19 Pics From Ariana Grande's Childhood She Wants People To Forget

Here are 19 Pics From Ariana Grande's Childhood She Wants People To Forget

Songstress, Ariana Grande, has had a huge year! She’s been releasing hit after hit and selling out stadiums worldwide. Little girls are still in love with their Ari who would once sport cat ears, but women are loving the gorgeous popstar with her signature ponytail who coined the term, "thank u, next." And let us not forget all the men who are going completely bonkers over this stunner who knows she’s got it.

Since the start of her stellar career, she’s stayed true to who she is and her image. She may have gotten rid of the cat ears because she’s a mature and hot woman now, but her look and style has stayed the same. And although she blows us away with her beauty, Ariana Grande did not look as cute as a button her entire life. Plus, we totally get it, we all have photos as children that we would not want others to see. Who knew that this bombshell would have pictures she’d rather hide in the closet? So here we are, digging them out for you all.

19 She’s Still Got The Same Smile

via Teen Vogue

If Ariana Grande didn’t post this to her Snapchat, we would not recognize the “7 Rings” singer.

She certainly looked like an angel, although she apparently does not want us to call her angel – this according to her new hit, “Don’t Call Me Angel.” The only thing that gave it away was her adorable and peculiar smile.

18 Grande On Christmas Day

via Pinterest

She’s certainly a gift to this world; thank you mother and father of Grande. However, this photo of Grande as a child, strutting in a Disney one-piece, is certainly not one she’d want to expose. It looks nothing like her, and her outfit looks boy-ish. Plus, what is it with the light locks?

17 Those Webcam Days

via People

Don’t deny it – we all have those cringeworthy photos of us that we took on our low-quality webcams. The thing is, Ari probably did not know she’d be a huge star and that her slightly embarrassing webcam photos would be leaked. She seemed to be quite thrilled by her hair creation, that looks Grinch inspired.

16 Grande Probably Doesn’t Approve

via Pinterest

It’s weird being a child; one day we have a full smile, the next we don’t. Fortunately for us, our gap-tooth smiles will not be exposed to the world.

Unfortunately for Ari, we got to see a photo of her missing a front tooth and looking joyful. She was probably anticipating the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

15 Was She Crying Or...?

via Entertainmentwise

This photo is hilarious, and we know that Grande would want to keep this one for herself. We don’t know where she was, or what she was up to on that day. However, she clearly looks impatient, and might we add, constipated. Was she trying so badly to keep it in, or squinting from pain?

14 Grande Bundled Up

via Wattpad

Grande, is that you? The popstar’s parents certainly wanted to make sure their daughter was warm and completely camouflaged as a child.

Although we’d totally want to pinch those cheeks, Grande was just not having it then. Her face speaks a million words – poor Ari.

13 Those School Picture Days

via Pinterest

Who liked getting ready for elementary school picture days? They were such a bore, and our mothers would make sure we’d look all cute and proper.

Here is the result of one of Ari’s school pictures, and these days, she’s probably wondering what her mom was thinking. Ari’s hair is completely out of control with flyaway hairs, but we still find her cute.

12 Is That Really Ari?

via Ariana Grande Wiki - Fandom

There’s that smile again! Although we’re completely enjoying these photos of Ari as a child, we’re sure she could pass on these child model photos of herself. Her facial expression has us chuckling, as we could totally picture her saying, “why are you making me take this photo for?”

11 A Grande Halloween

via Dailymail

Nowadays, little girls and women dress up as Ariana Grande for Halloween, but things were different when she was a child. Grande dressed up as a princess, and coincidentally, she’s the Princess of Pop right now. However, do you notice how bratty she looks putting her bodyweight on her brother, Frankie?

10 Before She Became A Disney Star

via Google Sites

We now know that Ariana Grande has had curly hair her entire life; yes, it’s a revelation! Cue the “you like my hair, gee thanks, just got it!” lyric. Back in our days, we did not look like high school girls do nowadays, so we totally comprehend Ari if she wouldn’t want this picture seen.

9 Her Yearbook Is Probably Hidden

via Childhood Biography

Her classmates surely had no idea she’d be the star she is today, but she’s absolutely rocking the world. Here’s another photo of Ari’s high school days, from her yearbook, back when photos were still being printed in black and white. We think she’s super pretty, but still unrecognizable.

8 What’s With The Hair?

via Childhood Biography

This picture has us rolling on the floor laughing! If you’re an avid fan of Ari, you know how close she is with her brother, Frankie. They are stuck together like glue, and they absolutely adore each other.

Frankie must’ve had a blast in the younger days with his baby sister by giving her different hairstyles, like this mini mohawk. It’s definitely not one of Ari’s best looks!

7 Grande And The Zamboni

via CBS Sports

This Florida native knew she would one day be filling up arenas, of course! Just look at her living her best life and waving at the Florida Panthers fans.

What you don’t know is that on this day, Grande was hit by a puck! We totally understand why she wouldn’t want this memory posted anywhere.

6 Her Early Singing Days

via YouTube

Grande was a star in the making at 8-years-old! Coincidentally, a few years after getting injured by a puck - or two - Grande went back to the Florida Panthers arena to sing the national anthem. When do we see children performing national anthems nowadays? Hardly - her parents must be proud.

5 That Facial Expression Though...

via We Heart It

In case you didn’t know, Ariana’s family name is her mom’s and not her father’s. Grande did not have a great relationship with her father, and she reconciled with her estranged father last Christmas.

We’re bringing this up, because although we don’t see him, this is a photo of her with her father, moving her tiny body to some guitar playing. This photo would probably resurface loads of emotions for the cutie.

4 Chunky Baby Ari

via We Heart It

Some children are just so round and chubby, and those are our favourites! Seriously, what’s more adorable than a child with cute rolls everywhere?

Grande, who is now 26 and known for her petite frame, was once a child with pinchable cheeks. And Grande was clearly always expressive with her big chestnut eyes.

3 Webcam Performances

via YouTube

We’re all guilty of doing the most embarrassing things on webcam with our friends back then – and Ari was no stranger to that. It looks like Ari decided to play dress up that day and threw on makeup and an outfit to make herself look like an actress out of Flashdance! She was certainly content with her choice.

2 Woah, She Really Changed

via Plastic Surgery Celebrity

There’s the Ari we know with the straight strands that she’s known for! It looks like we were not the only ones who thought we looked fly with some Abercrombie & Fitch gear on (that kind-of style). Although Grande is a cutie, she’d probably want this photo of herself in the Burn Book.

1 Annie Aka Ariana

via YouTube

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!” Remember that song sung by the orphan, Annie?

Well, once upon a time, Ari tried her shot at Annie and sung her heart out while rocking a head of orange curly hair! Just look at how happy she looks to be the star of the show! We don’t know if she’d feel the same way now though.

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