20 People Who May Have Made A Slight Miscalculation

When we were in school, we had so much trouble with math. We don't think we ever got an A in that subject because we could never convince ourselves that it was worth learning since we knew that once we got out there in the real world, we would always be able to use a calculator. As a result, we're just not arithmetically minded, which is okay, we guess, because our mom says that we have a lot of other talents to make up for that. Thanks, Mom.

Isaac Newton, Euclid and Albert Einstein we are not—or, are we? No, no, wait, we're not. We just got a little carried away. Anyway, back to what we were saying about our inability to do basic math. We don't know, you guys, we're just not wired for it, and because we're not, it seems like we're constantly making miscalculations. If you're like us, then you know firsthand how much of a pain in the backside that is. If you're not like us, then take a scroll through these 20 pictures featuring people who may have made a slight miscalculation. Once you see the sort of hairy predicaments we get ourselves into on a routine basis, you'll know what we're talking about.

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20 Somebody's got the wrong end of the stick

Via: me.me

How this person got the impression that their bae was dating Mario Badescu is beyond us, and how the fact that Mario Badescu is the name of a skin care line escaped them is also beyond us. However, we're intrigued, and we would love to know the backstory on this. What, were this girl's friends talking crap in front of her boyfriend, trying to get him riled up and jealous, teasing him by telling him his girl was seeing a tall, dark and handsome guy named Mario Badescu? Because, we can't say for certain, but that's sure what it sounds like is going on here.

Unless this girl is genuinely dating Mario Badescu on the side (which sounds pretty good, by the way, because we bet she would be able to get all kinds of free skin care products), then we figure this fella made a minor miscalculation. It's okay, buddy, it's okay. Somehow or another you just got the wrong end of the stick, but it's all good. No need to panic. Go outside, take a walk, cool down a titch. Then, when you come back in here, you can text your girl again and get this thing sorted out right as rain.

19 *Changes computer background to this picture*

Neither of these people did a good job of interpreting the social cues involved in this situation. Either they both have very different definitions of what it means to be besties, or they both made miscalculations and ended up being on not the same page. Either way, hilarity ensued, and even though we're sorry that this happened, we're also kind of not sorry it happened because LOL! If we bought this frame, and we definitely would, there's no way we'd replace this picture. It's too full of comedy gold to just be tossed in the trash. We could never do that.

These two don't look like BFFs, they look like mother and son. Specifically, she looks like she was so excited when her son finally moved out into a college dorm room after high school. She looks like right after he left, she turned his bedroom into her personal quilting/scrapbooking/whatever middle aged women do in their spare time these days room, only his first semester just ended and he came home with the wonderful news that he's moving back in with her because—surprise! College is too hard! Anyway, isn't this great? Now you won't have to miss your baby boy anymore! Aren't you so happy, Mom? Mom?

18 Nana is a national treasure

We know you're getting a kick out of this, and the reason that we know it is because we are too, but don't be fooled. This isn't a mistake exclusively made by old people. We rarely go out to shop anymore, a) because internet shopping is far superior and b) because we had our license revoked due to an incident we had at the local Costco that are not allowed to talk about. But, anyway, the last two times we went somewhere that had the little hand carts, we saw people using the holders like wheelie backpacks at an airport. It's crazy.

But, for real. Why don't the hand baskets have wheels? We know they're hand baskets, by definition, but wheels would be nice, too. This is a modern age, we can have both.

We're aware that it sounds like we're being ridiculous, but, hey, those hand baskets get heavy, and when they do, they dig into your arms and leave painful bruises. We think sticking a pair of wheels onto those little hand baskets isn't such a bad idea. Somebody needs to do a focus group for this and make it happen. We see a lot of potential as a result of this nana's slight miscalculation.

17 Guess this means the rear view mirror's useless, too

We all have our down days, even the best of us. Maybe you just woke up in a bad mood and you find everything gets on your nerves, or maybe you woke up in a great mood that rapidly deteriorated once life sensed that you were actually enjoying yourself, and thus took it upon itself to change that. Whatever the reason why you're feeling blue, we hope you get back to feeling on top of the world again soon, and remember, if you're in a funk and your mind has tricked you into thinking you're the worst, you're not. Okay? You're actually super cool. You want to know what's really the worst? This, the most useless windshield wiper on the face of the planet.

The good news is, the next time this driver has to wash their van, they won't have to worry about this one quarter of a circle spot. The bad news is, that's the only piece of good news we can think to say about this thing. Either this car's window installer didn't get the memo or the windshield wiper installer misunderstood some directions. Whatever happened, it was all one huge misunderstanding. Not that that makes this goof up any less ridiculous.

16 A mistake of canine proportions

Not two seconds ago, we were talking about how much we love online shopping, and we're not going back on that statement. But it's only fair to say that as much as we love shopping online while we sit at home with a mug of hot chocolate in our jammies, it can be a real crapshoot. We'd say about eight times out of ten, you receive the product you ordered. But those other two times? Yeah, not so much. Either they send you something completely different or they send you what you ordered, only the measurements are waaaaaay off.

Sometimes, though, it's not the online seller who's at fault. Sometimes the only person that you have to blame for your online shopping escapade gone awry is...*gulps*...yourself! Oh, it's true. See, when you've been looking for something for a long time—you know, that sort of "you'll know it when you see it" thing—and then you find just what you want, you can get so wrapped up in the thrill that you forget to make sure that it really is exactly what you want. We figure that's the trap this guy fell into. Oh, well. At least his mistake only resulted in accidental dogs, the best accident of all.

15 Water and electricity go together like unsafe and incredibly dangerous

Precision is more important in some jobs than in others. Like, over one summer in high school, we worked at an ice cream shop. We scooped ice cream for people, but not every scoop was the same size, however, it wasn't like we were diffusing bombs, so it didn't really matter. It was important to try to get things about right, but it wasn't a major deal if we got a tad bit less in one cone and a tad bit more in another, ya feel? But, like we said, that's not the case for every occupation.

Sometimes you need to be right on the money accuracy wise, and this is especially the case when water and electricity are involved.

We like to think the plumber screwed up here when they installed this water fountain—and, to be sure, they did. But let's not forget about the electrician, who deemed it appropriate to install an outlet a foot away from said water fountain. There are faults on both sides, since it looks like both so-called "experts" made slight miscalculations. But don't make a miscalculation of your own. If you're at this place and you get thirsty, just buy a bottle of water. Don't risk the electrocution. It's not worth it.

14 Next time just take an Uber

Like we said earlier, we had our license suspended because of a Costco incident that we were *allegedly* involved in. Our lawyers have advised us not to comment about it, so we won't go into the details, however, we will say this: if you read anything about what happened that day in the papers, just know that it wasn't our fault and that somebody else placed that huge tub of peanut butter in the parking lot, we have no idea how it wound up where it did and we were not involved in any way, no matter what those supposed "eyewitnesses" claim.

Anyway, we don't have our license anymore, but it doesn't matter much because we hate driving. It's always an ordeal because not only does no one know what they're doing out on the roadway, neither do we, and it makes for a very interesting trip from point A to point B. We've never made such a silly miscalculation as to wind up stuck behind parked cars for ten minutes. Our driving mishaps usually involve jumping curbs accidentally or hitting fire hydrants that seem to jump out of nowhere. In other words, our miscalculations are more dangerous than ridiculous, but we guess this one's pretty funny, too.

13 *Of course* this was Australia because *of course* it was

Australia, we just don't know about you sometimes. We mean, we're on board with the whole having kangaroos and koalas thing. That was okay, those animals are cute. But then you just threw in a bunch of whacked out animals, too, and while we admire the fact that you're an equal opportunity species haver, you guys have got to know what to call time on this. It's getting too dangerous in the outback! And, we mean, we know you're all tough as nails, but, to put things in a language we know you'll understand, crikey, mates!

It was one thing when Australia was home to cute critters like dingos and wombats and stuff, but now that we know they've also got all manner of dangerous insects and venomous reptiles, and it's just too much!

We're not saying this because we have anything against you, Australia. Heck, we don't even have anything against the potentially dangerous wildlife who inhabit your continent. We just worry about your safety, is all. You have to promise us you'll be careful out there, alright? No more making silly miscalculations like this. One false move and it's lights out for you guys, so stay on your toes, you got that, Australia?

12 The judges give this miscalculation a perfect 10

This GIF gets funnier and funnier each time you watch it, and we can say that with certainty because we've seen it loop over thirty times now. We know. We've been counting. Call us sad and pathetic if you want, but when you give this thing another watch, and then another, and then one more for good measure, then you'll start to see what we mean. We don't know how this guy's logic went so tremendously amiss, but it did, and he only realized it when it was all too late to do anything about it. It looks like he only understood how wrong he was when he was lying face down in the wet sand.

We hope he's okay, bless his heart. When he gets up (if he's not too embarrassed and ashamed to get up, that is), we hope that eventually, through plenty of one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed professional, he will be able to come to terms with his mistake and forgive himself because, after all, he's only human. However, if, on the off-chance he's still lying in the sand, he should just pretend he fainted mid air and doesn't remember anything. That's the only way we can see of saving face.

11 Shoulda read the fine print

Hmmm. Yep! It's official. This is definitely one of the best things that we've ever seen. Sounds like a pretty hyperbolic claim we bet, but we just got done running an internal evaluation of all of the things that we have ever seen in our life, and this one, out of all 7,206,742,502,609 of the things that we have seen, ranks at number 30 on the list. Okay, so it's not in the top ten. It could never compete with stuff like pictures of bunnies or videos of baby horses walking for the first time. But all things considered, this picture is right up there.

Well, this just goes back to the "online shopping is a crapshoot" thing that we discussed in detail earlier. Speaking of details, it looks like somebody decided to gloss over them a little. If this boss had paid a tad more attention, he and his employees likely wouldn't be in this mess. Hope these coworkers like backaches and leg cramps, because it looks like their future is going to be rife with pain. But, hey, props to them for taking one for the team, because their more than slight miscalculation has been our deep, gratifying belly laugh.

10 Good going, dude

Via: reddit.com

After lots of scientific research, we've managed to classify everyone in the world into one of four groups. Athletic, Fit, Meh and, finally, Don't Pick Them For Your Team, Whatever You Do. People like Serena Williams and Michael Phelps would fit into the first category. The super buff folks at your gym would fall into the second. The average Joe and Jane would rest in the Meh category, and in the very last category reside people like this guy, whose depth perception, much like the Loch Ness Monster, has never been proven to exist, and who has absolutely no hand-eye coordination to speak of.

The GIF's a little blurry, so it's kind of hard to tell, but we actually theorize that this guy has no eyes.

But, on the off-chance he's not blind, then we'd like to politely inquire what the heck he thought he was doing. We don't know what this was supposed to be. Maybe an army training thing or a Call of Duty LARP deal or something. Who the heck knows? We can't say for sure what's going on, all that we know for sure is that we don't want this guy to fight for our side. We'll be doomed if that happens.

9 So long, kids, it was nice knowin' ya

Some people would call sticking your kid's trampoline on the roof of your apartment building—which, oh yeah! By the way, is seven stories high—a stupid thing to do. They might even tell you you're an "imbecile" and a "moron" and a "disgrace to the human race". And while those people may not necessarily be wrong, we would beg to differ with them. See, we don't think this is a ridiculously idiotic and incredibly dangerous decision, we think it's a...wait. Yeah, we do think that. Whoops! Well, we guess we don't have anything else to add to that. Sorry.

But, you know? What is being an idiot other than being the type of doofus who chronically makes miscalculations in judgement? We foresee a world of hurt as a result of this, but maybe the reason this set up came to be isn't because the people behind it have oatmeal for brains. Maybe it's just that they never studied physics in school, so they don't know that this trampoline could launch their kids off the roof of their apartment building like a catapult. Maybe they have no concept of cause and effect. We're not saying that makes this situation any better, but it's something we should consider.

8 Use your nose next time, bro

We're weak, okay? Maybe not in the "has no backbone whatsoever" kind of way. We're not pushovers, we'll stick up for what we believe in. Our moral fiber is of a fairly tough variety. But we are weak when it comes to temptation, especially if said temptation is food-related. We'll rally in support of our causes and we won't back down from an argument with our coworkers when it comes to the issues we're passionate about, but when you ask us to resist doughnuts, chocolate, pie or cinnamon rolls? Pfft! Forget it! We don't have that kind of will power.

Who among us can say that when presented with a pan full of what looks like cinnamon roll icing runoff, would turn that down? Because we can't.

We see where this roommate was coming from because if we thought that pan was solid icing, we would be all over that like ugly on an ape. But, to be frank, we question the effectiveness of their olfactory senses. Bacon is very fragrant, as are cinnamon rolls, but there is a huge difference between the two smells. Maybe they need to get their nose checked before they go tasting things again. Things could get even worse than this real quick.

7 Guess that's a no

We would like to believe that the teacher who tacked these signs up on the wall of their classroom was simply trying to teach their students about the wonders of irony, but we know in our heart of hearts that that's just not the case. We'd like for that to be true, but it's not and we know it. Now, that doesn't make this mistake any less ironic, but it does add a certain element of patheticness to it that makes you feel really sad for the person responsible for it. Poor imbecile. They had no idea how badly they'd goofed up.

Alcohol isn't allowed on school premises (although we're pretty sure we had a few teachers back in high school who broke that rule), so we know we can't chalk this mistake up to drunkenness. What we imagine happened here is some teacher stayed late grading papers and tidying up and they were all excited about hanging the new classroom decorations that they ordered from Classroom Decorations 'R Us, only they were too tired to do a good job of it and, as a result, they managed to send the whole situation straight down the toilet. If you look closely, you can actually see it circling the drain.

6 We would've done the same thing

Oh, yeah. This is completely embarrassing, that's for sure, but we could totally see doing something like that. Anytime anyone mentions anything that even sounds like it might be related to food, that's immediately what we think of. Our friend got back from a trip to Africa one time and he was telling our other friend about everything he saw. He was describing some of the huts he saw the local tribes living in. Well, we walked in the room and "hut" was the only word we caught from the conversation, and we immediately thought Pizza Hut.

We looked like a dang fool trying to segue that conversation from African culture to stuffed crust cheese pizza with extra tomato sauce.

Anyway, we just want this girl to know that we know where she's coming from and that she's not alone. For we, too, always have pizza on our mind. Even now, as we type this little snarky blurb about how pizza was the first thing that leapt into her mind when she heard the word "domino", we are thinking about those most delicious of dinner pies. We mean, we love shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie, too. But they can't compete with pizza pie. Not by a long shot.

5 That took a turn for the bad

Via: me.me

So, new rule. Apparently you can't tell celebrities that they look like other celebrities even if they kind of do, nor are you allowed to Photoshop mustaches or any other manner of facial hair onto the faces of said celebrities, nor should you, under any circumstances, address them in any way that might be perceived as something that could potentially be misconstrued as something that could be taken, possibly, as maybe being kind of a little upsetting and/or insulting. For more information, please see the Imaginary Proclamation for the Protection of Famous People Who Feign Offense and Can Dry Their Crocodile Tears With Their Wads of Cash.

LOL, just kidding. Rihanna may or may not look like Prince. We mean, we can see a slight resemblance, but we would never mistake one pop icon for the other. Still, we can see how this comparison could hurt you right in the feels, so we see why she blocked this Twitter user. Can't say we agree with that move, though. We don't think the guy meant any offense, he was just trying to make a funny, but while he succeeded in one endeavor he didn't win when it came to getting into Rihanna's good book. That's a let down.

4 Grab the scissors

Hair is one of those things that you never think about being a problem until they've become a problem. And, yeah, okay, so there are a whole lot of things that could be described in the same manner, but we're specifically talking about hair right now, so just stay with us. People with long hair? Y'all have got to learn to keep that stuff back. Put it in a bun, put it in a braid, put it in a ponytail—for the love of your flowing locks, take extra special care with you mane! You don't want to be put in a position where your hair care can't save you.

If this little girl's hair had been in braided pigtails, she'd have had nothing to worry about. As it is? She's paying for her brother's remote controlled helicopter miscalculation.

Oooh, this is bad. This isn't like getting bubble gum stuck in your hair. You can't wriggle that thing out of there with a glob of peanut butter. No sir, we're sorry to say it, but we think the only cure for this predicament is a sharp pair of scissors and, possibly, a pair of electric clippers. Well, we hope for her sake that she likes short hair.

3 They zigged when they should've zagged

Via: wackyy.org

From where we're sitting (which is the armchair in our living room, just in case you're wondering), we can see only two possible scenarios that might account for the picture above. Either the person driving that sideways turned vehicle was leading a high speed police chase and took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in this car trap, or they were just cruising along, minding their own business, but probably texting like about 99-percent of the other drivers out on the road, when they learned the hard way that they shouldn't do that, and that's when the cops showed up.

We don't know how this whole unfortunate predicament came to be, we only know that we're glad that's not us down there with our truck caught in what looks like a cement grave smack dab in the middle of the roadway. Seriously, what is that thing? We're not constructions workers, so maybe we missed the memo when it comes to randomly placed swimming pools in streets and highways, but we're almost certain that sizeable indentation isn't supposed to be there. Maybe it's an elevator leading to a super villain's lair. Maybe it's a lever-triggered doorway to a series of secret tunnels. Or, maybe we're reading too much into this.

2 Toilets like to treat themselves every now and again, too

Via: imgur.com

When it comes to corny jokes and groan-worthy wordplay, dads excel. Their sense of humor, cliched and stereotypical as it is, is just plain unbeatable. If you and a dad said the same joke, word for word, similar delivery styles in front of a similar audience and everything, the dad is still going to be the funnier person of the two of you. We're sorry, but that's just the way it is. It's something about the twinkle that they get in their eye and the half smile that erupts on their face when they wait for you to sigh heavily before resigning yourself to laughter.

Fathers are so good at comedy, they have an entire genre of jokes named after them. That's right. The dad jokes.

But where dads succeed when it comes to comedy, they fall a little bit short when it comes to reading the directions. We don't know what it is that makes dads so resistant to skimming through a set of instructions. Maybe they're allergic to it or something. They certainly act like it. We don't think we've ever seen a dad watch a YouTube video. Guess they don't like being told what to do. Anyway, this dad made a slight miscalculation. 'Nuff said.

1 Travel in style with Minor Miscalculation Airlines

Via: reddit.com

Woo hoo! Oh, you're in for such a treat! We bet you thought the last image in this lineup would be a picture of someone making a huge mistake, and it is. But we bet you never expected that it would be such a happy mistake! To be honest, we didn't think we'd see such a pleasant goof up, either. Most miscalculations end in trouble, travesty and turmoil. But this girl's accidental screw up led to a marvelous happening. Little did she know when she booked her flight that she would be getting a whole plane to herself, completely sans crying babies, snoring passengers and loud talkers. Sounds like perfection.

This is a dream come true for a frequent traveler. No wonder she looks so happy. Heck, we're happy for her! This girl has what we all want, a little something called good luck. It seems like life has it out for her. Sorry, did we say "has it out for her"? We meant, it seems like life looks out for her. Hey, what gives, life? All you do is trip us up, but you throw her a huge bone? Well, we're hurt and we're jealous, but we're glad to see someone living the good life. Way to go!

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