19 Sketchy UFC Facts Dana White Wants To Keep Hush Hush

Dana White is the man that helped to take the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and mixed martial arts as a result, to a whole new level - and for that, the sport can never repay him.

Alas, while that may be the case, there are a few black marks on his record that need to be pointed out.

Some are more serious than others, naturally, but if we're going to talk about his positives, then from time to time we need to highlight the negative side of the coin too.

After all, this promoting game brings out the worst in people, and not just in MMA.

19 Ali Abdelaziz Association

Ali Abdelaziz is the manager of many, many high profile fighters within the Ultimate Fighting Championship, including Kamaru Usman, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Henry Cejudo.

Abdelaziz has been accused of formerly being in a jihadist cult group, in addition to spending time as an informant. Not the greatest person you want to associate yourself with.

18 His Mother’s Accusations

Dana White’s mother came out in the press a few years back and accused her son of, well, all sorts of things.

From using profanity to saying that he’s slept with all the ring girls to implying that he’s just generally known for being a bit of a tyrant, it’s hard to escape that kind of criticism – especially when it comes from your own family.

17 Cyborg/Wanderlei Comparison

A few years back Dana White claimed that Cris Cyborg looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress which, above all else, is overwhelmingly insulting.

As time has gone on he seems to have tried to spin the story, if only to make himself seem like a better man. It hasn’t quite worked out.

16 His Conor McGregor Bias

Conor McGregor is the biggest cash cow that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has ever had, and Dana White quite clearly intends on milking it for all it's worth.

We can’t blame them, but it’s almost painful at this point to see how much leniency he gives the Irishman on a day to day basis.

15 Not Signing Brendan Loughnane

Brendan Loughnane is easily one of the best British mixed martial artists of the last decade or so, and during an appearance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, he aimed to prove that.

After picking up a decisive win he went for a takedown in order to try and secure the result, and because of that one action, Dana chose not to sign him to a deal.

No, it doesn’t make sense to us, either.

14 Lying To The Media

It’s pretty simple: one minute White will suggest that someone is getting a title shot or a fighter is going to get reprimanded when in front of the media, and then at the very next turn he will completely go back on that thought process.

Why? Because that’s what a promoter does.

13 His Ownership Stake

Dana White recently signed a new seven-year contract with the UFC, three years after it was announced that the company was going to be sold for over $4 billion.

Dana continues to tell the masses that he is in this for the love of the sport and while that may be true, the fact that he has a reported ownership stake that fluctuates based on the success of the UFC tells a different story.

12 Run-In With Winter Hill Gang

Whitey Bulger was the leader of the infamous Winter Hill Gang back in the day and was known for doing all sorts of horrible things. As it turns out, Dana White had an interaction with the gang once upon a time, which led to him being run out of Boston by the mobsters.

11 The Ramzan Kadyrov Problem

Ramzan Kadyrov is a Chechen dictator that has reportedly been responsible for a string of human rights violations.

As such, the fact that UFC fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Fabricio Werdum have openly associated themselves with him is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, because it’s kind of insane.

10 Vince McMahon’s WrestleMania Challenge

Vince McMahon supposedly once challenged Dana White to a fight on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania, which kind of put him in a weird position.

If he accepted it would’ve made the UFC look a bit silly. If he rejected, which he did, it made him look like a bit of a coward and not a very good sport.

9 He Can Be Quite Unprofessional

Dana has been regularly dubbed as a ‘bully’ by fighters, media members, and even those close to him. Once you take a look at the evidence, it kind of checks out.

He backchats, he threatens people if he doesn’t get his own way, and he’s incredibly hostile when being pushed into a corner by the media.

8 Questions Surrounding USADA

While the USADA testing system has led to an increase in fighters being caught for using banned products, it certainly hasn’t been a universally acclaimed way of doing things.

From waking fighters up at 6am in their own homes for a test to inaccurate results costing fighters months if not years of their career, we don’t know how Dana can still praise it as much as he does.

7 Eskimo Brothers Taunt

In the midst of a back and forth between the two men last year, Brendan Schaub implied that he and Dana White were ‘Eskimo brothers’, which means that they’ve slept with the same woman.

Given that Schaub is the former boyfriend of Ronda Rousey and Dana has long since been romantically linked with the former champion, this joke certainly created quite a bit of discussion.

6 Promoting The Bus Attack

In the days leading up to UFC 223, Conor McGregor attacked a bus that contained Khabib Nurmagomedov after the Russian champion had confronted Conor’s friend and teammate Artem Lobov.

Dana initially condemned the attack and stated it was one of the darkest days in UFC history, only for the company to use it as a promotional tool for his fight with Khabib just six months later.

5 The Ariel Helwani Intimidation

At UFC 199, MMA reporter Ariel Helwani broke the news that Brock Lesnar would be returning to the UFC in order to fight at UFC 200. He did so before the company got the chance to announce it, and as a result, Ariel was pulled backstage and was banned from covering UFC events live ever again by Dana White.

Ariel himself indicated that he felt incredibly uncomfortable, and while we aren’t his biggest fan, this was out of line from White.

4 UFC Fighters’ Poor Pay

Let’s take UFC 241 as a prime example of why UFC fighters aren’t paid nearly enough for what they do.

Shana Dobson, who lost the opening fight of the night, received just $12,000 for her performance. The total gate for the event was a massive $3,237,032.

Sure, other fighters needed to be paid too, but something needs to be done about this because that’s not the only form of revenue that the company makes.

3 MMA Was His Backup From Boxing

While Dana clearly has a passion and love for mixed martial arts, there’s no way of getting around the fact that boxing was his first true love – to the point where that was the sport he initially wanted to break into.

After failing to do so he ‘fell back’ on MMA so to speak, and now, he’s even thinking about getting back into the boxing side of things after Conor McGregor’s escapade a few years back.

2 Tito Ortiz Boxing Match

Once upon a time Dana White and Tito Ortiz utterly despised one another, and it had gotten to the point where they legitimately agreed to fight in a boxing match.

While that’s fair enough on Dana’s part and we respect him for wanting to go through with it, we can’t imagine it was a particularly fun part of his life.

1 The BJ Penn Dilemma

BJ Penn has lost seven straight fights, with his last victory taking place way back at UFC 123 in November 2010.

Despite having numerous issues outside of the Octagon in his personal life, many of which indicate he needs help, the UFC continues to book him in fights.

There’s no way of getting around it: this is just wrong.

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