19 "Out There" Outfits Celebs Got Away With

Celebrities seem to have got it made. They get to do what they always dreamed of and attend the coolest parties and rub shoulders with the most powerful people. And for the most part, a lot of them are always elegantly dressed at such events, as can be seen in any magazine or celebrity news show. But every now and again, a certain celebrity makes headlines and all because what they wore was a tad too … how shall we put it? Odd? Yes indeed.

We’ve got quite a few outfits that a few celebrities wore proudly and although they didn’t get favorable comments in the press, they actually made them work nonetheless. You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of these, so get ready for a weird old time with your friends at The Things.

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19 Zendaya’s Flight With The Monarchs

via pinterest

Now this young lady has sure come a long way from The Disney Channel, and her work in the Spiderman films as of late has gotten her quite a bit of good attention. But seeing her here with this butterfly dress (for a lack of a better term), many were taken aback, but we feel she more than makes it work, the dress passing from outrageous to elegant and classy the more you look at it.

18 Anybody Order Some Eggs With A Side Of Bacon?

via glamour UK

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has always been good for a little bit of entertainment. In fact, the whole family was, as was often seen on their reality MTV show. But she's made a mark in the fashion industry and well, the statement she's making here makes us both laugh and stand back all at the same time. Clever, but not at all the serious fashion statement anyone would want to make, we hope.

17 Cardi B’s Thinking Of Starting A Flock Of Seagulls Tribute Band

via fashionisers

The ever-gorgeous and stoic Cardi B stands poised and quite regal in this shot, yet her outfit tends to call to mind earlier fashions; perhaps those of the eighties era? We'd sure say so, and although the colors are flattering, maybe the feathers are a bit much? Maybe, but Cardi makes it work, diva that she is. She actually looks great.

16 Breaking News: Jennifer Lawrence Sneaks Friend Into Awards Show

via footwear news

She is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring talents to hit Hollywood in recent years. The fact that she won an Oscar so early in her career and still has yet to fall of the old shelf means that she's here to stay it seems, and we couldn't be happier, as we love watching her on screen. But just what in the world is going on with this dress? Did she really smuggle an old friend onto the red carpet with her?

15 Wait … What?

via swish today

Well ... Justin Bieber has done it again. He's been able to annoy just as many people as he impresses and all at the same time. he's probably got to be the only celebrity out there that can claim just as many people detest him as love him. A reason to hate him ... he looks decent, even in the most awkward of clothes options. Reason to like him ... he doesn't seem to care how he looks. Gotta give him that, eh?

14 Lady Gaga Does It Again … And Again

via glamour

Definitely this era's Cher or maybe even Madonna, Lady Gaga doesn't mind making a show of how she looks, no matter how outrageous her costumes may be. She has definitely annoyed many out there in the media and of course at home. Just how many people must have screamed at their TVs, incredulous at the new getup she got out of the back of her closet? ''Just what in the world is that woman wearing!?'' We're not sure, friends, but she wears it all well.

13 Katy’s Having An Identity Crisis

via cosmopolitan

Katy Perry is equally outrageous when it comes to her wardrobe, as we can see here. But instead of annoyance, many have felt she looks positively adorable in many of these outfits that she decides to strut around in. Fashion, by the way, is yet another mode of artistic expression, and here the message getting across can actually be considered both valid and intriguing.

12 All Hail … The Queen Of Sheba

via hollywoodlife.com

Sarah Jessica Parker has transcended time, and as she went from one starring role to another, she changed with the times, leaving many of her colleagues in the past, the back pages of time and Hollywood, while she remained an elegant and worthy member of show biz. She proves it here, regardless of how odd it may seem at first, she pulls it off quite nicely.

11 Really Dude?

via fuse tv

Sometimes there are no words ... really. Here Manson shows his complete disregard for any normalcy when it comes to a fashion sense. But then again, there really isn't all that much ''normal'' about Marilyn Manson, is there? Some may like his music, we understand, but does he really have to dress like a crash test dummy from Hades when he performs?

10 But ... Why?

via tomandlorenzo.com

The same can be said here, even though at first, the bow is a little bit of an eyesore. But the outlandish ideas that fashion designers have and apply to the outfits they design almost always catch on, as the world is pretty diverse. This outfit clearly makes a statement all its own and as you look at it, the colors alone definitely match and it's the type of thing that can grow on you ... if you like that sort of thing, that is.

9 Jared And ... Well, Jared

via E! news

Jared Leto has been making films in Hollywood for quite some time. And also quite the musician, he has released many albums with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars. they are very popular and his films as well. But a recent trip to a red carpet event made huge headlines as Leto showed up wearing the above getup and was seen carrying a replica of his own head in his hands. We'll go ahead and stop there ...

8 Little Red Riding Minaj

via hollywood life

First off, we've got to say that the stitching on this dress is absolutely phenomenal. The design is actually quite interesting to look at. And although it seems to be quite outrageous when first looked at, and this too seems to grow on you. A tiny glimpse of her shoes can be shown and they seem to match perfectly as well. The face she has set on her gorgeous face also hits the mark, as it goes with her Little Red Riding hood ensemble.

7 Katie Price … An Expert Equestrian

via swish today

Winner of Celebrity Big Brother, Katie is no stranger to turning heads, and quite a few of them at that. She is a model, performer, and even a businesswoman, she's quite successful and her career doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. This getup, which we sincerely hope was a costume of some sort, definitely got her a wee bit of attention in the media, and we can more than understand why.

6 Maybe A Shave Would Have Been In Order?

via insider

In this day and age we welcome one and all, and that's a positively wonderful thing to behold. Change is good, and the open-minded aspect of society is one of the great changes our world has seen. It's great to see men and women doing what they like and even expressing themselves how they wish to ... whether it be in all seriousness or in a joking manner, expression, and honest expression is great to see.

5 He Only Has Eyes … For You

via fashionweekdaily.com

This one creeped us out for days. It actually gave quite a few of us here at the Things offices quite the scare when we first saw it, and we thought it was a doctored photo at first, but no, this was actually a getup, and one worn by actor Ezra Miller. He definitely turned a few heads, and all eyes were certainly on him and only him. But, kudos to the designers of this costume, as it's pretty cool at that.

4 The Quilted Rapper

via complex

Are they PJs? Or maybe it's that old afghan his parents used to wrap him in when he was first brought home? Whatever it is, the colors are definitely out there, and the stitch job is a little off as well, but Asap Rocky is definitely known for making his very own fair share of statements, so why not go out in the clothes you slept in?

3 How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

via kanyetothe.com

kanye West too is quite known for his fashion sense. His wife, Kim Kardashian has actually gone on record for saying that he actually helped her with her fashions, giving her ideas and feedback, which is pretty cool. But these glasses have got to go. They didn't work when The Jersey Shore's Snooki wore them, why would he think they'd work for him?

2 Cher Is Cher

via insider

And perhaps the matriarch for outfits that shock, ignite and turn heads, Cher sits at the top of anyone's list when it comes to crazy outfits. She takes the cake away from any young stars trying to take away her title, as she was and is definitely the queen. Let's face it ... she always looked great in whatever she wore and still does. She's tamed down some over the years, but every now and again, she's still up for a little surprise.

1 !!??

via the FashionSpot

In case you were wondering, yes that is Katy Perry, and she looks great as always. Maybe a little dizzy, but she otherwise looks great. If there's anyone that comes close to Cher, the queen of odd costumes, we'd give the award to the only person to make this list two times. And although, Lady gaga is known to be really out there, we'd say Katy is a tad more committed. We mean ... just look at the detail in this getup!

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