19 Surprising Things No One Knows About El Chapo

El Chapo is a name that most people have heard these days, as much has been made of the man in the modern era. Not only is he a pop culture icon in his own right, he has had an entire television show made about him!

We wanted to take a look at some of the lesser known facts about El Chapo, give people a chance to see behind the curtain and take a look at who he really was and is! This is why we've collected these facts together that we think some people will find pretty surprising...

It's time to take a look at El Chapo, time to see if people really do know the man the way that they think they do, or whether he still has a few little surprising secrets that will interest us all. We think that he does, so let's see who agrees with us!

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19 El Chapo Is Not His Real Name

via: channel4.com

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera is the real name of the man known as El Chapo. It only makes sense that a man dealing with criminals wouldn't want people to know his real name, but that isn't actually why he ended up with the nickname!

It was given to him by those he was associating with.

18 He Is From Mexico

via: visitmexico.com

It is well known that there are certain areas in Mexico are filled with criminal activity, so it's no surprise that one of the most well-known criminals from around the world comes from Mexico.

Having a border with the US means that criminals can exploit their position very easily.

17 He Has Escaped From Custody Twice...

via: reuters.com

There are a few things that criminals can do to put themselves on the map, and one of those things is escaping from custody.

It should come as no surprise that a man who is able to escape from maximum security twice has managed to become a pop culture icon that is widely known to many people.

16 ...One Of Which Saw Him Riding A Motorbike Through A Tunnel!

via: rollingstone.com

Yes, this is actually true! Having various connections with major criminals meant that El Chapo was able to plan one of his escapes while inside.

This saw him escape down a man-made tunnel using a bike that had been placed on a track for him by one of his associates.

15 People Have Written Songs About Him

via: imgur.com

Many people have sat down to write songs about El Chapo and his life. Not only have people done so in the form of Narcocorrido ballads, but Western artists have used his name and image as well.

One of the most famous examples of this is a song by The Game named simply El Chapo.

14 He Is Considered A Hero By Some

via: vox.com

Being a folk hero figure means that El Chapo has been romanticized by many people. His lifestyle has led to much sadness in the lives of others, and yet those that haven't been hurt by him see him in a different light.

For many, he is a man that worked the system and managed to win.

13 Four Different Women Have Agreed To Marry Him

via: insideedition.com

It might be difficult for some people to understand exactly why so many people would choose to marry a kingpin, but there are a lot of people out there that think of El Chapo in a positive light.

We would like to think that all of the women we know would end up steering clear of him though...

12 Forbes Recognized Him As A Billionaire In 2009

via: sandiegotribune.com

While many would probably not like him to be recognized, it's a simple fact that this man ended up becoming a suspected billionaire.

At this point, he was the reason that so many substances were making it into the US, so it makes sense that he had managed enough money to make it to a billion.

11 He Has Some Children That Are US Citizens

via: nbcnews.com

Anyone that doesn't understand that concept of an Anchor Baby should probably look it up, but El Chapo has made an effort to ensure that some of his children are born in the US.

This makes it easier for him to move from one country to the other. He went as far as forcing his pregnant wife into the US to give birth there.

10 He Built His Mother A Huge House

via: wordpress.com

While nobody can deny that what he did was wrong, there's also no denying that there were many good things that El Chapo put his money into.

One of those many things was a huge house built entirely for his elderly mother to live in. She must have wondered where all the money came from!

9 Restaurant Patrons Were Forced To Take His Money

via: washingtonpost.com

A lot of people like El Chapo and one of the reasons for that is the way that he has spread his money around quite a lot in the past.

He used to walk into restaurants and pay for every patron. It has been reported that anyone who denied his money wouldn't be allowed to leave the restaurant until they accepted it...

8 Sean Penn Managed To Get An Interview With Him

via: hollywoodreporter.com

This interview wasn't okayed by the US government, and many people have criticized the man for going ahead with it.

That being said, we're sort of happy it did happen. It's so funny to us that such a random character was able to get a sit down with El Chapo somehow!

7 Nobody Knows Exactly When He Was Born

via: cnn.com

His birthday has been noted in official documents as both December 25, 1954, and April 4, 1957, and different times. This means that nobody is really sure when his exact birthday is at this point.

Amazing to think we know so much about this man and yet we don't even know the date of his birth!

6 He Is Considered By Many To Be A Folk Hero

via: theringer.com

Nobody can deny that this man has done some bad things and destroyed many lives, but some do consider him to be a folk hero.

This comes from his ability to hide from the authorities incredibly well, while also spreading a lot of his money around to the people in the poorer communities that he comes from.

5 El Chapo Means Shorty In English

via: suntimes.com

It would generally be assumed that people wouldn't want to call a crime boss shorty, at least not to their face, but starting out so young and being of a generally short stature meant that shorty became a nickname that stuck.

His actions showed that he should be taken seriously, whether his height did or not.

4 He Was First Captured In Guatemala

via: lonelyplanet.com

El Chapo has been captured numerous times throughout his life, but the first was all the way back in 1993. While he has been in and out of custody numerous times, the authorities have not been able to hold onto him until recently.

Hopefully, he won't manage to escape yet again at any point.

3 The US Offered $5 Million Dollars For Information On Him At One Point

via: imgur.com

How good somebody is as a criminal can usually be decided by how badly the authorities want to get their hands on them.

The fact that the US were willing to pay this amount of money for any information on his whereabouts should highlight just how much of a thorn he was in their side.

2 His Cartel Was Formed In Sinaloa

via: visitmexico.com

The Sinaloa Cartel is famous in Mexico and the US for their ruthless ways. They became one of the most successful criminal organizations in the entire world, wielding the sort of power that other criminals can only dream of having.

Right at the top of this cartel was El Chapo, for a very long time.

1 He Started Out Very Young

via: wordpress.com

Usually, those that find themselves taking part in criminal activities, especially those that end up as such important figures, don't make a name until they're a little older.

Chapo started young, and by the time he had hit fifteen, he had managed to make a major name for himself among the criminal underworld.

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