19 Things Fans Choose To Ignore About Stormi's Upbringing

Stormi Webster might have the most famous mom in the world. Kylie Jenner has been scrutinized in the public eye since she was 9 and her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired. Now, she's made history as the "youngest self-made billionaire," and she's also a devoted mom.

While Kylie likes to act like her family life is normal, it's not the typical life of a mom and her baby. Stormi spends a lot of time backstage at her dad's concerts, and she's already appeared on red carpets and magazine covers. Some aspects of her upbringing are pretty controversial, but there are some that might seem fairly typical of a toddler. From the travel schedule to the crazy over-the-top birthday bash, to the recent news of her parents splitting up, the life of Stormi Webster is lavish and unbelievable.

Here are 19 things fans choose to ignore about Stormi's upbringing.

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19 She's Already A Cover Model

Life & Style

Some 17-year-olds dream about being cover models. Well, Stormi reached the milestone at 17 months, according to Harper's Bazaar. In matching leopard print, she shared the photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia with her famous mom and grandmother. Some of her famous cousins were even younger when they graced magazine covers, but it's still a weird life that we couldn't even imagine.

18 Traveling Makes Keeping A Schedule Hard

The Stir

When you are a KarJenner, the world is your stage, but that isn't exactly great for a baby. Jet lag makes it tough on anybody, but it's nearly impossible for a little one to keep to a schedule. That's the life of Stormi Webster, though. Between her mom's business, her dad's concerts and their insane vacations, international travel happens at least monthly, according to their Instagram accounts.

17 Her Mom's Privacy Policy Didn't Last Long


Like many Hollywood moms, Kylie started off little Stormi's life with a privacy policy. She deleted photos of the baby's face and tried to cover up the stroller — but that didn't last long. Kylie's IG is a highlight reel of her daughter's life, just like it is for most moms who aren't famous. She didn't stick to the privacy concerns — after all, she became famous at the age of 9, so she doesn't really know how to do life any other way for her daughter.

16 Her Mom Says She's A 'Rager'


Of all the adjectives that a mom could use to describe her toddler, we aren't sure how "rager" became a part of the mix. But that's what Kylie said when she was on an episode of Ellen, according to Hollywood Life. We think that she was referring to Stormi's love of dancing, but it's not exactly "Baby Shark" playing on the speakers.

15 She's Practically A Triplet

E! News

As the youngest member of the KarJenner clan, Kylie may not have been as close to her older sisters. But she was expecting a baby at the same time as Kim and Khloe, and that seems to have bonded them. That means that Stormi is practically a triplet. She spends a lot of time with her cousins Chicago and True, according to E! Online and everyone's Instagram, and we hope the girls are super close all of their lives.

14 Some People Question Her Paternity

E! News

A lot of people — including Tyga — questioned whether Kylie's baby could be his child. Kylie got pregnant not long after breaking up with one rap star and getting together with another, according to Hollywood Life. Travis Scott is a devoted dad, but some still question Stormi's paternity because of the timing. With Kylie and Travis having split up, we wonder if Tyga will bring the question up again.

13 She Already Has Bling


Babies don't really need bling, but Stormi's jewelry box is already full. For the baby who has everything, it's not surprising that she has been given a few pricey pieces, including a gold bracelet and a sparkly necklace, according to E! Online. But mom and dad need to keep in mind that jewelry can be choking hazards for toddlers and only get out the bling at special occasions.

12 She's A Sushi Fan. Really?

Daily Mail

A night at Nobu is normal for the Hollywood elite, but it's not usually a part of the life of a toddler. But Kylie said that Stormi "loves sushi" in an interview, according to the Huffington Post. Kylie said that she doesn't give her little girl anything raw, but said that Stormi loves rice with soy sauce and her favorite is edamame.

11 She Has Some Pretty Major Allergies

Life & Style

Poor Stormi has such severe allergies that she was hospitalized in June. Kylie wrote about the ordeal on social media, but she wasn't specific about what caused the scary reaction. A lot of kids go through severe allergic reactions these days, and that can be really scary for any mom. Luckily, the baby didn't have to spend a lot of time under a doctor's care.

10 Her Mom Is Pretty Young


Kylie has been acting older since she became a teen — that can happen as a child star. So it can be hard to remember that she is practically a teen mom. She turned 20 shortly before Stormi was born, and that can be tough. The rare glimpse of Kylie without her makeup reminds us that she's practically a baby raising a baby, but at least she has lots of help along the way.

9 Her Accessories Are Extra


Not only are Stormi's clothes designer; her accessories are extra. According to Life & Style, Kylie gets her daughter's hair accessories custom made. And the shoes — many moms get excited about a pair of cute tiny Nikes, but Kylie and Travis' little one had a shoe collection worth thousands of dollars long before she could walk.

8 Backstage Life Can Get Interesting


Stormi is the daughter of a rap star. She doesn't exactly have to take naps in a tour bus, but she does spend time backstage, which definitely means that she misses bedtime at times. Kylie and Stormi joined Travis on his AstroWorld tour when she was just nine months old, according to Hollywood Life, but we have to admit that it was cute to see videos of her cheering on her dad from backstage.

7 Her Time In The Womb Was A Secret


Kylie's pregnancy was the worst-kept secret in Hollywood. But even though everyone knew the rumors, it was kind of impressive how quiet Kylie kept the news. She said later in multiple interviews that she wanted to keep this special time in her life private, but in the end, it's still a little weird not to celebrate publicly bringing a new life into the world.

6 Mommy Shamers Questioned Her Walker


Stormi and her cousins have the most luxurious baby gear on the market, but that doesn't mean that they are all safe. The mommy shamers came out in droves when Kylie posted videos and pictures of her daughter in a cute pink walker. Those contraptions might look cute with a little one toddling around the house, but they can be dangerous, and doctors say that they actually can impede a baby's ability to begin walking, according to PopSugar.

5 She's A Daddy Girl

Evening Standard

Stormi might have one of the most famous moms in the world, but she's still a daddy's girl, according to Hollywood Life. When she appeared on Ellen, Kylie asked her daughter who loved her the most, and Stormi answered "Daddy." Travis obviously dotes on his little one, and she soaks up the attention and the love.

4 She Eats M&Ms?


According to Kylie's Ellen interview, Stormi's biggest mess involved melted M&Ms and Kylie's white couch. We can imagine how that turned out — but our biggest question is actually why you would give a baby M&Ms. It's not just about the chocolate, as the occasional treat is OK. But M&Ms are a pretty major choking hazard. So Kylie should keep them away from her toddler — and her couch.

3 Her Ellen Appearance

Too Fab

Stormi has already reached the epitome of celebrity status — an appearance on Ellen. Kylie brought her daughter along for a segment of Burning Questions, according to Hollywood Life and it was super cute but kind of surreal. Actually, Stormi wasn't the first of the KarJenner's next generation to appear on the show — six of her cousins surprised their grandma Kris on the show earlier this year.

2 Her Insane First Birthday Party

W Magazine

Many moms go over the top for their baby's first birthday, but in the KarJenners' world, that takes on a whole new meaning. People entered the birthday through a blow-up balloon of Stormi's head, and the party featured a bubble room, a fairy forest room and a wall of teddy bears, according to E! Online and all the Instastories. We can't even imagine the sweet sixteen party.

1 She's Already Appeared On The Red Carpet

Fox News

While Stormi shows up at times on her mom's show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she has also starred in a documentary. This summer the toddler appeared on the red carpet with her mom and dad during the premiere of Travis' documentary. The Netflix show featured Stormi's birth, according to E! Online. That's not the average birth video, that's for sure.

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