19 Of The Ugliest Modified Porsches We'd Never Drive

Few automotive manufacturers have maintained the same level of commitment to their core principles as strongly as Porsche. The current 911 can clearly trace its lineage all the way back to the original 356 (and to the Volkswagen Beetle before that), even if performance and technology have moved forward in leaps and bounds since then. After all, with supercar-level performance comes supercar-level price tags.

But Porsche has also kept up the tradition of offering an affordable sports car at a more reasonable price point – meaning that gearheads the world over can get their hands on a Porsche and experience some remarkably fun driving in the likes of a Boxster or Cayman.

Meanwhile, Porsche has also branched out into the SUV and sedan markets with the Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera, with a new EV slated for 2020 deliveries, as well. There's truly a Porsche for everyone, which leaves many owners feeling like their special sports car just isn't special enough any more. The result, however, is that plenty of Porsches get ruined at the hands of backyard modders and tuners. Keep scrolling for 19 ugly modded Porsche's no one should ever drive.

19 Wrapping Paper

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Porsche's 911 Turbo is one of the most awesome cars on the planet, especially the generations that came with a stick shift, all-wheel drive, and a twin-turbocharged Mezger engine. But the understated style of these undeniable supercars was also a great selling point – which in this case, has been absolutely ruined by a hideous and gaudy wrap job.

18 Fake But Real

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At first glance, this car looks like a fake Porsche or some kind of replica built upon maybe a Toyota MR2 chassis. It's so ugly that no one would ever drive it – nor should they. But the worst part about this 918 Spyder imitator, as described by autoevolution, is that it was built upon the platform of a perfectly good Porsche Cayman!

17 Questions Everywhere

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Anyone who has driven a mid-engined sports car has the experience indelibly imprinted in their brain. But most mid-engined sports cars are crazy expensive, though the Porsche Cayman offers impeccable driving characteristics at a price that pretty much can't be beat. Not this Cayman, though, which has been just about ruined with a widebody kit and a stance job that make it unable to everything that makes a Cayman so great.

16 Glue-On

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Some custom Porsches turn out great; they offer improved looks, upgraded power, and stellar handling. Some, though, started off weak and ended up even weaker, such as this heavily modified GT-style racer.

Based on the 944, the plastic exterior looks prone to fall apart, while the modern wheels just look too aggressive for the rest of the build.

15 Subtle But Still Bad

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The 996-generation Porsche 911 is another car from the German manufacturer that offers insane value and fun for the price tag. The whole IMS bearing and water-cooling controversy has been blown completely out of proportion, as have the divisive headlights.

This 996 has been lightly customized with headlight covers—meaning the owner cares way more about appearances and probably hasn't dedicated time and money to fixing mechanicals.

14 Canyon Carving

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For decades, Porsche's 911 has remained steadfastly all about keeping weight low and lean, with rear-engined balance making canyon driving a blast. But plenty of people think that if low is good, then lower must be better. The result is canyon carvers such as this one, which is so low and rattly that normal driving becomes an awful experience.

13 Cayenne Convertible

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Porsche purists sneer at the Cayenne and its little Macan sibling, though they have to admit that the SUVs have pretty much brought the company back to the forefront of the automotive world. Even Cayenne fans, though, who might have realized Porsche's SUV is sporty to drive, would probably hesitate before slipping behind the wheel of this chop-job.

12 Outlaw the Outlaws

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Porsche fans remain divided about the "Outlaw" modding trend. Sometimes, Outlaws can look great, while other times, they look like this ugly, strange car. From the covered headlights to the low side skirts – plus the fact that this 356 now just looks bulbous – there's a lot that could have been done better here.

11 959 Ruined

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The Porsche 959 is, to this day, one of the most awesome cars ever built. From the engineering, which was world-beating in its day with a semi-water-cooled, twin-turbocharged engine sending power to all four wheels, to the exterior styling, the 959 is a masterpiece. Values reflect this fact (as well as the scarcity) but still, for reasons unknown, someone went ahead and ruined this example.

10 More Spoilers Please

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Critics of the Porsche 911 say that the rear-engined layout has always been a design flaw. Most of them, though, haven't had the pleasure of blasting out of a corner with all the weight on the tail. But it's true that snap oversteer can be a problem, while lift at the front end may also be concerning to some people. But adding a spoiler on the front like this one is just silly – especially if it's as cheaply done as this one looks.

9 Dog Pound

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Slantnose Porsches clearly have their fans, given the prices that factory originals claim on the collectible market these days. But aftermarket slantnoses are just silly – especially when the conversion is paired with non-pop-up headlights, silly orange plastic aero bits, and a bulldog paint job on the front trunk hood. This car goes from bad to worse as fast as possible.

8 Hulk Smash

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One of the most confusing cars in the entirety of the Fast and Furious franchise – which is definitely saying something – has to be Lil Bow Wow's Hulk-themed Volkswagen Touran. But as bad as that car looked, this modified Cayenne looks even worse. Whoever thought this job up should have to sit in the car as the Hulk goes right ahead and smashes it.

7 Dragonball P

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Very rarely do excessive modification projects turn out well. In the end, all the performance enhancement typically seem to focus more on looks instead of actual improvements to drivability. Case in point is this heavily modded Turbo, which just looks silly and sports silly stickers and a silly license plate, too.

6 Not Supreme, Not At All

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Most Porsche fans can't hold back their surprise and disgust when they see a P-Car with a roof rack, bike rack, or cargo box up top. But Porsche has long built all-wheel-drive sports cars that can handle snow respectably, so it's actually not that crazy. But this modded 911 goes a step too far with its stance and lowering kit, without a doubt.

5 Smooth Move

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The Panamera has proven almost as divisive as the Cayenne, if not more so. With styling like a bloated, stretched 911 but with the engine up front, there's no doubting that the Panamera was built for highway cruising, not hard cornering. But that fact just makes dropping one over huge rims and low-profile tires completely baffling.

4 Stance Again

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The fad known as Stance Nation has been responsible for ruining many cars, but they're typically little imports and rarely big SUVs. But this Cayenne has received the dubious gift of a stance-inspired workover, complete with excessive camber, enormous chrome wheels, and a completely terrible ride quality that's ruined anything the Cayenne had going for it in the first place.

3 Bagged and Slammed

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Once again, stance fans have managed to ruin a car that was more than acceptable to begin with. Good luck letting that twin-turbocharged flat-six get anywhere near full throttle now that the fenders will tear all four wheels – not to mention the underbody – completely to shreds by about 3,000 RPM. Unfortunately, slow and steady doesn't always win the race.

2 Helmet Head

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This extensively modified Porsche 911 just boggles the mind. Did anyone think this was going to turn out well at any point in the process? The crazy part is just how many hours went into this build, let alone all the dollars, to end up with a car that just looks like a Porsche wearing a slick aluminum helmet.

1 Stretched Baja Bug

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While it's true that classic Porsches and Volkswagen Beetles share the same roots – namely, their designer, Ferdinand Porsche – and it's also true that Porsche achieved rally-racing success with the 959, that doesn't mean a Baja Porsche is a good idea.

This one looks flimsy, off-balance, and ready to tip over just pulling over to the side of the road, much less off of it.

Sources: Stance Nation, autoevolution, and Wikipedia.

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