20 90s Sitcom Stars The World Totally Forgot About

These days there are some people we only see in reruns. While 90s sitcoms launched the careers of undeniable celebrity powerhouses like Will Smith, Mario Lopez, and the Olsen twins, they also gave us dozens of actors who had just 15 minutes of fame. No matter how promising some TV stars seemed at the time, there was no guarantee they'd make it long term. Honestly? Most didn't.

Most 90s sitcom celebs haven't been in the public eye for YEARS - or not for good reasons, anyway. We bet the last time most people thought of Screech (Dustin Diamond) from Saved By the Bell was when a certain tape leaked that showed him doing things nobody asked to see. The last time the world heard about Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) from Full House, she was facing charges in a college bribery scandal.

But what about the ones who faded into obscurity altogether? Most people probably don't remember them at all, even though they were part of so many of our weeknights growing up. They might even be some first crushes we completely forgot existed.

Here's our list of 20 TV sitcom stars from the 90s that nobody remembers anymore:

20 Rider Strong (Boy Meets World)

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If you'd have told us that this babe from Boy Meets World would be completely forgotten after the show ended in the 90s, we wouldn't have believed you. He's too cute to forget! Somehow over time Rider Strong got fewer and fewer acting jobs. Now he doesn't do much but host an obscure podcast, and we probably wouldn't recognize him on the street.

19 Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy)

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Tahj Mowry was so poppin in the 90s that an entire sitcom was created to feature him in a leading role. After years of appearances on shows like Who's The Boss, Full House, and even Friends, this child actor starred as the actual smart guy in Smart Guy, but we've barely seen him since. We guess he peaked early.

18 Jane Leeves (Frasier)

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Remember Jane as sweet British caretaker Daphne Moon on Frasier? You do now. She briefly had a higher profile a few years back with the show Hot in Cleveland, but nothing before or since Frasier has put her so squarely in the public eye. She was a 90s style icon back then, and now we doubt that people even remember her name.

17 Peri Gilpin (Frasier)

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Peri Gilpin played Roz Doyle on Frasier and had a few other romcom and made-for-TV-movie roles a few decades ago. These days her IMDB says she still acts, but she hasn't been in anything big in years. One guest appearance on Broad City is the highlight on her recent resume. Find Roz in reruns if you want to see this actress anytime soon.

16 Jenna Von Oy (Blossom)

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Jenna Von Oy was to Blossom in the 1990s what Emily Osment was to Hannah Montana in the 2000s. They were both the quirky sidekicks to the leading ladies that the shows were named after. Unlike Emily, Jenna hasn't had many acting roles since production wrapped on her 90s sitcom. When you have less star power than Haley Joel Osment's less-famous sister, you know something's gone wrong.

15 Joey Lawrence (Blossom)

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Blossom had another star who's faded from our lives since the show ended: the once gorgeous teen heartthrob, Joey Lawrence. The 2000s have seen Joey briefly appear as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and as one half of the short-lived sitcom Melissa and Joey. Clearly this actor's glory days are very far behind him.

14 Madeline Zima (The Nanny)

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We bet it's been years since you thought about The Nanny at all, never mind the minor character actress who played Fran Fine (Fran Drescher)'s eventual step daughter on the show. She was cute then and she's pretty now, but Hollywood hasn't been kind to Madeline Zima. Years of low-level TV gigs have kept her far from the A list.

13 Shane West (Once and Again)

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Shane West was so dreamy in the 90s show Once and Again that he was eventually cast as Mandy Moore's love interest in the film A Walk to Remember - which is probably where you remember this guy's face from. Like many of the other 'celebs' on this list, he has continued acting in minor roles but never hit the level of fame he once had.

12 Leanna Creel (Saved By the Bell)

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You might not have been a fan of Tori on Saved By the Bell. We get it, she stole Zack away from Kelly! Even Leanna Creel herself (now a successful producer) isn't a fan of who she played. "Even at the time, it was kind of campy and not necessarily something I'd want to be remembered for," she told ABC News. Well, years have passed and...you're not.

11 Zachery Ty Bryan (Home Improvement)

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The blond brother on Home Improvement was called Brad, if you've forgotten. Brad was played by promising child actor Zachery Ty Bryan, who at that point already had a few TV movies under his belt. Things went south when he faced drug charges as a young adult, according to an interview he gave to CNN. What would Tim the Toolman say?

10 Soleil Moon Frye (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

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Soleil was a major hottie in the 90s. In the 80s she had already hit it big with the lead role on Punky Brewster, but in the 90s she came into her own as one of Sabrina's cool college friends on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Since then she's been out of the spotlight besides producing her own content on her mommy blog.

9 Kellie Shanygne Williams (Family Matters)

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Gorgeous on Family Matters, Kellie played Laura, the character who stole 90s boys' hearts including the heart of the show's leading character, Steve Urkel. Family Matters had a long run, all the way from 1989 to 1998. Unfortunately all that time on screen didn't translate to a strong acting career, and Kellie hasn't seen much success since.

8 Jaleel White (Family Matters)

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Steve Urkel himself, a.k.a. Jaleel White, also hasn't had much luck in Hollywood since his Family Matters days. It's hard to go up when you're the star of a successful TV show and the character you play is a pop cultural icon! Urkel is still iconic, but Jaleel is probably never going to be as famous as he once was.

7 Marla Sokoloff (Full House)

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Marla caught the attention of 90s kids when she played Gia, Stephanie's outspoken best friend on Full House. You might have thought that this cute teenage actress had a bright career ahead of her, but unfortunately, from what we can see, it's been kind of dim. She was part of a comedy video that went viral in 2018, but besides that...not great.

6 Lark Voorhies (Saved by the Bell)

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On Saved By the Bell as Lisa Turtle, Lark Voorhies had it made. She was popular, rich, and had everything going for her. IRL, Lark seems to have had a tougher time. Despite getting lots of praise and several Young Artist Awards for her acting on the show, Lark moved out of acting and is now a fiction writer. Who knew?

5 David Faustino (Married…With Children)

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Married...With Children gave us Ted Bundy played by Ed O'Neill, who's since gone on to regain fame on the current hit, Modern Family. It also gave us Kelly Bundy played by Christina Applegate, who you can still catch on TV as a lead on Dead to Me. Where did Bud Bundy, played by David Faustino go? Off our screens altogether after the show wrapped. Sorry, Bud.

4 Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven)

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Remember her? We didn't either. For a quick reminder, Beverley played middle child Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven. Her big sister on the show was played by Jessica Biel, whose career took off in a big way in the 2000s and is now married to mega-star Justin Timberlake. Beverly on the other hand can now be found in straight-to-DVD movies like The Dog Who Saved Easter. Yikes.

3 Barry Watson (7th Heaven)

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If you didn't have a crush on the oldest brother of the 7th Heaven fam, you must not have been watching closely enough. Barry Watson was a babe then and is a babe now, but his star power has faded so much that we doubt you remembered him until you looked at him just now. His acting gigs haven't been impressive in a long time.

2 Tatyana Ali (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

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Why didn't Fresh Prince's Ashley blow up in the same way Will did? She was adorable, talented, and trendy on the show for its entire run from 1990 to 1996, but still didn't end up making it big in Hollywood afterwards. We'd never have expected Tatyana Ali to fade into obscurity, but a slow stream of low-profile gigs mean that's exactly what's happened.

1 Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement)

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He stole your heart in the 90s, whether it was as Randy on Home Improvement or in his romantic leading roles in 90s holiday and comedy movies. That jawline! Those eyes! He's still a 10, but these days you never hear of Jonathan Taylor Thomas anymore. According to Distractify, he took time out to study abroad and never really got back in the game. Come back to us, JTT!

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