me.me

It isn’t a real Urban Outfitters unless two people are looking at you like this when you walk in. Half the time you don’t even know that they work there because there are no name tags, and they look like the regular people who would come in and shop there.

When you do ask them for help it’s like you have burdened them in some kind of awful way. The smug, pretentious look on their faces is enough to make you want to walk right back out. It truly is a “how dare you come in here” look; as if your money isn’t good enough for UO.

And god forbid you disturb their precious standing around time. There is so much that the workers of Urban Outfitters don’t realize they are doing.We will cut them a bit of slack though because they seem to be as out of the loop as the customers are. Sometimes they don’t know what inventory they have, or what sizes their brands go up to. I would be annoyed too if we had to deal with that. However, that doesn’t mean that you look at customers sideways because they need a little assistance. At the end of the day, that is the exact description of your job.

3 Urban Outfitters Apartment

This doesn’t even look like an apartment, it looks like an Urban Outfitters. The least they could have done was Photoshopped out some of the obvious stuff in the background, like the clothing racks. Maybe even change the very distinctive color of the hardwood flooring.

You know what, no. No matter what they did, this would still be recognized as an Urban Outfitters. Throw the whole idea away and go to an Old Navy or something, and pretend that the elevator to the second floor is the one in his imaginary building. You would have had even more success if you said you were at UO to shop for things for his apartment.

But claiming that this is his apartment is dead wrong.

Was it worth the call out? The public Internet shaming? The fact that you’ve become a meme and not a flattering one. The more we look at this picture the more upset we get, there are actual mannequins in the background, it’s rare that someone would decorate their apartment with mannequins. They could have even Photoshopped themselves into a photo of an apartment but noooo. Instead they wanted to live in an Urban Outfitters. To each their own.

2 UO Starter Pack

via Pinterest

Dear God, this is spot on everything from watching every Vice program to “yeah I only shoot film” comment is hilarious. The idea that there are extra AF people like this out there is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

“Starter Pack” memes have been going around on the Internet for a while, but this is one of the funniest ones we have seen. What’s sad is it is so true; it describes the try-hard bunch to a T.

There has never been one generation that has been so predictable like the Millennials are. In our defense, we just like what we like but we will admit that it comes off as a bit know-it-all and braggy. So we sort of deserve that backlash of meme’s based on a store that we frequent. Some of the things in this starter pack, we ain’t cosigning like that awful mustache, the overly done blond hair, and those ugly AF Yeezys. That being said, just 'cause we choose not to cosign it doesn’t mean it isn’t a reality. If someone decided to stand outside of a UO store and just watch the people going in and out of it, they would see all of this at least once.

1 One Does Not Simply

Let’s finish it off with good ol’ father of all, Ned Stark. He has schooled many people and Urban Outfitter shoppers are up next.

He’s right, one does not simply stroll into Urban Outfitter. There is a process that takes place.

You know you are going to the mall to hit up a UO, you start to psych yourself up before you even leave the house by thinking of all the nice stuff you are about to see. You may even prepare by looking on the website to see what you want to run to when you get in the store. You may bring a friend with you, and if you do, the both of you spend the car ride talking about how you will execute your shopping plan.

You finally get to the mall and it’s like the Lord’s heavenly light is shining on the UO store but it’s really just their bright AF lighting system. You begin to frantically look for the stuff you saw online but get sidetracked easily with those useless knick-knacks. When you do finally get back on track, you realize none of the stuff you saw online is in the store because this is typical of UO.

You’re now miserable and end up buying an overpriced tank top that you can only wear under something else. It’s a process and not a fun one.

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