19 Ruthless Female Clapbacks That Made Us Clap Back

One of the greatest things that the Internet has done for us is allowed females to have a voice that can reach far and wide. It’s as if for years people wouldn’t believe us when we would complain about someone who would speak down at us and we had to clapback at their utter foolishness.

We would come off looking like angry feminists who were pushing people out of our lives because we were just being too sensitive. But, thanks to social media and a lot of strong women out there, there are posts all over the Internet allowing people to be entertained by some of the weird things that are being said and done to women.

Females have been clapping back more and more, and they are making it known in every way that they know how to stand up for themselves, and that they aren’t taking crap from anyone. Clapping back has simply become a way of life and a way for women to stand up for themselves.

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19 Who Says I Want You!

via Pinterest

It has become a regular thing for women to be shamed online for their looks. In reality, if it wasn’t for the option to have profile pictures, many people would have no idea what these people they are offending online even look like. It has also given a lot of people this entitlement where they feel as though they can shame people for their looks. However, this lady wasn’t about to take this crap sitting down. She clapped back at the guy who tried to embarrass her for her looks.

A lot of guys forget that girls have to actually say yes or no when they show interest in them. For him to assume that because she isn’t up to his standards, that he automatically has a chance, is a complete joke. From his profile picture he ain’t no prize either, so, maybe he should keep his mouth closed.

18 Women Should Cook

via Diply

It’s sad AF that this comment is coming from a fellow female. Like, how far back are you trying to push women when they are still struggling to move ahead? This girl is out here worrying about other females not knowing how to cook and accusing them of being less than because they didn’t learn how to cook.

The fact that she thinks teenagers are spending their time learning how to cook is a joke. If that’s what she spent her time doing, that is absolutely up to her and only her. Thank god for the girl who set her straight. Chances are in the near future that girl wouldn’t even be qualified to be this young woman’s chef. She’s out here trying to roast girls for not upholding 1950s house duties while this clapback queen is on her way to being able to support herself.

17 Gays Slay

Zendaya spends a lot of her time online putting people in their place. Not only has she become an advocate for encouraging people to love the skin they’re in. She has also become known for clapping back at the naysayers who try her on a daily basis.

A prime example is this fool @ClutchLikeRomo, he really thought he was going to creep into her timeline and get a few laughs in. It looks like Zendaya had the last laugh and most likely always will.

She had time on her hands that day to let this guy know that of all the people in the world, the gays slay like no other. Let’s be real, gay men are setting trends that many people couldn’t replicate even if they tried. She is 100% happy to be in the company of these men. It looks like your insult backfired, boo!

16 Sudden Foreign Accent

No matter what anyone says, Kim Kardashian has been treated like crap for so long by naysayers and people who think it’s okay to embarrass someone for their hustle. For the longest time she allowed people to diminish her and her achievements, but in recent years she has shown the world that she is no idiot. She won’t hesitate to clapback at anyone, including celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan tried to come for her and Kim shut her down immediately.

Lindsay must have thought she was clever trying to come for Kim and her “Bo Derek braids.” However, she didn’t expect Kim to come for that fake accent that we all heard and didn’t have the platform to roast her about on a larger scale. A word of advice Lindsay, stay in your lane.

15 Put Your Kids To Bed

Chrissy Teigen is constantly on a clapback roller coaster. It's to the point now where we just assume people are coming for her because she will almost ALWAYS reply.

I normally won't take sides, after all, we're just here for the laughs. But, I have to admit this situation is not Teigen's fault, therefore, her clapback is warranted.

Not only did she swiftly clapback, but she also gave some parenting advice which we all know angers people on a whole other level. No one wants to be told how to raise their kids. Then again, no one wants to be told that they shouldn't be doing their job or that they are doing their job incorrectly. Especially by someone who is allowing their—what we assume small—child to be staying up at an inapt hour.

14 Borrow My Lighter

J.K. Rowling is so rich that she no longer cares how her image takes a hit. She has basically made so much money that she could insult people for the rest of her days online and her funds wouldn’t take a hit.

That being said, she is usually provoked when she feels the need to clapback. In response to one of many people threatening to burn their Harry Potter DVDs, books, and everything else related to her fortune, Rowling not only offered them her lighter, she also offered a word of advice on how toxic that smell is.

What's more is that she reminded the fool that she already has their money and it's essentially no sweat off her back. Reminding people of how much money they spent is also one of the most gut-wrenching burns.

13 Men Are Dogs…?

This woman may have come up with the ultimate solution on how to deal with men who feel entitled to women’s bodies. Treat them like a sick dog and put them down. The only problem I have with this is that we have a hard time putting a dog down even when they have bitten someone because their aggression usually has everything to do with their owner. So, in that logic, should we be putting the parents down as well?

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. The point is that this girl used the guy's own twisted logic to clapback at him in an ultimate way.

With one sentence she was able to poke several holes in his theory, essentially leading to the ultimate shutdown. Don’t ever compare dogs to abusers, it’s insulting to the animal.

12 Pop-Tarts

via Pinterest

Mmmmm! The sweet, sweet taste of Pop-Tarts will always outshine a hot body. There is nothing better than shutting down a guy who is so full of himself that he thinks his greatest pickup line is a picture of his body.

Kudos to this chick who was quick enough on her feet to shut this guy down by being more interested in what’s in his cabinets, than what his body looks like. There is no way that anything he said after this would have changed how stupid he looks for this.

One of the best things to hopefully come from this is that he will have learned his lesson and keep a shirt on. Or, maybe this will encourage him to actually put an effort into approaching a woman whether it is online or in person. The chances of this having an effect on him are slim though.

11 Lost Respect For Rihanna? (No Way)

Whoever this young woman is, she is a brave soul. No one in their right mind come for Rihanna. She is fiesty and always has a clapback; and somehow they are always the funniest, most insulting, yet simple clapbacks.

@JuhReeV must have thought she was going to be the one that blasted our girl RiRi, but boy was she dead wrong.

First of all, who comes for a someone that is a victim of domestic violence? Second, Rihanna is going to make music with whoever she feels like. I feel like she deserves the clapback; she can't be telling people what is and isn't a good look for them when she isn't even anywhere near the level of who Rihanna is. Unfortunately for this girl, Rihanna is a public figure and this comment will forever be put on blast.

10 Whose And Who’s

Some of the best clapbacks usually involve correcting someone’s grammar. It’s always so funny that people think they can get online and school someone on something but they can’t even figure out the right words to use. They struggle grammatically (probably on a daily basis) and yet they are so confident in the crap that they talk.

Sis Khens definitely put this guy in his place. Not only was he talking about something that he had no business talking about, he was also dead wrong about what he was saying. There are plenty of couples who drink and smoke together and are married.

Don’t worry honey, these women you speak of will probably find someone before you do. Instead of focusing on what women should be doing, you should focus on going back to elementary school.

9 Crop Tops And Eyebrows

I hate to quote Taylor Swift, but she is right, there is a special place in Hell for women who don’t support other women. The fact that @PiaSoPetty could fix her lips and her Twitter fingers to insult anyone for what they want to wear is pathetic.

But again, the beauty of social media has shined through; someone found her petty behind and clapped back at her ridiculous unfounded comment.

In addition, they threw an insult back at her that should really be having her question her own genetic makeup. You can fix your weight, there is only so much you can do about fixing the space between your eyebrows. The fact that she has petty in her handle says a lot about her. Maybe she should consider changing that...

8 Hair Showing

This man had the audacity to allude to telling this woman to cover up the smallest patch of hair showing at the front of her head. However, he thinks it's A-Okay to post about women’s body parts...

We’ve heard of double standards, but this is beyond foolishness. Don’t worry about this girl, she isn’t your wife and you probably know NOTHING about her besides what she looks like. She is minding her business and expressing herself online the way she likes. So, please come off this young lady’s timeline.

I am loving the fact that instead of cowering or ignoring him, she commented on his timeline. Ultimately, telling him how unimportant his opinion is because of other things he’s said online. Please go bully someone else.

7 Finnish With This Conversation

via VT.co

Boom! how clever is this chick?

Come on, this guy deserved a worse clapback than this, but I'm sure she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not only did she make me laugh out loud for real, she also shut this guy down who didn’t have the time to approach her with a “Hi” or maybe even a “How are you doing?”. Instead, he wants to talk about her undergarments.

The fact that dating sites are matching this guy with ANYONE is insane.

There needs to be better vetting on dating sites but that is a whole other story. This girl was able to hold her own, which is kind of rare on a dating site.

Rosalie, on behalf of women everywhere, thank you for shutting this guy down in the politesse way possible so he doesn’t take it out on another woman.

6 Grinding

There is always a new trend on social media that has people begging to be insulted, literally. Like the “Roast Me” trend and of course the “What It Look Like I Do For A Living” trend. All the answers to these are usually offensive and insulting on some level.

This guy wanted to get in on the trend and I can almost guarantee that he immediately regretted it.

In this girl’s defense, he does look like the kind of guy who would say and do both of the things she mentioned. She basically hit the nail on the head. Why anyone would make themselves vulnerable like that just for a few re-tweets, follows and likes is baffling to us but we sure do get a kick out of it.

5 Copy And Paste

Here's another guy who has completely abandoned the “Hi, how are you?” and replaced it with something so unoriginal, that it’s more boring than “Hi, how are you?”. In addition, he couldn’t even come up with an original poem.

So, in my opinion, he deserves a snarky clapback and a quick ignore from whoever this girl is. And, she isn’t wrong, this poem totally sounds like something that many people have used.

She called him out and I love it. Not only did it make ME laugh but it let him know that this ish is not going to fly. I will give him points for trying his best to get her attention, but when it comes to online dating, women hear enough of that. You would be better off sending a smiley face. It’s less annoying and a universal sign for “Hi”.

4 What Else That Mouth Do?

Yuck. This is subtly, over aggressive and I am not here for it. Thankfully, neither is this girl.

I'm angry at Andrew for including his cute AF dog in his profile picture because it makes it hard for us to really go in on him. However, I am glad that this girl let him know straight up that she is a difficult chick. Hence, indicating that he probably cannot handle that mouth he is so intrigued by. I also love that it took her two days to reply to him, and when she did, it wasn’t anything good. It looks like he was off to a good start when she included an exclamation mark with her thank you. Unfortunately, he immediately screwed it up by trying to make it X-rated. So, this is what happens when you go from zero to 100 real quick.

3 Hide And Seek

via MetDaan

@NoChill4D really came for Sabrina (unprovoked as usual); he’s talking about drawing on her eyebrows and all sorts of mess. Newsflash! Women have been filling in their eyebrows for decades, so if that is your best insult, please sit down.

Sabrina really roasted this man and she’s right, I am also wondering where his ears are.

This seems like something more people should be concerned about. He should be more concerned with learning how to take a selfie that is actually flattering as opposed to insulting a woman for a makeup technique that outdates him and has gotten better with age. The gall of this guy is concerning. This girl is out here rocking the flower halo and giving zero cares to what Mr. No Ears has to say. I would do the same thing.

2 Tree Clapback

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And homegirl just proved that. There are several things right about this picture; the editing is on point it doesn’t even look like a guy was replaced by a tree. There is literally no trace of him. Second, this has to be one of the first “silent” clapbacks we have ever seen. She didn’t even need to say anything — she just Photoshopped him out and kept it moving. She even reposted that picture like it’s nobody’s business!

I'm not sure if it was her who added the title of The Giving Tree 2: I Took Your Girl but it only heightened the clapback. At this point, she should win a prize for best Photoshop and someone should write a script based on this picture. They already have the title.

1 Dropped 200 lbs

Losing weight is a struggle for anyone, no matter how big or small the pounds are. That being said, I love that this woman was able to do what no one else can; drop 200 pounds overnight.

Please Miranda, tell us your secret. Oh wait, I see it now, it’s that dude.

The fact that her boyfriend (or what I can only assume is her boyfriend) thought it would go over well, calling her disgusting is, in turn, disgusting. The massive clapback she had at dumping is coupled with Photoshopping him out of the picture. THEN she announces it on her social media page with a simple sentence that lets everyone know how pathetic he is. She is a freaking genius. Good riddance to this 200-pound waste of time.


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