19 Teenage Photoshoots The Internet Never Asked For

No matter which generation, teens always seem to be enamored with taking ridiculous pictures of themselves and their friends.

Social media has fueled this vanity and hurled it to new heights as more and more youngins fancy themselves to be online “influencers” and they also try to one up each other by seeing who can draw the most eyeballs to a post.

Check out in the photos below all of the teens that fancy themselves oh-so-edgy, artistic, mature and hip—only to laugh hysterically at how they are decidedly NONE OF THE ABOVE. From the emo child slathered in a ridiculous amount of eyeliner to the Jersey Shore wannabes, there’s all sorts of silly teenaged antics shown in all their glory.

19 New MTV Reality Show Right Here

Via: Imgur

There really is just one word for this: NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. These tweens look like they watched one too many episodes of MTV’s Jersey Shore and now fancy themselves to be like that lot.

Seriously kiddos, NO ONE wants to be like Pauly D, Snookie and the Situation and MTV doesn’t want a reality tv show based on your antics either.

18 Lady And The Tramp: Human Version

Via: Imgur

Just what in tarnation is going on here? Not sure how the inside of a regular ol’ McDonalds screams “candle lit dinner date with the BFF” but you do you.

It’s just hilarious imagining these two dudes chowing down on Big Macs in front of fake candles and even faker drinks.

17 The Ghost Is Cackling Right Now

Via: Imgur

This chick REALLY need to learn how to use spell check on her phone and how to pick an outfit that is tasteful enough for a funeral while still not looking like she’s going to go clubbing afterwards.

Also, pretty sure the aunt’s ghost is cackling at how her niece tried to use her passing as a way to get views on social media with her lil’ photoshoot.

16 Someone Lives In Fantasy Land

Via: Imgur

No matter what generation you’re part of, one thing always stays the same: teeny boppers squealing over the latest group or boy band. In the ‘90s it was Hanson and the Backstreet Boys while One Direction held the hearts of tweens and teen girls everywhere before they split up.

This chick is taking it a little too far with the wedding pics of a cardboard cutout though. Can we say stalker material?

15 My Chemical Romance's Long-Lost Backup Singer

Via: Awkward Family Photos

Holy blast to the emo past, Batman—it is safe to say that this dude probably thinks he is “soooooo” edgy for listening to Panic! At The Disco, Green Day and My Chemical Romance.

Kind of shocked the dude doesn’t have ridiculously pale makeup on with the traditional emo eyeliner look. Did hell freeze over?

14 Someone Cut Her Hair

Via: Awkward Family Photos

Why is it that every tween or teen that goes on a cruise to like, the Caribbean or something winds up coming home with these random AF braids/thread/beads monstrosity?

Someone put this poor chick out of her misery by chopping off the random beaded parts of her hair that she left out of her ponytail, PLEASE.

13 Holy Technicolor Batman

Via: Imgur

Not sure if these dudes are trying to get on RuPaul’s Drag Race or if they are planning on forming a boy band; although my money would be on the later to be honest.

Sorry dudes, but bright neon pleather doesn’t look good on ANYONE, not even when the boybands of ‘90s past tried to make it look cool and failed miserably.

12 Call CPS Right Away

Via: Imgur

The look on this infant’s face practically screams “SOMEONE GET ME OUTTA HERE AND CALL CPS.” Really, who can blame him--infants plus leaning over the steering wheel of a car is just asking for an accident to happen.

Not that the doo-da-doo of a father seems to care; he’s more focused on showing social media how much of a good father he is.

11 Photobombing Doggo Wins The Internet

Via: Awkward Family Photos

Dogs have been humans’ BFFs for like, ever but as any dog owner will tell you, sometimes our four-legged furry companions can be total trolls.

Bet this dog got sick of their owners making a fuss over a stupid picture instead of taking them to the local dog run and decided to ruin their day by photo boming with their butt.

10 Modern-Day Sleeping Beauty

Via: Imgur

Teens everywhere tend to go all out with the dramatics during prom season, but this chick’s little stunt seriously takes the cake.

Everyone else can go home, Sleeping Beauty over here has claimed the crown by finding an ACTUAL EMS ambulance that would play along with her skit and overshadowing all of her classmates by her “I live!” moment.

9 Ahh, The Emo Phase

Via: Instagram

Ahhhh, teens in their emo phase: you can practically hear My Chemical Romance blasting at high volume and the smell of teen angst emanating from this college.

Plus the awkward photoshop job seals the deal, especially using the green filter. Did she mean to make herself look like an alien from Mars Attacks?

8 Old McDonald Had A Farm

Via: Imgur

There is so much WTF-ness about this photo. To start off, why in the bloody hell is this chick wearing a SWIM CAP with what appears to be some sort of red dress (or bathing suit, who the hell knows) and Mary Jane shoes in a cart?

Is she trying to make a hipster statement about farmers and swimming or something? Girl, ditch the philosophy books and just go for a swim like every other teen.

7 Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark

Via: Instagram

Okay, can someone find out why the long-lost Hanson sibling decided to post an angsty modern-day Hamlet photoshoot with freaking CHRISTMAS LIGHTS?

Put poor Yorick down ASAP, the guy already had to deal with one angsty teen and shove the Christmas lights into the basement closet until it’s seasonally appropriate.

6 Victor Frankenstein Wants To Collaborate

Via: Awkward Family Photos

This whole photo basically screams WTF. Pretty sure Victor Frankenstein got reincarnated into the body of a modern teen and lured his friend into a paper bag so he can re-create his errr…infamous experiment.

Either that or they were trying to make their own Tim Burton-style photoshoot or short film.

5 Someone Needs A Shot Of Espresso

Via: Instagram

Oh man, this girl failed HARD at trying to look cool by blowing confetti all around her. She might want to have a mirror in front of her because her expressions seriously clash with whatever look she was trying to go for.

Instead of looking happy or something, this chick looks like she stole some of Merry Brandybuck’s hobbit pipeweed and kept it all to herself.

4 It's All About Location

Via: Instagram

Out of all of the places to try and take photos, the Laundromat is the best she could come up with? REALLY?

Sorry chickadee, but this silly pose doesn’t make you look mysterious OR edgy. You just look like a bored child that is dragged to the local Laundromat by their parents and is tired of waiting.

3 The Others Have Taken Up Body Painting

Via: Instagram

Soooo…did a hyperactive toddler that had WAY too much candy get a hold of some finger paints and wreaked havoc on their older sibling? ‘Cause whatever that colorful mess is, it’s definitely not art.

She better hope her mother doesn’t catch wind of this; otherwise, she’ll be dragged back into the house and shoved into the direction of the shower.

2 Charlie Horse Ahoy

Via: Instagram

Ah yes child, show that you are so cool and mature by taking a photo in your beat-up basement with a literal SHOE on the top of your head. Because that’s not a good way to transfer icky bacteria to your scalp and face or anything like that.

If the bacteria won’t scare her, maybe the major cramped muscles she’s going to have after sitting in that shopping cart will put a stop to such terrible “art” in the future.

1 Awkward Black Widow Cosplay

Via: Instagram

Not sure if she’s trying to be an edgy goth/emo type or if she’s attempting to cosplay as Black Widow from the MCU. Either way, the entire outfit is a total fail.

The Morticia Addams dress clashes terribly with the tacky “Paris” belt and that truly ugly windbreaker—someone please take this kid shopping ASAP.

Sources: Awkward Family Photos

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