18 Reimaginings Of DC Superheroes

DC Comics has provided a lot of iconic superheroes, starting with the one and only Superman in 1938. With Batman, Wonder Woman, and many other superheroes being introduced, there would be many adaptations of them ranging from comic books, TV shows, movies, and so much more. One of the best things is looking at the amazing fan art that talented artists have made!

Some of the artists featured on this list even had a chance to collaborate with DC Comics, and who can say no to that? It is crazy to believe, but that is the power of fan art! There are millions of fan art of DC Comics characters and it was hard to choose the ones to be featured. Regardless, we have some from incredibly talented artists.

Here are eighteen reimaginings of DC superheroes!

18 Half Human, Half Machine

via: artstation.com/suzirenze

Renze Segubiense has done other DC superheroes, but his artwork on Cyborg is phenomenal. It gives him a sense of mystery due to his backstory from how he ended up being half-machine and half-human. The power of technology is very dangerous, but Cyborg manages to stay on top of it.

17 Fastest Man Alive

via: saifuddindayana.deviantart.com

For being one of the youngest artists on this list, SaifuddinDayana is very talented for his breathtaking artworks. The attention to realism is fantastic, in the case of his take on Flash. You can tell how much time and effort went into this artwork.

16 Archer With A Dark Secret

via: artstation.com/r62

Artemis has been slowly rising in popularity thanks to being in the amazing show Young Justice. Minh Pham turns this young archer into a character you see in a graphic novel and that is not a bad thing whatsoever. The shading, coloring, and detail looks so pretty!

15 Soaring High

via: artstation.com/davidkoo

David Koo has a nice approach to soft shading art. His portrayal of Hawkgirl gives off an epic warrior vibe, which captures her perfectly. Compared to other Justice League members, she does not get a lot of attention, but hopefully that will turn around in the future.

14 Together As A Family

via: chihiromangaart.tumblr.com

ChihiRo has an amazing catalog of the Bat Family, but this one, in particular, is wholesome and adorable. The art is simple, but the effort is abundant with love and care. The five have dark moments in their lives that lead to them becoming superheroes. Even if some of them have their tragedy, we can appreciate a nice picture of a family.

13 Fighting For Justice

via: artstation.com/nimeshniyomal

Nimesh Niyomal is an epic artist, and if you've seen his works, you'll know why. His Justice League drawing is just uplifting and amazing. While the movie might not have been as impressive, we will be happy to have more awesome fan art like this.

12 Titans Go!

via: rossowinch.deviantart.com

Teen Titans is quite a nostalgic cartoon that fans still to this day hope for a season six. RossoWinch showcases the Titans as a bit older, but fierce and ready to fight their enemies. The show had a strong fanbase and it's easy to see why with awesome drawings like this!

11 Shining Bright

via: artstation.com/athena-av

Athena-av has a lot of art that is bright and nice to look at. Here with Supergirl and Superman, it gives a peaceful atmosphere with a gorgeous sky behind them. These two are one of the iconic pairs in DC Comics and depending on the comic or show, it is interesting to see how different they really are.

10 In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

via: artgerm.deviantart.com

Artgerm is one of the prolific artists on deviantART, so much so that this amazing artwork was a project he did for DC Comics for the Green Lantern movie! Regardless of the movie's performance, this is one of the greatest artworks for any superhero ever created.

9 Every Dog Has Its Day

via: picolo-kun.deviantart.com

Gabriel Picolo is an insanely popular artist from Brazil who is known for his awesome artworks of the Teen Titans! Beast Boy has appeared a lot in his fan art and we can't blame him. What's also cool about this fan art is the title's reference to the Teen Titans episode. That's how you know you have a dedicated fan drawing some amazing art!

8 Unexpectedly Awesome

via: artstation.com/royy_ledger

Before his awesome redesign in the DC Extended Universe movies and so on, Aquaman used to be seen as a weak and not-so-super hero. Thankfully, he's turned around to be one of the fiercest superheroes from DC. Artists like Royy_Ledger did a spectacular job in making him cool and intimidating.

7 Magical Girl

via: imgur.com/user/froxalt

Froxalt's art of Zatanna can be described as alluring. She is a unique superhero who can take on Superman due to his weakness against magic! Zatanna might seem like just an ordinary magician, but she's definitely capable of enduring in a fight.

6 Free-Spirited Fighter

via: luches.deviantart.com

Batgirl is a quirky and fun superhero who, despite being paralyzed by the Joker, still manages to be of great use to help Batman in Gotham City. Luches' beautiful rendition of Batgirl gives her a liberating and exciting perspective as a superhero. Even though it can get dark, saving people from criminals is one sure way of being positive.

5 Strong Warrior

via: artstation.com/diogosaito

Wonder Woman has remained one of the most iconic superheroes regardless of the comic book publisher. Her backstory is unique and her adaptations are very diverse. Diogo Saito has a nice art style going for him with the colors blending in very nicely.

4 Titans' Ladies

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

There is a very high chance you encountered Sakimichan's fantastic artworks. She has made fan art from our childhood and she is very successful to this day. Her artwork on Starfire and Raven has them a bit older, but still familiar and beautiful. We'd be happy to see more fan art of the Titans from her any day.

3 Formally Known As Boy Wonder

via: artstation.com/shiva-tron

Dick Grayson would become the world's first sidekick in comic book history but then turn into one of the coolest superheroes in DC Comics. Xavier Marciales brings Nightwing into a very unique art style that suits him so well. With an artist's talent, Nightwing can look cool in any style.

2 World's First Superhero

via: artstation.com/fandywirawan

Superman has been credited as the first-ever superhero. He is simple but complex, and that's the magic of being one. Fandy Wirawan is extremely talented in making any character he draws so well. Seeing Superman gives hope and while he's flawed, he does his best to succeed.

1 The Night Himself

via: artstation.com/bluemakina

Batman has remained a popular superhero for his tragic backstory and his motivations to right the criminals' wrongs. Joe Fernandez's adaptation of the Dark Knight showcases who he really is. Despite being mostly black, this artwork is impeccable for displaying how scary Batman can be, and that is definitely an intention on his part.

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