19 Problems About The Walking Dead Fans Keep Ignoring

When The Walking Dead first aired, there wasn’t a whole lot of faith that the show would do well. Amazingly though, the show proved those haters wrong and is about to air its tenth season. It’s obvious that the show runners are doing an amazing job at keeping people’s attention and the show going, but nothing is perfect.

With a show that started off with 6 episodes, it has now increased to up to 16 and with that increase, comes more opportunities for viewers to see issues with the show. Some of which, viewers have been quick to point out, there are some though that many choose to ignore, either because they aren’t important, some just haven’t noticed them, or just because they don’t want to admit that their favorite show has any problems.

Here is a list of 19 problems the show has, that we as viewers have chosen to ignore.

19 Shouldn’t Mother Nature Have Overtaken The World By Now?


Typically, when the world ends, mother nature always reclaims the planet.

According to therichest.com though, for as long as our survivors have been battling to stay alive, there is no sign of her reclaiming it. Meaning the grass should be a lot taller, in certain areas at least. Yet, it seems as if someone has been mowing it down.

18 It’s As If They Are Stuck In One Season

Bleeding Cool

Ever notice how the weather almost never changes in the series? Granted, the last season did show the survivors battling to stay live during a huge blizzard, but how often do we really get to see weather like that?

According to therichest.com, we mainly get to see two options, nighttime when we can hardly tell what’s going on, or daytime where it always looks like a dry heat.

17 Shouldn’t They Be A Lot Skinnier?

Undead Walking

Losing weight is due to two key factors, diet and exercise, two things that survivors in an apocalyptic world experience, even if they don’t want to.

With that being said, according to therichest.com, with limited supplies and the constant walking and running, the survivors of the show should be a lot thinner than portrayed.

16 Why Didn’t Rick Use The Tank In The First Season?


One of the biggest moments during season one is when Rick gets trapped in a tank by a horde of zombies.

According to therichest.com, he can escape thanks to the help of the quick-witted Glen, but would he have even needed Glen if he just used the tank? That’s one of the biggest questions of season one. Why didn’t he just mow them down with the tank?

15 With So Little Food Sources, Shouldn’t The Zombies Be A lot Less Intact?

Digital Spy

When the zombie virus first took flight, the world’s population dropped drastically. With all the time that has passed since the world ended, it has dropped even more.

According to therichest.com, with little human life and how slow they are, making catching animals too hard, they should have a limited supply of food. Add that with their decaying process, and they should be a lot less intact.

14 The Flu Epidemic In The Prison Should Have Been Longer

Today Show

During the flu epidemic at the prison, the survivors were basically trapped in a fishbowl with limited space, surrounding woods, and dedicated water supply.

According to therichest.com, a lot of the survivors fell ill, but were able to bounce back quickly and with relative ease. In the past though, millions would have lost their lives to such an illness.

Meaning the storyline should have been a lot more devastating.

13 They Don’t Use Their Best Defense Enough


When a living being finds themselves surrounded by a horde of zombies, it typically doesn’t end well.

According to therichest.com, on occasion, the survivors have draped themselves in walker guts to hide their smell and walk pass through a horde. Gross, but effective. One would think that with the success rate and zombies popping up out of nowhere all the time, they would use it more often.

12 Rick Should Have Gotten The Boot Long Ago

Rolling Stone

Rick displays the personality of a natural-born leader, well most of the time.

According to therichest.com, based on Rick’s track record while leading the group, it's obvious that he isn’t much of a leader and should have been removed a long time ago. He lacks focus and his main priority should be keeping his people in the group alive, but the survival rate for those in his group is extremely low.

11 Inconsistent Zombie Abilities


Three things are for sure when it comes to the show, there are limited supplies, zombies love living flesh and they are slow moving.

According to therichest.com, the show’s writers tend to change up the zombie’s abilities depending on the story at the time. For example, during the battle between Tyrese, a zombie was strong enough to overpower him, yet Carl was able to escape their clutches in the past.

10 It Loves To Introduce New Characters, Just To Kill Them Off


The show runners are constantly having to bring in new characters due to killing off so many of the main ones.

According to therichest.com, adding new characters gives the show a huge opportunity to refresh the show with new people, new stories, and new opportunities, yet they keep bringing them in, just to kill them off. We do love a good killing by zombie, but we would also love a refreshing new cast.

9 The Show Feels A Bit Anticlimactic Now

Hollywood Reporter

When the show first started, it had a fun feel to it and always had us on the edge of our seats as the survivors delivered some serious zombie butt kicking.

According to therichest.com, that has changed the last few seasons though. It’s more depressing now and even introducing Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan didn’t help as much as we would have loved.

It all just feels anticlimactic now.

8 The Show Tends To Change Up A Character’s Morals Depending On The Episode


When it comes to introducing new villains to the storyline, the show doesn’t have a good rep at keeping them interesting.

According to therichest.com, both The Governor and Negan suffered some major beat downs by the survivors. Fights that changed them, brought out a softer side of them. One would think they would want vengeance, but instead the creators decide to humanize them.

7 Some Of The Characters Are Downright Annoying

Bloody Disgusting

There is no denying that some of the characters introduced to show are just plain out annoying.

According to therichest.com, a good example of an annoying character is Andrea. Andrea was ok in the beginning, but after a few seasons, specifically when she joined The Governor, she became a whining, self-centered, hard to take serious person. Every action or word out of her mouth had us rolling our eyes at her.

6 Too Many People, Not Enough Zombies

Entertainment Weekly

If a zombie apocalypse was to happen, there would be millions of zombies walking around. Yet, the show is a bit lacking in that department.

According to therichest.com, the occasional attacks by packs of zombies, and the storylines where they show other humans being a bigger threat than the dead is awesome, but they aren’t showing how zombies would be running a planet if an apocalypse was to happen.

5 All The “Good” Characters Seem To Have Vanished

Comic Book

When the show first started, it was loaded with interesting characters that the audience loved, characters that have all been basically killed off.

According to therichest.com, even the few characters that are left have lost their luster, like Maggie, Daryl and Rick. Now with Michonne leaving and Carl and Jesus gone, there aren’t many characters left that we have grown to love.

4 Storylines Seem To Fizzle Out And Go Nowhere

Yell! Magazine

According to therichest.com, the show has a long history of building a storyline up so much that we are on edge with anticipation, only for it to go flat and fizzle out. Take for example, the flu, The Wolves, The Andersons and Slabtown. All had amazing potential but seemed to go nowhere and just ended up being a waste in the end.

3 To Many Horrible Fake Outs

Vanity Fair

The creators love to mess with its viewing audience, that is for sure. One thing they love to do most of all though is fake us out.

According to therichest.com, a good example of what we mean is the time Glen found himself stuck on a dumpster, about to become a meal. One minute he is on the dumpster alive and the next he is falling into ravenous zombie’s hands.

2 They Drag Things Out For Way Too Long


One of the biggest complaints a lot of viewers have with many television series today is that the storylines go on for way to long.

According to therichest.com, The Walking Dead is no exception. A good example is during the first season when Sophia goes missing. How many episodes did they spend having characters search the woods for her, only to find her in the barn later?

1 The Show Tends To Repeat Stuff Way Too Often


According to therichest.com, the show has a habit of doing the same thing over and over. From The Saviors, The Wolves, and even The Governor’s Militia, the creators are constantly introducing the threat, causing the group to lose their first few fights with them and then, during the final assault, they come out blazing and are able to overpower them.

Sources: therichest.com,

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