19 People Who Disrespected Vince McMahon…And Didn’t Get Fired

There are very few men or women in this business that wrestlers are terrified of upsetting, but it's safe to say that Vince McMahon ticks that box for a lot of individuals. The guy just seems to possess this aura that would be enough to strike fear into the hearts of most, and that's a fact.

While that may be the case, though, it certainly hasn't stopped superstars from rubbing him the wrong way over the years - whether that be intentional or otherwise.

Sometimes, the person in question may not be involved in pro wrestling whatsoever, but we all know the kind of power that Vince possesses.

19 Titus O’Neil

A few years back during a segment featuring most of the main roster being stood out on the stage, Titus O’Neil playfully grabbed the arm of Vince McMahon.

The boss felt embarrassed and suspended Titus as a result, but thankfully, clearer heads prevailed and he didn’t wind up actually getting the sack.

18 Batista

Batista himself has confirmed that back in the day, he annoyed Vince so much because he didn’t follow the direction that the chairman was giving him. As a result, he wanted to ‘slap’ the Hollywood star on several occasions, but in the end, he realized that probably wouldn’t have been the best idea.

17 The Rock

When The Rock was filming Fighting with my Family in Los Angeles, the fans seemed intent on hijacking the situation by chanting for CM Punk. So, as a direct result, the Great One decided to try and call the man known as Phil Brooks in front of the live audience – to the frustration of Vinnie Mac.

16 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants, and that much is just kind of obvious.

The Beast Incarnate has gone off-script or just generally lacked the necessary effort on many occasions, and while we don’t know for sure if it was a shoot or not, seeing him throw the Universal Championship directly at Vince McMahon in the Gorilla Position was certainly a shocking moment.

15 Bayley

Bayley doesn’t come across as the kind of superstar that would rock the company boat, but when she reportedly decided to lie down backstage at WrestleMania and then again in her hotel room in protest for not winning in her scheduled match, Vince was understandably upset – and the same could be said for his general attitude towards her character.

14 Triple H

In addition to HHH and Vince reportedly having a few disagreements over the current state of WWE programming, the boss also wasn’t said to be all too pleased when The Game started dating his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

He understandably saw that as a massive sign of disrespect, but thankfully, it worked out okay for everyone involved.

13 The Undertaker

Starrcast is a convention that works alongside All Elite Wrestling, and as such, it was pretty shocking to see that The Undertaker was signed to appear at Starrcast despite having appeared for WWE not too long before it was announced.

Vince wasn’t pleased with this, and therefore, the Deadman’s appearance was pulled.

12 Mickie James

In the midst of her most important match ever at WrestleMania 21, Mickie James grabbed the crotch of Trish Stratus, threw up the V sign, and then licked her fingers in front of the watching world.

While it was fascinating character development, McMahon wasn’t a fan of the antics.

11 Neville

The Geordie sensation wasn’t happy with the state of his booking on the main roster and therefore refused to work on Monday Night RAW. Vince was so frustrated that instead of just outright firing him, he decided to stop booking Neville and allowed his contract to run down in order to punish him.

10 Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman probably disrespected Vince McMahon more times than either he or Vince can count, and that disrespect mainly came during Paul’s time working behind the scenes with WWE as one of the head honchos on SmackDown (and then ECW).

The working relationship was toxic, and it’s taken a long time for it to recover.

9 Randy Orton

Randy Orton’s wellness policy violations are probably enough to earn him a place on this list, but you’ve also got to imagine that the time he punted Vince in the head sticks with him, too.

You can argue that McMahon wanted him to go all out with it, but the bottom line is that we’d all be annoyed in that situation.

8 Sami Zayn

We all wondered how long it would take someone to say the words All Elite Wrestling, and in the end, it didn’t take long at all as Sami Zayn said it live on WWE television.

This wasn’t a scripted moment, and the boss was absolutely furious with Sami’s decision making here.

7 Kevin Owens

In addition to being sent home from a tour in the past for some of his actions, Owens, much like Randy, decided to go hard in the paint during a segment with Vince by headbutting him and making him bleed.

Yes, Vince wanted it to happen, but you can’t tell us he didn’t feel angry about it.

6 Braun Strowman

Much like Batista, Braun Strowman just wasn’t able to follow the instructions put forward to him by Vince McMahon early on in his career. Vince was clearly interested in the idea of cutting his losses, but thanks to an intervention from Triple H who stuck up for Strowman, that didn’t happen.

5 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is and will always be the golden boy of WWE within his own generation, but when he broke the wellness policy and sustained an official violation and suspension, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Vince McMahon felt hurt, disappointed and disrespected all in one.

4 Sasha Banks

During her time off from WWE, Sasha Banks not only decided to take subtle shots at the company but also took it upon herself to follow All Elite Wrestling on social media – just for the hell of it.

This all stems from her supposed ‘lying on the floor’ act alongside Bayley, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she is on pretty thin ice right now.

3 Harper

Harper made it painfully clear on social media a few months back that he asked for his release from WWE, having spoken out about his desire to do more and receive more opportunities – especially outside of the company.

His request to be released was denied, in what was clearly a bitter move from Vince.

2 The Revival

How many times does The Revival need to talk about The Young Bucks and make jabs about their booking until Vince just decides to fire them?

The chairman clearly knows how valuable they are as in-ring talent, and as a result, he’s willing to swallow his pride despite the clear disrespect from both Wilder and Dawson.

1 CM Punk

Even if he was told to do it, there’s absolutely no way that Vince McMahon was 100% happy with CM Punk’s pipebomb promo – especially when you consider the fact that he mentioned some pretty nasty stuff in relation to Vince himself.

Then, it came out that McMahon wasn’t happy with quite a few things the Straight Edge Superstar did throughout his time with WWE, as detailed in his controversial podcast with Colt Cabana.

Vince, as you can imagine, reacted swiftly.

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