19 Kittens in Kimonos Because Why the F Not?

Japan has given us countless amazing trends, such as sushi, ramen, Hello Kitty, Nintendo and many others. Cats dressing up in Kimonos is the latest, and probably most adorable trend that is blowing up in Japan. And like all things trendy, it is spreading quickly throughout the world. Even in the United States, stores selling cat kimonos are popping up on Amazon and AliExpress. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and translates to "a thing to wear."  In current times, the kimono is reserved for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and tea ceremonies. Cats decided to defy all humans rules (surprise surprise...) and started wearing kimonos as a casual everyday attire.

These cute cats dressed up in kimonos are here to show you they can rock the kimono way better than any human ever could. Once again, cats have proven that they are the far superior species and will eventually become the ruler of all humans.

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19 This cat that shows the versatility of the kimono – you can even wear it during a yoga sesh.

Memoirs of a cat geisha. #catsinkimonos #catfashion #catsofinstagram

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18 This cat that just want to play with the cardboard box that the kimono came in.

It does fit Athena just fine #athenacat #catsinkimonos #tabby #rage

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17 This cat that knew this beautiful orange kimono would bring out his emerald green eyes.

Lulu in a kimono #catinkimono #kitty #catlover

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16 This kitten that is not the least bit happy being captured by a camera, let alone showing her royal face on the human instagram.

🎎 #catstagram #persiancat #smooshface #catsofinstagram

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15 These two fashionable best friends that are ready to take on any adventure in their kimonos.

14 This photogenic cat that knew exactly how to work the cameras to show off his new kimono.

Cats in #kimono #kimonocat #着物 #猫

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13 This cat was so excited to share her kimono with her followers that she forgot to to rotate the photo.

#kimonocat #catsofinstagram #cosplaycat #catcosplay

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12 This baby kitten looking awfully comfortable in her oversized kimono – maybe ordering it 3 sizes too big wasn't a bad idea after all!

11 This sassy cat that doesn't let this adorable kimono get in the way of voicing his discontent at his human servant.

10 This kitten that has a different coloured collar to match every single one of her kimonos.

9 This cat that tried to disguise herself in a kimono because she is, in fact, "Becky with the good hair."

Source: The Cats of Long Hair with Days to Spend

8 This tiny kitten that believed that a bow on a kimono should most definitely be double his own size.

Source: Pet's Therapy

7 This pretty kitten that thought she could extend the train of her kimono with her fluffy tail.

6 This kitten that isn't going to let her pretty kimono get in the way of catching that mouse.

5 This kitten that was worried that she would be mistaken as a maneki-neko in this kimono.

#tokyo #kimonocat

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4 This cat that knows that when times get tough, she could use the fluffy collar of her kimono as a pillow for her beauty nap.

another shot. Available in store and online at hachi-melbourne.com.au (link in profile).

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3 This kitten and her mother that decided to get matching kimonos for their family portrait.

Source: Cat Times

2 This cat that couldn't choose between the kimono and the replica of Queen Elizabeth's hat she ordered off Ebay.

1 This fluffy cat that is channeling her kimono after Elle Woods and is just so grateful that orange never became the new pink.

Bonus: This cat that thought his kitchen towels were just as good as a traditional kimono.

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