2 Broke Girls: 20 Photos Of Max And Caroline We Can't Stop Looking At

After six seasons, 2 Broke Girls was taken off the air, but many fans still fondly remember the show because of how it pushed boundaries with the scenarios it explored, and the shocking jokes — sometimes fans were left with their jaws dropped as they tried to figure out if they had just heard that line correctly. And then, of course, another very obvious thing about the series is just how hot the cast was!

Max and Caroline, or Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, are talented actresses and their onscreen chemistry (they’re also total besties in real life, BTW) made for one of the most memorable comedy shows, it also left fans with many great moments, and below are 20 photos we can’t stop looking at!

20 Max And Caroline Are Total Besties...But They Also Push The Boundaries

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2 Broke Girls was a sitcom, and although it served to entertain its loyal viewers, it also regularly shocked them. According to TheList, the show “wanted to push the envelope” and even Kat Dennings (who played Max) admitted that fans would probably feel let down if the were not “a little bit shocking.”

19 Perhaps This Selfie Photo Scene Is One Of The Most Relatable Scenes In Television

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Ah, a Max and Caroline selfie!

Technology has changed our lives for the better in many ways, and then, well, then there is the selfie! But what we love about 2 Broke Girls is how you can relate to the characters in some way, even if it's something as simple as documenting their lives with the click of a camera.

18 Although These Two Celebrate Girl Power, Their Lives Are Not Uncomplicated

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Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) may seem like the most unlikely friends, but 2 Broke Girls is proof that some of the best friendships can be formed with individuals who you seemingly have nothing in common with.

Max and Caroline’s lives and friendship is complicated, but the show is also a celebration of girl power because it portrays two hard-working and strong female characters.

17 They Come From Two Very Different Backgrounds But Their Work At The Diner Brought Them Together

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Caroline is a rich girl, Max is not. When we meet someone who has a different background, we may be inclined to judge them, often too quickly and unfairly. Max and Caroline had two very different upbringings, and although they seemed like unlikely friends, the show proved that our initial thoughts about someone are not accurate.

16 Friendship Is All About Celebrating Each Other’s Happiness (Even If You Don't Always Approve)


Not all the moments on 2 Broke Girls were happy and perfect (can you imagine sitting through six seasons of the show when the characters were like the Stepford Wives) and Max and Caroline had their ups and downs. But at the end of the day, they were best friends, and their relationship showed just how complicated a friendship can be.

15 The Show Explored A Lot Of Different Scenarios, Including Caroline’s Decision To Turn A Fun Night Into Work

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Do you remember the episode in Season 5 when Caroline tried to turn a fun basketball outing with Max into a work/networking opportunity (via BreatheCast)? Don’t we all have one of those friends who doesn’t know when to separate work and play! But one of the best things about 2 Broke Girls is that it portrays hardworking twenty-something females — a decision that networks were initially hesitant about, with co-creator Whitney Cummings telling The Hollywood Reporter (via The List) that Fox’s feedback regarding the show was: "Can it be two broke boys?'”

14 Seriously, The Expressions Are Everything!

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There is no doubt that Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are talented actresses, and some of the most memorable scenes in 2 Broke Girls were because of their shocked expressions. Seriously, these girls know how to pull a face that speaks a 1000 words, and we love how sassy they can be!

13 They May Be Great Actresses, But It's No Secret These Women Are Also Easy On The Eyes

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We mentioned that Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are talented actresses, and without detracting from their skills, we also can’t help but mention their other, very obvious attributes (their looks, obviously). Both women are very easy on the eyes, which makes the show even more enjoyable to watch. Sorry, not sorry!

12 ‘2 Broke Girls’ Reminds Us That We Have To Work Hard To Achieve Success

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Much of 2 Broke Girls revolves around Max and Caroline trying to make ends meet by working at a diner, and then trying to make it as entrepreneurs with their cupcake business. They are often down on their luck, but they continue to work hard and remain focused (and by doing so, encourage viewers to have the same mindset)!

11 The Show May Use Humor To Get Across A Message, But Girl Power Is A Recurring Theme

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Viewers may have been shocked by some of the things that these characters said and did, but the show was not all about the shock factor and actually had some important messages to get across. It also celebrated girl power, as Yahoo! notes a scene in the diner when a woman’s date says she “doesn’t need” fries and should instead have a salad, and the girls end up warning him (in a humorous way) that he shouldn’t be dictating this woman’s choices.

10 These Two Always Have Some Sort Of Scheme Going On...

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Would it be accurate to say that Max and Caroline are always working an angle, or as Yahoo! puts it, they “always have some sort of scheme going” on? One of their schemes included when they wanted to rival Starbucks with their cappuccino machine, and they recruited the help of Oleg to get it done.

9 ...And Let’s Just Say, Their Ideas Are Not Always The Smartest (Or Legal)

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In keeping with the above point, we should probably point out that not all of Max and Caroline’s schemes pay off, and there have been several times when they found themselves in awkward situations. Actually, the show itself was by no means perfect, as TheList notes that there were certain things which were “problematic,” including the use of stereotypes.

8 Most Women Have Experienced This Unwanted Attention, And ‘2 Broke Girls’ Addresses It

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The majority of women have experienced unwanted attention at some point in their lives. Whether it was getting catcalled while walking down the street, someone getting too close and personal while on public transport, or someone simply staring in places that they shouldn't! This sort of thing happens every day, and 2 Broke Girls decided to portray this when Kat Dennings' assets were clearly of interest!

7 This Is Probably Not The Surprise Visitor To Their Bed That Viewers Were Expecting

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Imagine being able to go to work every day and star alongside someone who is your best friend? This was the reality for Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, and that’s why their on-screen chemistry is so convincing. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Behrs said: “Kat and I are really great friends and I think you can see that chemistry onscreen, and I hope that's why people watch. Because we're having a good time and I think that shows."

6 These Girls Have Got Some Serious Moves (And Sass)!

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If you watched the show for the jokes (which definitely pushed the envelope and caused more than a few jaws to drop), then that’s great, but one of the things we liked best about it was just how confident and sassy Max and Caroline could be. These are two strong women nobody wants to mess with!

5 This Is What A Celebration Of Friendship And Womanhood Looks Like!

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Perhaps one of the reasons that Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs were able to portray bestfriends on screen so successfully is because they actually really like each other in real life, too! This is something that Dennings discussed with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "Beth and I genuinely love each other and are best friends in real life and that probably reads.”

4 We Can’t Help But Laugh Every Time We See This ‘80s Photo

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We’ve seen Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs in many different situations, but one of the best photos of their characters Max and Caroline has to be this one because the ‘80s was such a fun and flamboyant decade. From the big hair to the over-the-top looks, you can see that the actresses were having a whole lot of fun here!

3 Representing Hard Working Female Characters On TV Was Important To The Show’s Creators

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The show’s creators Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings have admitted to The Hollywood Reporter (via TheList) that the networks they presented it to wanted to make some changes (notably to change the characters from female to male) but they didn't allow that to happen because they felt TV was lacking something. “I especially didn't see any hard-working female characters," King said.

2 Are Max And Caroline Dramatic? Sure, But Their Interactions Are Also Believable

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Max and Caroline’s facial expressions and actions were part of what made their characters so great, but they were also over-the-top and dramatic at times. Although some of the situations they found themselves in were bizarre, there were other times when they were completely relatable — made even more so by their impressive onscreen chemistry.

1 This Photo Was From The Last Ever Shoot The Two Actresses Did Together!

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2 Broke Girls has been canceled (the last episode aired in 2017), and although fans are no doubt upset that one of their favorite shows is no longer on the air, we do have this photo of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, which was taken from their last photoshoot together — Dennings posted it on social media, explaining that it was their last shoot as Max and Caroline!

Sources: The List, BreatheCast, Yahoo!, Entertainment Tonight, Kat Dennings Twitter.

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