19 Photos Of People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Pickup Trucks

Some people don’t deserve to own trucks. They buy them because they look cool, or fashionable, or trendy, but they don’t really understand the purpose of a pickup. Pickups are all about utility—getting things from one place to another, driving over rough terrain, hauling, towing.

Sometimes, the people who do understand their trucks don’t understand their trucks’ capacities. If you have 10,000-lb towing capacity, it’s probably not a good idea to overshoot that by three tons. But some people won’t listen to reason, or instructions, and they leave us with some of the most epic trucks fails we’ve ever seen.

These 19 wonders of the world have found themselves in ridiculous situations in their trucks, and thankfully people nearby have capitalized on their misfortunes by taking pictures of them in all their stupid glory.

19 Some Dog Owners Don’t Deserve Dogs

via Reddit

We’d like to chalk this up to an honest mistake, but it doesn’t look like this truck driver has a gate anywhere in sight—which means he knew what he was doing here. Talk about endangering another life! And not just any life, but man’s best friend. Disgusting, and this guy doesn’t deserve his dog or the construction truck he rode in on.

18 Know Your Towing Capacity

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There’s a reason that every truck has a maximum towing capacity, and it should be clear that a gigantic tree trunk like this isn’t going to fit. First off, how did they even get that on the pulley? Must’ve been a picker of some kind, and couldn’t they tell right away, by the forward-bent trailer, that this wasn’t going to work?

17 Lots Of Room For Nothing

via Autotrader

This truck, which is supposedly $96,000, has been completely modified for towing. It's foregone much of what makes a truck a truck, most noticeably the bed. It looks like the bed of this truck is about two feet long, so it won’t be carrying much. Let’s just hope its towing capacity is worth it—maybe it could haul that big tree trunk above?

16 When The Lifted Life Goes Wrong

via Motor Gazette

Is it just us, or is there something terrible wrong with this guy’s alignment? Of course he’s trying to be a macho show-off by proving how lifted his truck is, but none of that really matters when your wheels fly off while you’re driving down the highway. In the video attached to this picture, that’s exactly what ends up happening to this guy, in an epic fail moment.

15 Trying To Escape Repossession

via Unilad

This gutsy individual tried to hop into his truck that was being repossessed so he could steal it back. If you’re ever in this position, our advice is to never try this, because you’ll probably either a) be arrested, b) get beat up, c) ruin your truck, d) fail, e) make a fool of yourself, or f) all of the above. Unsurprisingly, this guy failed in his masterful attempt—who knew that trucks weren’t made to be driven like that?

14 More Bottom-End Truck Fails

via YouTube/Kevin2m4

This poor hapless Dodge Ram owner thought that he was so much better than Ford owners… until the entire bottom of his car was swept away in one fell swoop. This looks like a much bigger problem than having a loose screw, too, when two of your wheels and axle ride off without you. At least the guy in the passenger door seems to have noticed they have a problem.

13 Knock Knock, Who’s There?

via eTags

There are some truly ingenious MacGyver-like car fixes that people have done, DIY repairs that fascinate us… and then there are people like this. Because he/she lacks a tailgate, he/she has decided to put an actual door on the back of their car. It almost seems like a good idea to keep people out of your truck bed, but what happens when thieves come up to the sides?

12 DIY Bumper

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Here’s another DIY job that has us scratching our head and rolling our eyes at the same time. This guy has decided to put what looks to be a white picket fence piece in front of his car, to act as a bumper. And what is this going to stop, should the guy get in a crash? Absolutely nothing. At least he painted it white, to match his car, so maybe he can fool some 5-0.

11 Who Needs A Back Window, Anyway

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We can’t see the entirety of this guy’s beat-up truck, but if the rest of it looks anything like the back window here, we’re not too sure this one has much longer to live. There’s a time and place for duct tape, for sure, but when you’re using 15 strips of it to keep your back windshield on, maybe it’s time to just replace the dang thing?

10 What In The…

via Business Insider

Some people love their Chevy trucks so much that they just have to put two of them together and make them into some type of Frankenstein abomination, like this fellow has here. He’s attached the front ends of two Chevys, completely forgetting the purpose of a truck in the first place. What we want to know—is it functional to drive from either end?

9 Hauling Capacity Reached

via Ebaum's World

Lots of truck owners seem to have a serious misunderstanding for how heavy trees can be. First there’s the massive tree-trunk-hauling guy, and then there’s this genius, who thought his little truck could carry an entire giant tree—trunk, branches, and all—home. It’s not exactly a Christmas pine tree, either. How long did it take him to notice the damage?

8 The Stupidest Lift Job

via Reddit

Many people forget the point of owning a truck once they go down the rabbit hole of lifting their vehicle. Like this fellow, who has opted for a ridiculous suspension, but completely neglected his tiny Hot Wheels tires and rims. God forbid he hits a divot in the road, or a pothole, which might literally send the entire truck head over heels.

7 Hold On Tight, Grandma!

via Pinterest

This poor woman! Someone told her it was a good idea to wheel her into the bed of this truck, even though she herself is also on wheels! One wrong turn and she’s going to go sliding on out of there faster than you can say, “Oh no, Grandma!” Who was lazy enough to suggest this idea, rather than trying to stuff her into the actual coach?

6 Another Stupid Animal Owner

via News West 9

These types of pictures are aggravating, because you really feel for the poor, helpless animal in the bed of this truck. Not only is the tailgate absent, but even if it was there, the sides of this bed are at knee-height with this horse! Not a very smart move on this driver’s part, considering that horse is probably worth 10 of those crappy trucks, if not more.

5 All Fixed

via Cheezburger

Some people just want to watch the world burn. And some people just want to burn people’s eyes with their hideous attempts at amalgamating two car species together, to create an alien life form that doesn’t belong on Earth. The front of this truck has been replaced with a yellow sports car hood, which makes the entire operation look like a botched job.

4 Wheels Are Round For A Reason


The video connected to this picture was actually trying to show what it would be like to drive on square wheels—and the resulting bumpiness isn’t pretty. It’ll give you a headache, just watching it. But without context, this looks like the dumbest Stone Age truck driver on the planet, and for that we are thankful. There’s a reason wheels are round, and why we don’t drive around like the Flintstones.

3 More Lifted Fails

via Ugly Truck Day

This picture is pretty interchangeable with many others—someone who has traded in their giant wheels for tiny ones, and traded in their normal suspension for a giant, lifted one. Whoever thought this looked good? The stability on this truck is probably absurd, and it doesn’t look like it can be that much fun to drive, so… what’s the point?

2 A Little Too Much Flair

via Ugly Truck Day

Some people love to accessorize a little too much. You can usually spot them by the way they have their cars dressed, such as this fellow. Who knows, it could belong to a completely normal person, but we’re willing to bet that the owner of this truck is an Illuminati-believing conspiracy theorist who’s getting his tarot reading at the moment. Or, he’s just bored.

1 Laid Back

via Ugly Truck Day

This guy might be onto something here. He’s completely shaved off the top of his truck and turned the inside into a sedan-style vehicle, while also retaining the bed of his truck. It looks pretty absurd, but if it’s comfortably, who cares? More power to him. Good luck keeping anything in there without getting stolen, however.

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