2-Year-Old Girl Gives Out Breakfast Burritos To Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

Get ready to let your heart melt for this little girl serving breakfast burritos to firefighters currently battling the horrific wildfires raging in Northern California. And not for the cheesy, beany, or eggy goodness of the said morning munchies, but out of pure love and adoration for a tiny tot who is proving to be an all new sort of hero.

As thousands of firefighters continue to battle the deadly and dangerous Carr Fire in Redding, one young girl has found an awesome, not to mention incredibly delish, way to provide them with an energetic boost, in the form of burritos, of course.

A recently uploaded video captured two-year-old Gracie Lutz doing her part to join the California wildfire fight by handing out loads of tasty homemade breakfast treats to firefighters at the Shasta District and Event Center in the Anderson area of the Golden State.

Screenshot Courtesy of Chelsea Lutz

Among the numerous grateful men in shining red hat armor heard saying their “thank you’s” to the young girl were also her brothers, Kody and Colton, as well as her very own father, Jerry. They are all a huge part of the hungry CalFire crews working endlessly at twenty-four-hour shifts to get the blaze under some sort of control.

It was actually big bro Kody who initially gave Gracie and her mom, Chelsea Lutz, the idea, as he was “dying” for a burrito after having just finished a long night shift recently.

“We just wanted to show our support for them,” Lutz told CBS Newswhich is why she and little Gracie took it upon themselves to make dozens upon dozens of the foil-wrapped goodies for the groups of hard workers in their very own kitchen.

After whipping up the early morning meals, Chelsea then decided to share the random act of kindness she and her daughter offered via Facebook.


As of the start of August, officials have said that the Carr Fire has shown small signs of slowing down. It is now nearly twenty-five percent contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, although steep terrain and shifting wind conditions are still making the firefighting efforts extremely difficult.

Here’s hoping that both the Carr Fire as well as the more than a dozen other large wildfires burning throughout California go on to die down sooner rather than later.


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