19 Things We Only Noticed About Casper As Adults

After being released in 1995, Casper is a Halloween classic. The story of a "friendly ghost" who just wants to be friends with literally anyone, Casper meets a father and daughter duo who came to town to communicate with ghosts (and consequently get them out of the house they're haunting).

Starring Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman, the family-friendly movie was rated PG and was considered a solid children's movie since Casper is a friendly ghost and it revolves around a middle school-aged girl who just wants to fit in.

Over time, however, '90s babies have continued to watch Casper every Halloween and pick up on things they missed when they were children. Things that don't really seem appropriate for kids' tender eyes. From ghosts with a full chest to Casper being lonely in more ways than one, here are 20 inappropriate things in Casper we didn't realize until adulthood.

19 An Entire Class Invited Themselves To A House That Wasn't Theirs!


On Kat's first day at a new school, we learn that the school's Halloween dance has been canceled. The *cool* girl Amber tells everyone the party can be held at her parents' boathouse, but another student has a better idea. He decides to invite the ENTIRE class over to Kat's mansion since it's creepier. But did Kat even have a say in this? No. Imagine going home to tell your dad to get ready for a party of 30+ students with a few days' notice.

18 The Incessant Torment From Amber


We learn early on that Amber is the school's certified mean girl. We first meet her when she's riding her bike to school and literally rings her little bike bell for Kat to jump out of the way. To make things worse, she also yells "Move!" to an unsuspecting Kat. And when we finally get to know her in class, she picks on Kat right in front of the teacher and the class. She even meowed when Kat said her name was Kat... Good one, Amber.

17 And The Teacher Totally Allows The Torment To Continue


Amber gets away with her sassy behavior because no one tells her not to. Vick (Kat's crush), does everything Amber tells him to do even though he doesn't want to. And while Amber is making fun of Kat's introductory to the class, Amber is rolling her eyes and making rude remarks the entire time. Does the teacher tell her to knock it off and to stop picking on other students? No. He literally laughs with the class. Nice job, teach.

16 Casper Seemed Pretty *Excited* About A Girl Being In His Bed


Casper isn't just a friendly ghost, he's kind of a pushover. The poor ghost was just a kid when he passed away, so he may not have a sense of identity to stand up for himself. So when Kat jumps into his bed, his reaction is just as an 11-year-old boy's would be. He gets incredibly *excited*. And while it's all good-natured and innocent, something to that level is missed as a kid.

15 Casper Literally Transforms Into A Pillow Just To Be In Bed With Her


As we know, Casper was pretty excited to have a human girl in his bed. It seems like he's lived a lonely life since he's been dead (especially with his rude uncles), so having a nice girl around must have been a nice change. But to morph into her pillow while she slept? Imagine Casper wasn't a movie and this was real life. Would it not creep anyone else out that an 11-year-old boy transformed in a pillow so we'd sleep with him? Gotta go!

14 When A Complete Stranger Grabs Your Child Like This...


Kat's classmates may refer to the old mansion as Kat's but we actually forget that it's, in fact, Carrigan's. The crooked woman who inherited the house from her dead father. She hires Dr. Harvey to stay at her mansion until the ghosts are out, but she actually threatens him in a way. And to grab someone's child by the face like this? And for her own father not to say anything? Talk about being inappropriate.

13 When He Asks 'Can I Keep You?'


Casper actually asks Kat "Can I keep you?" twice. Is it annoyingly adorable? Yes. Did it make us cry real tears? You bet. But when you take a step back from the storyline and the Kleenex box, you realize how awkward that statement really is. Casper, you're a sweet ghost-chid but you can't "keep" humans. Kat can't live her life dating a ghost. And you shouldn't turn her into a ghost to keep you company (as much as we may want to).

12 Fatso' Voluptuousness


I never cried at Casper when I was a kid, but as an adult, I couldn't hold back my tears. When Casper's uncles promised Dr. Harvey they'd bring his angel wife back to see him, you can feel his heart pumping through his chest. But who was it instead of his wife? Fatso dressed in drag. More inappropriately, Fatso had some very obvious (and wiggly) assets to his chest that viewers couldn't stop looking at.

11 For A Kid's Movie, Kat Was Ready For The Next Step


After Kat gets the ok from her dad to hold a Halloween party at this new rented mansion, she asks her dad for money to have a cool Halloween costume. Her father, sadly, tells her they don't have the money to go shopping but anything she wears is cute. Kat understood the money issue but what she didn't like was looking "cute." As she says, "I don't want to look cute, I want to look nice. I want to look date-nice."

As a middle-school-aged girl, was she really ready for dating?!

10 We All Forget That Casper Is A Ghost Of A Dead Child, Right?


As adorable and huggable as Casper is, I think we all forget the bigger picture. He's the ghost of a child who died at a very young age. Dying from pneumonia, his dad couldn't bear the fact that he lost his wife and only son on two separate occasions. As the newspapers claimed, his dad even went insane because he was haunted by his son. Casper lived a very tragic life and so did his poor father.

9 Did Children Realize That Kat's Dad Had Too Much To Drink?


After re-watching Casper, I totally forgot that Kat's dad actually died after having too much to drink. He went out for a happy hour with the uncles and stumbled into some kind of construction hole and turned into a ghost himself. What's even sadder is when he visits his only daughter as a ghost, he tells her he never felt better. Um, did you forget that you're leaving your only daughter as an orphan, Dr. Harvey!? 

8 Oh, And He Made Out With A Ghost...


While Dr. Harvey is served way too much while out on the town with Casper's uncles, he expresses his love and gratitude for them by locking lips with all three of them. While there's nothing wrong with a little smooth, do we al forget that Dr. Harvey is kissing ghosts!? Come on, people!

7 Although It's *Sweet*, Kat Does Lock Lips With A Ghost

Similar to her dad, Kat also kisses a ghost. While Casper is in his human form during the Halloween dance, he transforms into a ghost mid-kiss. As kids, we're all too stunned at how attractive Casper was to realize how weird of a situation this was. As an adult, the fact that two teens were kissing while floating away is the strangest thing we've ever seen. Where were the chaperones!?

6 Carrigan Is Essentially Digging For Gold

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Carrigan is beautiful and she knows it. She seems pretty smart thanks to all those crazy plans she penned but she's rotten to her core. She's essentially a gold digger digging for her father's gold. "What did the old stiff leave me," she tells the lawyer reading her father's will. She even complains about holding his hand when he was on his death bed!

5 Has Anyone Noticed That Kat's Dad Isn't Necessarily All There?


You guys, as interesting of a job Dr. Harvey has (also, do they give doctorates to those communicating with the dead? What major is this?), he isn't all there. He's slightly deranged dragging his teenaged daughter around the country while he looks for his dead wife. He's never even seen or talked to a ghost before Casper and his uncles, and yet he continues to ignore his daughter's need to socialize and be a "normal" teenager. Like Casper's dad, he was also a little insane.

4 Casper Is Pushed Around By His Uncles


It is extremely upsetting to see such a sweet boy-ghost be pushed around by three grown men-ghosts. He cooks for them, he cleans up after them, he does whatever he's told to do. Are we forgetting that these ghosts are supposed to be his actual uncles and that Casper is an 11-year-old? How on earth does a sweet boy like Casper get stuck with these three rude men for eternity?

3 Carrigan Tries To Hack Dibs


Carrigan doesn't care about the mansion or the property. What she does care about is the hidden treasure hidden inside. When she realizes there's a treasure in the vault, she's willing to die just so she can become a ghost to sneak inside the vault's walls. Not wanting to go through with it herself, she tries to get Dibs to do it first! As we know though, Carrigan is involved in a car accident.

2 Casper Literally Steals Her From Her Room

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While Casper and Kat are connecting about the past, Casper decides to show Kat one of his favorite places to go every night: the local lighthouse. The inapt thing here is Casper didn't even ask Kat if she wanted to see it; he literally picked her up by a leg and flew her off into the night. At least Wendy in Peter Pan wanted to fly off into the night. Kat, on the other hand, was screaming at the top of her lungs! Put her down, Casper!

1 There's A Subtle Birds & The Bees Talk


Ah, the Birds and the Bees. It's wise to have this talk with your kids but it appeared to happen at a strange time for Dr. Harvey and Kat. While Kat is telling her dad she wants to look "date-nice" for the Halloween dance, Dr. Harvey tries to have "the talk." "It's a little late for that dad," Kat says with an awkward talk. Nervous for the answer, he says "...how late?". "...Oh not that late," Kat jokingly replies. As innocent as this talk was, it went right over our heads as kids.

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