19 Times People Turned Rejection Into Comedic Gold

According to an article by the Daily Mail, the user with the most Tinder Matches is an Australian Model by the name of Jazz Eager with a whopping 5,400 right swipes.

I’m not quite sure how that happened, or the insufferable pain her thumb must be going through right now, but 5,400 is a tear jerking number of matches to get. There’s not enough days in the year for her to go on a date with all of these people, so it’s fair to say that there must have been thousands of rejections from her.

A study revealed that there were about 26 million matches made every day on Tinder; which equates to thousands of rejections as well and some actual connections. On the one hand, the rejections stem from people wanting to be too funny or too creepy.

Additionally, 26 million matches doesn't equate to 26 million couples. It's likely that everyone matches with at least 5 people daily. So we can see how Tinder becomes a community of sorts where everyone knows everyone.

With so many matches daily; the thousands of rejections on Tinder provides us with some comedy gold that has us rolling on the floor and laughing:

19 A conversation that went downhill very quickly

If someone's going to reply with a comment like “cool kiwis are great yea,” then in all fairness they should probably expect no response from anyone.

A study by Medium revealed that, on average, a woman takes about 38 minutes to reply to a message on Tinder. This suggests that this guy was reasonable enough to assume that the conversation was dead. The study also revealed that women swipe left more often than right. So if we happen to match, it can safely be assumed that it is probably more genuine and meaningful.

Against this background, it’s probably easy to understand that Katie didn't reply to him at all. Also, he went against the number one rule which was to speak with a close ended statement. Always ask an open ended question to make it a bit more interesting that'll get the other person to respond.

As for the graph, well one can only imagine that is the usual graph he sends to all his Tinder matches because his response was mundane and dry. New Zealand is such an interesting country, why not ask about the All Black Rugby Team or how it is to live a life on an Island?

18 "Haha...and then what?"

Zig Ziglar once said “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” In that case, this Caleb fellow must have learned a quick lesson of how to control his temper after have the repetitive response from his Tinder match. One has to admire Caleb’s persistence though, he never gave up.

I think it teaches all of us a lesson. As a rule of thumb, it’s probably best to move on after the second time someone replies with a ‘copy and paste response’. To be fair, she should have just simply stated that she is not interested in continuing the conversation instead of burning Caleb’s spirit.

It also makes me wonder why she swiped right in the first place. Just to troll him? A study by Medium shows that 0% of women casually like what they see on a profile page. Perhaps she didn't partake in that survey because she clearly didn’t respond in a way that shows her intentions of actually liking Caleb. Maybe it’s a friend with a fake profile pulling a prank on him. Or perhaps a Tinder match with a dark sense of humor. In the land of Tinder, this will go down as a swipe that probably never happened.

17 Cheesy pick up lines that don’t work

A Men’s Healthy study showed that corny cheesy pickup lines actually work! Maybe Brandon’s pickup line was not in that survey, because it clearly failed epically. Perhaps it doesn’t work on Tinder because your match would have enough time to read it, analyse it, take a screenshot of it and send it to a BFF and then respond! On the other hand, cheesy pickup lines that happen in person catches the other person off-guard, with no time to respond other than to burst out laughing.

Maybe Tinder is not the place then for these kind of openings because you don’t have the element of surprise to help you.

But if you do, have a quick recovery plan. Brandon certainly needed one, not only to stand a chance but also to protect his ego. As much as Tinder is a virtual app, it can be quite mean and cold sometimes and people react differently to every type of situation. It seems that in this case Brandon did not bounce back quick enough to impress her but she may have been quite short with him in the first place. Perhaps it would be better if both swiped left instead of right. The truth of the matter is that you’re not going to match with everyone that you swipe right on as well.

16 An Irishman and a Frenchman walk into a bar

In 2009, French Striker Thierry Henry controlled a soccer ball with his hand to enable William Gallas to score a winning goal, effectively sending France to the 2010 Soccer World Cup and in the process eliminating Ireland. A few years later, it cost a Tinder user a chance to land a date with someone he matched with. It's probable that the incident has left quite bad taste in the mouth of the Irish, but I would never have thought that it would have caused problems beyond the topic of soccer.

The conversation which ended abruptly has every Irish guy wondering if he has a shot at all with any French women at all. Thierry Henry, the famous Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona striker has scored many important goals, but this assist of this was probably the highlight and lowlight of his career. Henry was selfish. He did not think about Tinder when used his hand.

How many other Tinder interactions were cut short because of sport incidents? How many Golden State Warrior fans were rejected because they DM’d a Cleveland Cavaliers fan? Any Real Madrid Mans get rejected by an FC Barcelona fan? Maybe people take their sports obsession a bit too far.

15 How to (not) start a conversation on Tinder

It’s quite hard to start a conversation with some stranger on Tinder whom you’ve never met. What do you actually start with? Do you do the generic “hi how are you doing?” Do you mention one of their interests? Or do you come up with a cheesy pick-up line? It seems there is no guarantee with any of these approaches but it’s almost guaranteed (as we’ve seen in the above) that the cheesy pick-up line does not seem to work. At least it never worked in this case. The study be Medium also revealed that 91% of women swipe right when they genuinely like someone.

So in this case he must’ve blown his chances.

It ends with quite a nasty burn from her, so one can only assume nothing developed further from this conversation. If you’re someone that’s quite popular on Tinder, you probably getting at least 15 messages from different people per day. The last thing you’d want to encounter is a pickup line that makes you cringe. Tinder is not the easiest battleground. The conversation has a rather awkward ending. Cue the sound of crickets and sad playing violin music. This Tinder match is one that is not made in Heaven.

14 Well, that escalated quickly…

There is a strong connection between being confident and successful. Conversely, there is a low correlation between success and coming across as having pushy confidence. This, one can safely assume is what led to Zach’s downfall.

Calling someone your love in the first message that you ever send to her is probably not the best approach to take….ever.

As much as he stated “mission accomplished,” he was only was only softening the blow to his ego. Some Tinder matches may actually like the idea of being called “love.” However, I do reckon it is first important to understand someone’s personality before doing so.

Confidence is probably the best expressed by showing someone that you are confident in you are as a person. Obvious boasting or any hint of “trying too hard” will expose you and you will likely get a very brash response.

“Love” is also quite an old fashioned term which has different meanings in the various eras. I reckon calling someone ‘love’ in the 1950s was probably more sociably acceptable back then than it is now, because that is just how people spoke. “Love” is a term that a mother uses to refer to her son. “Love” is not a word you should call your Tinder match in the first message.

13 Swiped right by accident

Tinder can be quite fickle at times. All you’re doing is judging someone on a brief description in their bio and a few photographs. It so different these days. A single use of your thumb determines your happiness. Some people play the numbers where they just about swipe right for every person that they see on their Tinder timeline. It can sometimes lead to awkward conversations as per the above screenshot. Because of how easy it is to swipe right, you can slip up by swiping right accidentally. It seems that the user accidentally swiped right and actually meant to swipe left.

Or perhaps his opening line didn't work on Jordan.

She may have sarcastically stated that ‘she swiped right by accident’ due to the fact that he invited that kind of comment by the way he introduced the conversation. His opening line displayed a lack in confidence, which already put him on the back foot. His meme perfectly encapsulates of how he must’ve felt inside. Walking away with deep regret in the way that everything unfolded. Deep regret that he did not start off with a better line. Staring at the ground and thinking “what could have been.” Perhaps it's best to start off with a simple greeting instead of allowing awkward moments by the way in start off.

12 Hey, what’s your Snapchat?

I sometimes wonder how Tinder chats get further than the first few lines. In this instance it seems that it should have probably ended after the first line, but she kept taking him along for the ride.

To be fair, he was being a bit too direct. Asking for someone’s Snapchat or phone number three messages into a conversation will not get you anywhere. That’s a bit much for your average Tinder user.

It may be that she takes joy in playing the chase game with him; but this was a quite brutal Tinder interaction when she gave Ryan no chance whatsoever. I’m sure it would have been easier to state upfront that you’re respectfully not interested in pursuing conversation further. Unwittingly, the direct joke may have been invited by his directness in terms of what he was doing.

Sometimes, you also never know who is on the other end. Perhaps it could have even been a friend that was pranking him. Or even worse, a Catfish! Rule of thumb though, is that abort the mission when you can see it is not working as soon as possible.

11 An interesting story with no end

It's always good to start strong with any opening line on Tinder. You can start off with a quote, a poem or even a story. In this case he wanted to tell a cute story which ended up not working out for him. Obviously, Kristen realized that this was not real and quickly pointed out his dry humor. Possibly not picking up the glaringly obvious cues, he replied with more dry humor. To be fair at least he tried by starting off with an interesting story. But possibly where it fell short is the way in which he replied.

Once it kind of worked, he hit the panic buttons.

The lesson learned here is that trying too hard l is never a good look. Try to be interesting, but also be authentic. Don’t tell a story that would realistically not be possible to have happened. If it is not working, then probably cancel the idea of the story and just have a genuine conversation and try and get to know the other person. Perhaps they’re not the ‘story’ kind of person. In the end also, if it doesn’t work out, then maybe move on as well. Not all Tinder stories ends with a happily ever after.

10 Taylor Swift gets involved

via rebrn.com

One of the best things you can do on Tinder is to take a keen interest in someone's profile and ask about it. In this instance, the guy picked up on Irene’s profile that she really didn't like Taylor Swift. Just because he was a fan of Swift, does not mean that he has to force his opinion on his Tinder crush in the opening seconds.

The moment that made it so funny is when he replied with one of Taylor Swift’s most famous songs. Poor Taylor Swift, though! I’m sure that when she is in her room writing all these songs, she writes it with the intention of bringing people closer together. In this instance, it did not even lead to a second reply from Irene.

Perhaps it was never meant to be. Taylor Swift comes across as the type of person that would see this screenshot and write an entire album about it. So, he probably did the right thing by taking time to read through Irene’s profile, which many people would have skipped. Always take an interests in someone else’s interests, and you’ll go a long way to building a relationship. Maybe his "Love Story" is with someone else.

9 It feels like I’m talking to a wall

Have you ever had conversations where you felt like you were talking to yourself? It’s either that person was zoned out, or just not interested in talking to you. It certainly seems that was the case when Ashley flat out ignored him. Perhaps he was over persistent after not getting a reply to his message after 34 minutes. On average, women take 38 minutes to reply to an initial message. That’s not a long period of time, and he should have showed some patience. However, after he sent another message 18 minutes thereafter and another message 18 minutes later. For the first interaction that may seem a bit pushy.

Sometimes people may be busy or they may not be looking at the phone.

It does not mean that they are not interested in texting you back. He clearly destroyed his chance though, when he kept on texting and texting with no reply, which actually made us laugh. We’ve all been in that situation where someone has not replied to our messages or gave us the famous “blue ticks.” It's not to say that this couple would not have worked had she replied, but he did not even allow that to happen by appearing to needy. Sometimes people need space to breathe, and sending four consecutive messages is quite demanding.

8 A pun too far

I think the magic in doing well on Tinder is to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and read the message from their perspective. You may actually have a shock of your life of what you have been texting!

The pace of texting is so crazy these days that sometimes you send a message faster than you can think about it! If you had to read the above screenshot sent to Brittany, you would have probably rolled your eyes and not sent it in the first place! One can imagine that was exactly Brittany’s reaction was when she received this message. She also was not the nicest person, clearly insulting him for the exceptionally bad open liner.

She did not hold back and absolutely roasted him, leaving no chance for any chemistry to be built between the two. This is the limitation of Tinder, it’s very hard to build chemistry over texts. You never want to create a bad impression when you first start off, so coming up with cheesy pun may not be the best idea. Sometimes you want to appear to be smart or different or cool. But trust me, the cheesy puns are not the way to go if that is the objective. There are probably better ways of doing it, like commenting on one of the interests or something peculiar you notice on the profile picture.

7 The 360 degree burn

The nature of online interactions with someone that you've never met can be quite interesting. They can be exceptionally ruthless with you given that users may feel that they have the license to say whatever they want because they don’t actually know you. There are no consequences to the words they send to someone online. Kel felt that exact way where she resorted to an epic burn of note. It had me in tears though. That was a noteworthy burn for the history books. Online interactions can be brutal, so never take it too seriously.

She was probably having fun with him at the end of the day.

He would never have met Kel in the first place, so no harm done. If you’re going on Tinder expecting everyone to be nice, and reacting badly when someone is rude, then it is probably not the place for you. You’ll get a variety of people on Tinder. Some are rude and abrupt, others are crazy and will stalk you and send you a thousand messages. Then there are actually some really sweet and nice people on Tinder. That person may be the one. For the rude ones, though, just pack your bags and move on.

6 A fine wine analogy gone wrong

After all is said and done, what's the best opening line on Tinder? There have been examples where people have tried opening lines asking how their days were, or the cheesy pick up line, or taking a vested curiosity in your Tinder crushes interest. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t; there is not an exact science behind it.

In this instance, using a metaphor really did not help him out which clearly failed. If you are going to use a metaphor, make it funny and relevant. The dynamics on Tinder are so interesting that even given point you won't know what is coming to you. Anything can come your way at any given point in time. It’s the ultimate online human behavior social experiment. Another user may have received the above message as a pleasant message and the outcome could have been much different.

It’s important that you build rapport with the person you are chatting to, and do a dipstick to understand their prefer mode of communication. Some reply with only one line, or with just an emoji. Some prefer to type paragraphs. Others prefer to video call or even voice message. Don’t go on the assumption as to what works for you should automatically work for the other person.

5 This feels pretty real to me


Sometimes Tinder is exactly as the above screenshot. You may send 5 messages to 5 different people and not get a response from anyone. Despite people swiping right, it does not mean there will always be conversation. Quite clearly that was the case with the above chat. It's quite fascinating that someone would swipe right and not continue a conversation 20 hours late. That’s the truth though of Tinder, sometimes you spend hours just chatting to yourself because people don’t reply. There is no Tinder clause which forces you to reply to the person that you “matched” with.

The old cliché holds true on Tinder as well, that if it was meant to be, then it will be.”

Don’t fret too much, and the above interaction is an example of millions of messages sent. The reason it is comedic genius I reckon is because of how many people can relate to such an interaction. It also depends what you coming to Tinder for. Some people are looking for different things and some are in different phases of their life. So, I would never take offense if I did not reply. If I got no response on Tinder, I would probably also take a screenshot and have a good laugh about it!

3 Good recovery 101

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.” What a great opening line, said no one ever. That’s just not going to work probably, ever. Firstly, it’s the first time speaking to someone, and you already envisaging yourself as a couple. Some people have different paces when getting into a relationship, so the above line would probably not work with most people.

Additionally, this is an overused pick up line well known from social media, movies, and pop culture. That’s never a good idea, because it shows a lack of original thought and authenticity. It’s almost as if he ‘didn’t try.” It’s funny when they go back and forth, trying to outdo each other using photography language in the process. I’m not quite sure who won this battle, as both were quite smart.

Randi probably won it in the end, given that he shunned her response instead of bowing down the epic burn which came his way. At the end of the day, I’m sure he cannot be angry for the type of response he received, given that it clearly showed on his side that he copy and pasted a line from some internet website as an opener.

2 This did not work out

It’s clearly that direct language does not work with Yiota. How in the world do people come up with these kind of messages? The above screenshot is almost symptomatic of someone that has tried every approach with Tinder crushes before, but got no luck. Out of shear boredom or desperation, it’s clear that he was trying something new. This new approach, however, is just weird. Sometimes people don’t realize that when a user receives a message, they may read it out loud.

No one speaks in real life by stating “reply to this message you will.”

If someone spoke to you like that in real life, you would probably think they were weird. Well, the conversation continues in that odd tone, and she makes us laugh by stating flat out that she ‘dislikes him’. That’s rather interesting given that she initially swiped right, but maybe she didn’t realize he speaks this way when she did that. Maybe it’s a good idea to speak to someone like you would as if you might bump into them at a coffee shop. Also, if you’re going to message as per the above, maybe send an emoji to make it less serious. The above screenshot just made us laugh and cringe at the same time!

Having a good sense of humor always works. The above user seemed to have it going for him, but unfortunately tried to too hard to be funny.

He possibly gave her a slight heart attack by asking to call her. She may have been at work, but I doubt she would have called a stranger in the first place after a first Tinder interaction. That would be weird, but hey people have built relationships like that before. Some people also have a short fuse. After going too far, she clearly was not interested to continue the conversation further, despite the initial chemistry. Another rule of thumb I guess we learnt here is that good humor or a good joke is always a good idea. However, it must actually be funny to the person that receives the joke, not only funny to yourself.

If you’re not naturally funny, then it’s best not to force it. Make use of your other strengths that you have then, but I believe everyone can be funny in their own way. The person above may have appeared too pushy when he first wanted the phone call, and then to see her on that Wednesday. He may have been making a joke, but it didn’t appear that way. Sometimes emoji’s are a good way of communicating tone, so make use of it!

1 Reddit Tinder Rejection

You have to be a Reddit user to get this joke but even if you're not, you would still be able to understand this and find it quite funny. Again, he made himself guilty of overdoing it with a particular joke by overstating it. Also, he did not take the cue to transition from an initial joke into an easy conversation with someone on Tinder. This may have worked with someone else, but in this instance, it provided us with comedic genius. Translating the above to real life, such an interaction would not have happened.

This is what makes Tinder so unique.

It allows for one to analyze a message long before responding. No person would speak in Reddit language in person, or reject someone so harshly in real life. Therefore, it is always best to take everything with a pinch of salt. You’ll have moments when you match with 50 people, and only 3 reply which is the reality for most people. Of those 3 people, you may have 2 of them which reply with rude responses to your cheesy pickup lines. As long as you take a screenshot of it, post it online for everyone to have a laugh, then it all works out okay!

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