19 Of The Worst DIY Wedding Fails

Weddings are an incredibly exciting event for all involved, but they can also be tricky to navigate if you are on a budget. Whether you're concerned about budgeting for a wedding or simply want to put your own creative touch on the special day, do-it-yourself projects can be just the way to do accomplish both!

Now cue the Internet. Oh, the Internet. What a fruitful, yet sometimes dangerous place! You can go from never touching a craft to being a professional within minutes, right? Well, unfortunately, that is not always the case and the below 20 DIY wedding fails are here to prove it! Whether it's a bride who wanted to add something special to their own dress, or the addition of "personal" touches put on wedding photos, this collection of fails is sure to make you want to hire a professional!

19 We are pretty sure this was supposed to say "we do"... but when it comes to hanger art things can get kind of dicey!


18 Love can get a little messy sometimes... especially when it comes to writing it on mason jars!


17 You know you have a problem when the before lantern is round and the after is... flat!


16 When you are in such a hurry to get married, you decide to add some racing flames on your dress - just to get the point across.


15 Because Pinterest told you that you didn't need to hire a hairstylist for the big day – do it yourself, they said... it'll be fun, they said...


14 Someone decided not to hire a professional photographer and the end results are... well... this!


13 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer: "Part Two"


12 Sweet little tea-time cookies to send home with guests seemed like an easy enough idea, right?


What we're all really wondering: What are the little specks that ended up in the cookies on the right? Because the ones on the left... do not have them.

11 Add great color to your big day with some beautiful blobs... I mean yarn balloons!



10 Maybe the person who was working on these wedding centerpieces is more of a "cup half-full" type of person?


9 When your dreams of a wedding send-off are filled with glowing glittery magic! It turns out reality is a lot less glowing and a lot more clumpy!


8 This cake is full of inspiring words and a less than steady base!


7 DIY earring backs AKA Elmer's Glue!

6 When you let your groom make the gifts for his groomsmen...


5 What a wonderful idea: little rainbow cakes in a jar for children attending the wedding!


Kids aren't too picky, are they?

4 When you reach your breaking point and can't handle glueing anymore lace or cutting anymore ribbon.


3 It would appear the piece is made out of balloons... I don't see that on Pinterest anywhere!

2 The DIY glitter wedding piece fails seem to be a common theme! Those pesky specks of glitter appear to be the real bridezillas!


1 When you let your crazy uncle make the wedding cake to save a few bucks...


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