19 Things That Actually Happened On Street Outlaws This Season

Oklahoma City boasts they have the fastest underground street racers in America. Those cars and those drivers holding that title can all be found on Street Outlaws’ “The List” - a place where competition is tight and ruthless.

The List has been a tradition passed down over generations in the OKC underground street racing circuit. It’s built up such notoriety that the Oklahoma City crews are getting noticed and called-out by underground racing communities all across the country.

Discovery Channel has followed the OKC racers for a total of 13 seasons now, each season taking things just a little bit further than the previous one. The stakes are high and the risks are greater, but they're willing to put it all on the line to reach #1. We'll try not to spoil too much for those who haven't yet watched the latest episodes - here are 19 things that happened on Street Outlaws this season.

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19 Salvaged Cop Cars

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Farmtruck happens to find a fleet of old cop cars at the salvage yard, so he and AZN come up with a great idea - they decide that the best use for them would be a giant demolition derby, the likes of which the 405 has never seen. You know this is gonna be good!

18 The Toilet Bowl 500

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What could possibly be more natural than naming their upcoming demolition derby 'The Toilet Bowl 500'? We knew the event wouldn't get a serious name, this is Farmtruck and AZN, after all. Come to think of it, that name is probably too nice for the old junkers that would take part in the derby.

17 The Wildcards Take A Stand

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The demolition derby turned out to be one of the greatest episodes in a long time. Everyone thought Chuck and Reaper would be the favorites - they brought some serious cars for the Toilet Bowl 500. However, wildcards like Tina, Ed, and Monza had clearly decided to take a stand. It got intense!

16 Go West

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In the episode 'Coming Back to Life', Big Chief gets a call from California street racer Boddie. He invited the 405 to come out West for a race, and of course, knowing Chief and the basic premise of the show, there's no way he could possibly refuse such a tempting offer.

15 More Than Money On The Line

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The OKC racers all packed up and headed out to Cali for an epic night of racing with more than $20,000 on the line. It certainly wasn't an easy night for the 405 when they took on Boddie and his group of racers. And it wasn't just money on the line this time around.

14 Same Old Story

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After having had some fun in the Toilet Bowl 500 and a tough time in California, the guys head back home to do some more list racing. While they were hoping to put the past behind them and just come together for some fun racing, the same old race night games and drama threatened to break the 405 apart.

13 Fishin' In Kansas

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Anyone who's ever watched an episode of Street Outlaws knows what Farmtruck and AZN are up to when they ask people to race them. In this season, the pair decided to head to Kansas to do some fishing there with the new and improved Gonorail. Some fish took the bait and without spoiling too much - we all know how these races usually end.

12 Out Of Control

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While Farmtruck and AZN were out "fishing" and having fun in Kansas, back in Oklahoma, Ryan and Dominator had to repair their broken cars in preparation for list racing. Ryan was taking on Doc to reclaim the #3 spot he forfeited, Ryan just managed to pull it out, then Doc rolled through the barrier. He was fine, but unfortunately, his car was leaking all over the track.

11 Airbags Of Fun

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Farmtruck and AZN find a fun use for discarded airbags. Ever since their last airbag adventure, AZN has been thinking of what else, or who else, they could blow up or send sky high with those things. This could only mean one thing - an airbag minefield! To make it even funnier, AZN decided to cross the airbag minefield in a giant bubble ball.

10 Making Up For Lost Time

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In the same episode where AZN is stuffed inside his giant bubble ball, we see Monza getting a chance to come for the list after his wreck earlier on. In addition, there is Shawn, who has plans of getting back into the top five. Let's just say that things heat up on race night as drivers are trying to make up for lost time.

9 Fun At Willow Springs

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It's hard to be a street racer, so we can't blame them for wanting to have some fun every once in a while. And nobody knows fun like Farmtruck and AZN. They invited the 405 racers out to Willow Springs International Raceway for a road race competition; the racers pair up to compete in a time-attack competition in which the pair with the fastest combined times will take home $10,000.

8 Chief VS Dave

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Chief and Dave push each other in a competitive testing session, as they all get ready for another chance at #1. This, of course, means it's one of those episodes where tensions are high and everything is being hyped to the max. Pre-race, they show us when they test their cars, and it's gonna be a close one.

7 Broken Cars

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When it's time to race, the racers do their usual fights to move up the list. That is until some broken cars slow everyone down. Doc lost to Shawn when he forgot to turn on his nitrous and dropped from the number 4 spot to fifth. He then lost that spot to Lutz after blowing up his car.

6 Untested Cars Cause Problems

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It's nearing the end of the list racing season, and the racers make big changes in an effort to move up the list. Daddy Dave, the current king of the list, once said he would never, ever go turbo… Well, he went turbo. Dave went into his race against Chief for the number one spot, running an untested car on race night. Guess how that went.

5 Fancy Fishing

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Farmtruck and AZN went back to what they do best - fishing for some fancy cars at cruise night. A gasser-style car named Jailbird, a red Dodge Viper, one GMC truck, and a GTO with a mahoosive crate engine - all these cars were packing some serious power, yet none were fast enough to beat the Gonorail.

4 A Costly Mistake

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It's time for the last list race, and the racers are working their butts off in order to get their cars ready for the big night. Dave had fallen from his #1 spot and Chief had reclaimed it, but Ryan Martin had his eyes fixed on number 1. But on race night, a costly mistake threatens to derail Chief as he went for it before the light was even close to being turned on.

3 Cash Days

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As the season was nearing its end, OKC and Texas competed in an old school Cash Days race. Eight drivers from each state raced for over $30,000 and the chance to prove that their state has the fastest racers in the country, but a sketchy road threw a wrench into the works for both sides.

2 405 Match Up

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On the second night of Cash Days, the 405 racers had to match up and race each other, while still fighting to knock out the only remaining Texas driver. As always, tactics are a huge part of the game in Street Outlaws, whether they're racing each other or people from another state.

1 Sketchy Road

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That sketchy road from the first Cash Days race night was still in play for the second night. This road actually turned what should've been a couple of nights of fun and "easy" drag racing, into a tuner's game to see who can get down to the other end of the street in one piece.

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