19 People Who Genuinely Couldn't Follow Simple Instructions

There are some things in life that are incredibly difficult. Taking a test, buying a house and figuring out how to file your taxes are all incredibly difficult. There are also things in life that are incredibly simple.

Taking a walk, making a sandwich and answering the phone would all appear to be very simple tasks that don't require much of an effort. Then there are things that are probably too simple. They are so simple that people seem to mess them up quite easily.

Things that don't require much brain power, so we seem to over-think them. People tend to put too much thought into them and then somehow ending up screwing it all up. We have found 19 of these people. These poor people that can't seem to follow the simplest instructions.

19 Seriously? A Three-Year-Old Could Do It Better


We have to wonder what this guy is thinking. We are positive that someone in his life has told him what a mop is for. That a mop is to clean the floor, and not to clean the tables.

Not only is this probably incredibly more difficult than just using a bucket and rag, it is also really unsanitary. That mop was just on the dirty floor, and now it is being used to clean a surface people eat off of.

18 I Think She Needs More Lessons


Sports are hard, and there are some people out there that are just not very good at anything athletic. Skiing can be difficult too, and there are some that just can't seem to grasp it.

However, those people probably take some kind of basic-introductory lesson first. This woman clearly skipped it and I don't think it is safe to let her anywhere near the hills if she can't at least put her skis on properly.

17 Men Never Read The Instructions


We can make a joke about how this is an older gentleman and he probably doesn't understand how this new 'technology' works, but I'm sure someone would tell him.

This is one of those new standing desks, that lets office workers stand up every now and then to work. Which is better for their back and posture. He, however, did not follow the instructions and now he is going to have a very sore neck.

16 You Learn To Do This When You Are In Kindergarten


Before a child goes to kindergarten, which is when they are like 4-years old, there are certain things they need to be able to do. One of those things is that they need to be able to do up their pants properly.

This person obviously missed this lesson because they had a little bit of a problem putting on their pants this morning.

15 Was This Person Asleep During Training?


It is hard to say where the fault lies with this one, with the writer or the editor. Either way, this seems like something you learn on day one of training. How to input writing into a newspaper.

This person couldn't seem to follow the handbook when it came to inserting text and just left it at the general wording that is always there.

14 To Be Fair: I Don’t Think They Teach This In Driving School


If you want to have the responsibility of driving, than you should be able to follow the simple tasks that come with owning a car. Lesson one would be how to pump gas.

I guess the way they are choosing to do this is technically working, but they are sure taking a long walk for a short drink of water.

13 I Think What You Are Looking For Is A Shovel


We could give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume that they live somewhere that doesn't normally see a lot of snow, but they should still know that a vacuum is not how to pick up snow.

Someone give this poor guy a snow shovel as soon as possible, his life would instantly be a lot easier.

12 This Is Why We Need To Help Our Seniors


We always know that it is important to help our seniors. It is our responsibility to watch out for the older generation and make sure they can cross the street safely and get over large mounds on the street.

You would also think this poor guy could have been helped by the young man instead of having him take a picture.

11 Where Are The Police When You Need Them?


There is always a joke about how the police are never there when you need them, but it's not really a joke. They really are never there when you need them.

Driving may be difficult, but what is simple is keeping both hands on the wheel and paying attention to the road ahead of you. Something that has completely gone over the head of this driver.

10 I Don’t Think He Is Learning Much



We have another entry that involves an irresponsible driver. This one has a touch of irony in it. Instead of focusing on the road ahead of him, he is focusing on a self-help book on how to be better at focusing.

We are sure this book has a ton of simple instructions on how to focus that he is not going to pay attention to either.

9 This Is Why You Limit Screen Time For Children


They always say that you should limit the amount of time a child spends in front of a screen, that it can inhibit their learning and this picture kind of proves it.

We wouldn't think much of the simple task of sitting in a chair. When this kids mom told him to go sit in the chair, he obviously had difficulty and needed further more detailed instructions.

8 Count Again


Now, I am not sure what this is supposed to be. It looks like a censored pad to open a door on a public transportation system. Luckily, it doesn't really matter what this exactly is.

To make an imprint of a hand should be pretty simple. All you have to do is look down at your own hand. Well, this person may have had 6 fingers on one hand, because their hand model is a little different than the norm.

7 The Moment You See It …


This one may be a bit of a riddle to figure out what is wrong, but once you see it, you can not un-see it.

We here have another case of a person who did not learn how to get dressed. Her shirt is on backwards. For am ale, this would see, to happen easily, but for a woman not so much. They have a particular body part that would feel out of place if their shirt was on backwards.

6 Woah, Take It Easy Bud! Don’t Hurt Yourself


This guy clearly thinks safety is of top priority, and we can't really find fault in that. However, a helmet is never required for a stationary bike in a gym.

I don't know the exact number, but I doubt there is a large number of people who sustained a head injury from falling off a stationary exercise bike. This guy takes that small number very seriously.

5 This Is Why You Hire Professionals


There are people out there who take their lawn care very seriously, and with the look of this large lawn, we bet this house owner is one of them.

He may want to do a better background search when he hires his next landscaper to avoid this from happening again. Taking care of a lawn should be incredibly simple, especially if they are a professional.

4 That Can’t Be Good For Your Back


We have another entry about a guy who is unable to use one of those new standing-optional desks. The neat thing about these desks, is that they can be changed from standing to sitting at a moment. However, this guy obviously doesn't get it.

He can not think that this is right, because it can not possibly be comfortable. If something feels off, it probably is.

3 That’s The Advertisement They Picked?


Catching a candid picture is one thing, but taking a professional picture and choosing to use it to advertise your product is a whole other thing. This model clearly was not able to follow the photographers instructions on how to use and pose with this product.

What is even more flabbergasting is that the company actually picked this picture to advertise the product.

2 He Is Clearly Not A Millennial


Selfie sticks are something of the millennial age, and this guy is clearly not a millennial. It is meant to make it easier to take those social-media loving pictures of yourself. It is not meant to be used for really anything else.

Instead of taking it off the stick to take the phone call, which is advised, he just flipped it around. Now the handle-stick is a hazard to anyone who comes to close.

1 This Is What A Tired Mom Looks Like


Moms are tired, they are always tired and anyone who has ever been afflicted by sleep deprivation will know how it can mess with your cognitive function.

This mom is clearly confused. Because she has her child on a leash and her dog is in the baby carrier. We wonder how long it took her to notice that something was wrong.

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