19 Pics Of Sports Cars That Rednecks Got Their Hands On

From mullets to cowboy boots, rednecks are not always noted for their good taste. And the same goes for their cars!

Hillbillies tend to drive pickup trucks, to match their rough and ready, all-American image, but occasionally they venture into different areas of the automotive market; some rednecks have even been known to buy themselves sports cars.

Although to be fair, these sports cars don’t stay sleek and sophisticated for long. White trash motorists love nothing more than stamping their own personality on their vehicles, whether that is through some major modifications or a just a patriotic paint job.

The vehicles below may have started out looking great, but once those redneck drivers got hold of them, they were soon changed almost beyond all recognition.

19 Ferrari Fail

Via carthrottle.com

Who would buy themselves a Ferrari, only to rip it apart and turn it into a pickup truck? A redneck, of course. Although even Ferrari themselves tried to tap into the pickup market themselves when they launched the Ferrari 412, an interesting automotive creation that was launched by the Italian car manufacturer in 2014.

18 Southern Pride

Via carthrottle.com

Patriotism comes in many forms for redneck drivers – although it is the old Stars and Bars flag that most of us tend to associate with white trash motorists from the south, as evidenced in the Confederate flags flying proudly from this battered Chevy Camaro with is obviously home-made matt black paint job.

17 Chopped Chevy

Via chevyhhr.net

This once stylish Chevy Corvette has ended up meeting the same fate that many redneck sports cars suffer in the end; chopped up into pieces and reshaped to become a weird mixture of sports car and pickup truck. It would break any auto aficionado’s heart to see such a great car end up like this.

16 Not So Sporty

Via forums.pelicanparts.com

Whichever redneck owns this poor vehicle has clearly decided that they know what features make a sports car, and then decided to add all of them as modifications to their own car. Everything from the flip-up headlamps to the ludicrously low bodywork and the unnecessary spoiler on the back screams bad taste.

15 Majestic Modification

Via hemmings.com

This over-the-top “Screaming Chicken” decal is far from the worst redneck car modification on this list but added to the fact that these usually appear on the hood of a Trans Am, and you begin to see how this is a car only a redneck would drive. The Pontiac muscle car is undoubtedly one of the most popular redneck cars ever created.

14 Bits And Pieces

Via jalopnik.com

It’s one thing to stick oversized wheels on a sports car if the work is done well, but the redneck owner of this sporty car has taken a very rough and ready approach to the job. Apparently, just balancing a Dodge Neon’s bodywork on top of another vehicle’s frame and wheels is enough for this white trash motorist.

13 Falling Apart

Via corvetteforum.com

When it comes to modifying and customizing cars, the rules for any motorists should be that less is more. A rule that the owner of this poor Corvette completely ignored. The clearly home-made body kit looks as though it would fall off the moment it went over a bump in the road, while the hood vent seems to be made of an old drain pipe…

12 Converted Convertible

Via 1029thewolf.com

Once upon a time, the unusual creation in the image above was a sporty convertible. Although once the redneck owner had finished playing around with it, the vehicle was barely recognizable. It seems that even when they buy a sports car, rednecks just can’t help themselves and simply have to transform it into a pickup.

11 Red, White, And Blue

Via carthrottle.com

You might expect to see the Stars and Bars painted on redneck cars, but don’t forget that there are white trash drivers in the northern states too! And those drivers turn to the Stars and Stripes when they want to give their classic muscle car a patriotic makeover – even if it does ruin the way the car looks.

10 Big Wheel

Via flickr.com

Rednecks don’t just have a passion for turning otherwise stylish sports cars into pickup trucks – they also seem to love sticking their once desirable cars on top of comically oversized wheels. Lifted cars are one thing, but this particular hillbilly car looks as though it would be at home at a monster truck rally than on the road.

9 High Jump

Via legendaryspeed.com

Fitting a stylish sports car with redneck oversized wheels isn’t everyone’s idea of a great modified vehicle but even white trash drivers themselves must have to admit that there is something of a logistical problem with such a high lift; how on earth does the driver and passengers get into the car in the first place?

8 Hillbilly Limo

Via nylimocoach.com

As if it wasn’t bad enough that rednecks took a perfectly amazing Ferrari and turned it into a pickup truck, some white trash driver has seen fit to turn this Italian stallion into a tacky and tasteless stretch limousine. Perfect for taking those teen rednecks to prom or for a white trash bachelorette party…

7 British Rednecks?

Via pinterest.com

Rednecks may be thought of as a peculiarly American institution, but you can apparently make a white trash car out of a British classic, the Triumph Spitfire. Triumph have made some glorious sports cars over the years, but this one has been wrecked by the addition of redneck-style oversize off-road tires.

6 Pumped Muscle

Via pinterest.com

It isn’t just sporty European convertibles that rednecks have managed to destroy with their tasteless modifications. Good old American muscle cars have faced the ultimate motoring fate too. That powerful engine is completely wasted when you stick some oversized tires on the vehicle in question, creating a white trash hell like the car above.

5 Low-Class Lambo

Via reddit.com

Rednecks may have tried and failed to create an attractive white trash Ferrari, but that didn’t stop them having a go at the same thing with a sleek Lamborghini. This Italian Supercar was pretty much trashed when someone decided to turn it into a super-fast pickup truck, completely ruining its appearance and probably its on-road performance too.

4 Home Repairs

Via thepubliceditor.com

One thing that a lot of redneck cars seem to have in common is that any modifications or repairs have been done at home rather than at a garage – and boy does it show. This redneck wanted to give his sporty Mazda a bit of a makeover, but the simple fact is that cardboard body kits are not going to last very long in the rain.

3 Back In Time

Via wideopenspaces.com

Rednecks are often accused of having political views and a sense of style that is stuck in the past, but the white trash owner of this souped-up DeLorean was perhaps hoping to travel back in time to a period where they might have felt more at home. Marty McFly’s time-traveling DeLorean never looked like this in Back to the Future.

2 Seen Better Days

Via zoo.com

Another very homemade redneck sports car here, and one which looks as though it has seen better days. The frame and axle look as though they have been stuck together with nothing more than glue, and certainly wouldn’t withstand the kind of off-road driving that those over-size tires were designed for.

1 Military Wannabe

Via teamjimmyjoe.com

Patriotism runs strongly in redneck veins, and they are hugely proud of any military connections in their family. Which probably explains why so many rednecks spend time and money transforming what were once stylish sports cars into roadworthy home-made tanks, complete with caterpillar tracks and even fake weapons.

Sources: Autowise, Redline360, Fast Car

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