Two Cats Have Spent The Last Two Years Trying To Sneak Into This Japanese Museum

Two Cats Have Spent The Last Two Years Trying To Sneak Into This Japanese Museum

A pair of Japanese cats have spent the last two years trying to sneak into an art museum, but have been constantly foiled by the museum’s security guard.

Two years ago, Sora News 24 reported on a black cat that showed up when the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art opened up a cat exhibit. It was a fun little thing to joke about a cat trying to break its way in to see art of its own people. He turned away by the museum’s security guard, of course, but that just seemed to add to the almost cartoonish story.

Little did we know that this was merely the start of a two-year odyssey.

A year later, the same black cat once again showed up and tried to slip his way past the guard. There wasn’t an art exhibit on cats this time, so our intrepid black kitty must just be an art lover.

Sadly, he was once again turned away by a well-meaning security guard. Cats can’t buy tickets, and so, cats cannot enter the museum.

However, it’s possible the cat was merely trying to walk past the security guard in order to actually purchase a ticket from the nice women behind the counter, which you can see is immediately inside the museum’s entrance. This whole time the security guard might have been denying the museum a ticket sale.

But back to our story. In 2018, the same black cat showed up once again to try and enter the museum, and once again, the same security guard turned him away.

Only this time, the black cat brought a friend.

As you can see in the video above, our new challenger is an adorable orange tabby that apparently also has a love of fine arts. The feline-foiling security guard at least provides a few gracious head pats and scritches before turning the tabby away.


Over the course of 2018, these two art-loving kitties have kept on trying to sneak into the museum and were each time snagged by the security guard. It’s become such a famous running gag for Onomichi City Museum that they’ve even named the cats. The black one is Ken-chan, while the orange one is Gosaku, or Go-chan.

And they’ve also been immortalized in the museum itself. In the form of tote bags, available from the museum’s gift shop.

Hopefully one day the museum will allow Ken and Gosaku to see the exhibits they seem to so desperately crave. One day.


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