19 Pics Of People Who Did Unspeakable Things To Their Pickups

In many ways, the pickup truck is the vehicle that everyone should own. The advantages of owning a pickup these days significantly outweigh the disadvantages, especially now that most SUVs are little more than minivans and manufacturers are starting to build powerful engines that are still efficient.

Many car buyers are realizing this fact, as evidenced by the growing pickup truck market in more urban environments. Even Tesla will soon offer an electric pickup truck, which will put tried-and-true truck guys into a quandary when they realize how instantaneously available torque feels when towing.

But truck ownership isn't always about things making sense. Plenty of pickup truck owners just have to have a truck because, well, they just do. And plenty more feel the urge to customize their trucks to unwholesome levels.

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19 Tonka Truck

via Ugly Truck Day

This truck might take the cake for ugliest pickup ever. The owner took a perfectly good truck that could have done perfectly good truck stuff and bolted on every single accessory they could think of. The trim, grille, lights, and chrome are all bad enough, but the worst part is the tiny wheels and tires that give everyone who sees this truck vertigo.

18 Slam It

via Pinterest

Anyone who has the tools, time, and skill to modify a truck like this should have the ability to see that what they've done is wrong. Lowering this Chevy all the way to the ground, even if it can bump up a bit higher to drive around, just looks cartoonishly terrible. The bright chrome wheels don't help the overall aesthetic, either. But at least there's a bed lid.

17 Iridescent

via Pinterest

This Ford would probably be pretty amazing if it weren't for the terrible iridescent paint job as a finishing touch. The black wheels aren't too excessive and neither are the knobby tires, which are just a little over the top. Roll bars and lights, the hood venting, and a slight lift are all totally okay, too—if they're on their own, that is.

16 Hot Rodded

via Hot Rod Network

Something about this custom pickup just looks wrong. There weren't many good options, though, given the crew cab that is far, far too vertical to ever seem fast. Hot-rodding a truck like this makes no sense and the overall impression is that there's a good chance this pickup is going to fold in half if it tries to accelerate.

15 Extra Fins And More

via Ford Truck Enthusiasts

The Chevy SSR and Dodge Ram Daytona are famous examples of trucks that left the factory completely unable to perform any actual truck-like duties. This F-150 owner, though, must have thought those trucks look great. One wing clearly wasn't enough, nor was just a little bit of chrome. The worst part is the flame sticker above the F-150 logo, though.

14 Built Ford Rough

via Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Even huge Ford fans probably can't handle how ugly this custom pickup truck turned out. Somehow, the transition from Ranger to Mustang actually looks smooth, though it definitely doesn't look good. But why would anyone think this is a good idea? Just try to imagine the time and effort that went into making this gag gift of a pickup truck.

13 Flat Rod

via Pinterest

Rat rods can be fun, they can be gnarly, and they can be downright terrifying. This one, on the other hand, just doesn't make any sense at all. The little piece of decaying roadkill behind the enormous rear wheels only raises the question of whether the animal was run over by the tires or whether the truck had such low clearance it got smashed by the front end.

12 Hulk Smash

via Recoil OffGrid

For SEMA, plenty of custom builders go all-out and show up with some of the wildest creations the off-roading and truck world has ever seen. Not all of them turn out looking good, though. Someone somewhere probably likes this truck, though whether it drew enough interest to offset its cost is highly, highly doubtful.

11 Slow Plow

via Pinterest

Not every truck that's been ruined happened because people set out to customize and modify their vehicles, though this one does have a custom snowplow setup at the front end. But this truck clearly has been used for many, many years of snowplow duty, being run ragged and put away wet until it's about to fall apart if one more flake lands on top.

10 Try Again

via Pinterest

Halfway between a monster truck and a movie prop from Mad Max: Fury Road, this truck clearly needs some help. But first, the owner or builder is going to have to decide what they're actually going for because this 6x6 is a long way from getting close to the likes of a Hennessey VelociRaptor.

9 Ridin' On Blades

via Pinterest

This truck proves that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Sure, cake tastes great and wheel upgrades can make any vehicle look better. But eat too much cake and the body suffers, while adding huge rims and low-pros to a truck will make it suffer, as well. This truck now has to slow down for pebbles, much less speed bumps.

8 So Glowy

via Pinterest

This poor Ford now looks more at home at a 1990s rave than on the streets or going off-roading. Underglow lights are never a good idea outside of The Fast and the Furious—and even then, they're not a very good idea. But pink and purple underglow lights on a huge F-350 make even less sense than most of the recent Fast and Furious plot twists.

7 Eggplant Purple

via Chevy Truck Forum

The owner of this Toyota clearly has a sense of humor—or a deranged mind. That front bumper, the faux exhaust sticking out of the door, the big-rig mirrors, the fake blower, two boxes in the bed, weight-saving holes drilled out, the list goes on and on. And then there's the wheels and the paint job. This truck is a statement about other trucks, but it should still get sent to the crusher ASAP.

6 Take That, Elon!

via ValueWalk

Perhaps the owner of this Tesla Model 3 just couldn't wait until the company releases its forthcoming pickup truck. Or maybe they just thought that chopping the canopy off their Model 3 and bolting on a roof rack would be a solid way to snub Elon Musk. Whatever their intentions, it seems likely this Frankenstein might need plenty of tows in the future.

5 All For Nothing

via Pinterest

The strange part about this bagged Chevy is that other than its lowering job, the rest of the truck looks ready to head to Home Depot and pick up some lumber. Of course, from a higher angle, the rear wheels and tires must be causing some serious problems in the bed, and whether or not the engine bay has been messed with to fit the fronts might affect how much lumber the truck can actually haul now.


via Pickdo

There's something about Japanese pickups from the 1980s and 90s that apparently causes many owners to need to excessively modify their trucks. In reality, more trucks these days could use some design inspiration from the great Toyotas and Mazdas of decades past, though not in the case of the bagged and stanced example.

3 Wankel Truck

via Morrie's Heritage Car Connection

Rumors continually swirl online that Mazda may one day bring back the rotary engine. Modern technology may lend Mazda's engineers and executives some overconfidence, but they'd do well to remember that this pickup truck may be the only rotary-powered truck left in existence—and there's about a 99.99% chance it's not running on its original engine.

2 Doggone Mad

via YouTube

This upside-down pickup truck boggles the mind of anyone who drives near it. The only way it could be wilder is if the dog was driving—or if it could still drive right side up, like some kind of RC toy that can flip endlessly to a child's delight. Instead, this is a grown man who loves to cruise around confusing people with his custom project.

1 Say When

via YouTube

If this double-headed pickup truck monstrosity could drive in both directions at equal speeds, it could be an impressive build. But the mechanical skill involved in having equal forward and backward gears (if the directions can still be called that) probably wouldn't reside in the brain of whatever maniac decided this project was a good idea.

Sources: Jalopnik, Wikipedia, and Ugly Truck Day.

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