19 Things Only Single Moms Will Understand

Being a single mom is like having two full-time jobs on top of the one that actually earns you income. Once you accept the fact that you are raising children without the help of a spouse, you learn how to get by, but you never quite get used to moments like these...

19 Those magical trips to the grocery store where you are the lead shopper, referee, and drill sergeant.

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Welcome to Food Circus where you bring the circus with you!

18 Trying to cut your son's hair to keep from spending money, only to realize half way through that you suck at cutting hair. Then taking him to the barbershop to get it fixed. Meh.

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It looked so much easier on Youtube.

17 Fielding questions from your child about where his father is and why he won't come around.

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You try to frame things in the best possible light, hoping you can believe it, too.

16 People treating you like you are needy or damaged.

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Don't feel bad for me. On my worst day, I get more accomplished than you do.

15 Deciding if you should go after child support or do it alone.

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Either way, you already know you'll push through it. You always do.

14 Movie nights with your kids are the best moments in life.

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You get to release your inner child and have popcorn fights!

13 The surreal peace of bedtime.

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Did you really just make it through the entire day? Where's your award?

12 Seeing photos of families with fathers and wondering if you did something wrong.

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If only you could fast forward 10 years, so you could see that this moment won't last forever and that everything works out better than expected.

11 Feeling like Superwoman on Mother’s Day.

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Yes. I am a Mom. Yes, I do it on my own. WORSHIP ME!

10 Child-free weekends!

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Let it all hang out. Bellies. Cookies. Hangover. Everything.

9 Having to take all of your kids to the emergency when one of them has a high fever.

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Your greatest prayer the entire drive there is: please let the waiting room be empty.

8 Realizing you have the incredible ability to multitask and get shit done.

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Who else could handle this lifestyle?

7 Buying your kids new clothes because you don’t have the energy to do laundry right now.

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$20 versus three hours at the laundromat. No brainer.

6 Mastering the art of the messy bun because you have no time to do other hairstyles.

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Chic? Cool? No and no, but it's out of your face so you focus on other things.

5 The POWER of scheduling household routines.

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Wake up at 6 a.m. Out the door by 7 a.m. Homework done by 5 p.m. Dinner by 6 p.m. Twenty minutes to surf the net. Bedtime by 8:30 p.m.

4 Wondering if you should date to find love or just wait until your children are grown and all moved out.

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3 Seeing a scribbled love note from your child that means more to you than a marriage proposal.

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Turns out the greatest love of all isn't love from a man.

2 The pride you feel on your child’s graduation day knowing you helped make this happen.

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You were her stepping stone and you should be proud.

1 The feeling of being unstoppable when you achieve one of your biggest goals...with your child right there to witness it.

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You realize that there were never any limitations at all. You can do anything.

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