20 Motorcycles That Were Sadly Left To Rot

The desolate road is home to many things that have gone abandoned. The many vehicles that have been left to rot outnumber some of the wildlife that can be found out there, that’s for sure, and we’ve found many of them over the years in our searches for articles like this.

And we pull no punches with this one here, as we’ve found some astounding images that have been found of Motorcycles … Street Kings, if you will, and we were shocked to see the state of some of these, and you will be too, especially if you love bikes such as these as much as we do, dear readers.

So why don’t you hook a leg over, mount your own trusted steed and take a ride into the sunset and desolate highway with us dear friend, and behold the desolation of many Street Kings … their ultimate ride seeming to have been long ago indeed.

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20 A Long Rest Against The Shed

via RideApart

Like a wayward warrior stopping to take his final rest against an abandoned barn along the long, hard road, this bike seems to have taken it's last stop a long time ago. The weather and harsh climate have done a number on it's body and engine, but the bright blue colors speak volumes of the past this bike lived ... how many rides, how many miles?

19 Still Standing

via pinterest.com

And also like many warriors of the long gone past, this bike is remarkably still standing despite the years that have gone by. The wicked men, the wicked times, the awful craters in the dirt roads. Amidst it all, it's still up and ready. maybe a few tune-ups would be necessary, but it still looks as though it could go, no matter how long it's been out of commission.

18 Amidst The Clutter And Boxes

via HD Forums

A filing room is nowhere for an epic bike and/or motorcycle to end up, dear friends. So probably this image, more than the rest, is the most disturbing of all. A bike should be on the open highway, with the warm desert breeze flowing around its contours. A bike should be sitting tall and proud along the side of a road, it's owner getting a cold one at a nearby bar. It does not belong among last year's tax returns.

17 Abandoned In A Barn

via Motorlands

So many people have come forward in the last decade claiming to have found epic vehicles in barn finds. many have wondered just how incredible it is to find vehicles that are extremely pricey just abandoned and forgotten about. We wouldn't forget about our cars and bikes, but yet many seem to have over the long years, as many of these so-called barn finds have surfaced in the news.

16 More Than Just A Barn Find

via Messy Nessy Chic

The earth seems to have swallowed up this particular barn, along with the great machines that dwelled in this final resting place. It's an astounding image and one that calls up all sorts of emotions, especially for those that love motorcycles. What end did this place find, and why? And why were there so many bikes in there? Only questions are left to answer, and without any answers in sight.

15 A Forgotten Scoot

via Petrolicious

Many don't classify scooters as being road kings, or trusted steeds of the long road, but in many countries around the world, they are the most trusted motorbikes you can get, and the most affordable. And don't discredit a scooter such as this one. You can get a lot of good mileage on a scooter and they can go no matter what their grade.

14 Worn, Torn & Forgotten

via Adventure Rider

You would think people would take better care of these incredible machines, but no, they get left to weather more often than not. Oftentimes, people lose the feel of it or the desire. Some have less time to ride, so the bikes go forgotten and abandoned. Unfortunately, it,s human nature and motorcycles aren't the only thing to suffer at the hands of human nature.

13 In The Faded Blue Light

via Petrolicious

There's a certain time of day when the light shines down and certain colors are seen. It 's interesting to behold ... certain moments when the light outside s either pink or orange, and yes in the failing light, even blue, but the faintest of blues. This photograph was taken at such a time, and it perfectly captures the blue of the bike and essentially gets the whole sadness feeling across at the same time.

12 Nothing But A Skeleton

via HD Forums

Time and the weather have done a number to this king of the long hard road. It didn't stand the test of time, and we are left to wonder only how long it sat by the side of some road out there on the proud highway? What happened to the rider that proudly sat atop? What befell this bike and did he or she make it to where they were destined to?

11 Easy Rider

via advrider.com

The classic film starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper started a whole movement, and followers sure practiced what that film preached. The film was a journey into the soul and into a culture and the scenes that unfolded were both shocking and beautiful. This bike here sure takes us back to that epic film and a time when bikes like this ruled the open road.

10 Restoring The Rotted Remains

via RideApart

Thankfully, there are many out there that pride themselves in finding bikes just like these and they restore them to their previous beauty and strength. The final result of some of these projects are incredible to behold and we invite you to check out some of these restorations online. We did, and they,re incredible. perhaps this woman here has such a project in mind?

9 The Gold Found In The Dirt & Decay

via Flickr

Very much like gold found at the bottom of some mine, the bikes that can be found forgotten and abandoned are truly something at times, and buy that we mean: something quite rare and expensive. It isn't only cheap bikes that wind up having this existence in the end, but at times some rarities as well.

8 Still Looks Like Something Special

via HD Forums

As we can see in many of these photographs, this one here actually still looks as though it can go. As though it can ride for miles and miles, or rather be ridden. Yes, the paint, the gears, the engine, and the body have seen better days, but there's a certain energy coming off this bike that just tells us that it isn't over yet, somehow.

7 China's Motorbike Graveyard

via Daily Mail

This is an actual thing, and in China no less. It's under an inter-crossing of elevated bridges in mainland China and the photographs of this incredibly littered place is incredible to see. many motorbikes have been abandoned here and they are simply toppled over one another like garage on the fairground that visits your town. A very sad sight indeed.

6 Dust In The Wind

via Petrolicious

Not to borrow a line from an old song, or rather an old title, but it's appropriate here, don't you think? We sure do, as the dust from this town or road definitely has done a number on this old Suzuki motorcycle. As in all these images, it's quite disturbing to behold, but it teaches us a valuable lesson in the end ... not everything in this world is exempt from decay.

5 Who Placed These Bikes Like So ...?

via Pinterest

Sometimes as you walk through the cities around the world and make your way to the barren sections of forest and vegetation, the wonders you can find are pretty extraordinary. there are things that are unexplainable, no matter how hard you try to figure them out. This cropping of bikes just placed like so are a wonder in and of themselves, as we are left to wonder who placed them like so?

4 A Cowboy ...

via HD Forums

''I'm a cowboy ... on a steel horse I ride ...'' The epic line from Bon Jovi's famous song: ''Wanted Dead or Alive'' from the heyday of their career. We knew back then what he meant when he sang those lyrics loud and proud and we still know now. The motorcycle has been compared to the horse of the cowboy era many times, but never has it rung so true as when Bon Jovi put those lines to music back in the eighties.

3 Colorless

via Fiveprime

And yes a little lack of color is also something of which to appreciate, especially here. In the deepest sections of the desert, there is a great lack of color ... a vast spacious lack of color, and we decided to add this black and white to showcase the lack of vibrant colors and the effect that an image like this could have. essentially, we feel that color isn't what gets the message across in images like these. In actuality, it's more like the abandonment showing through.

2 Beneath The Leagues Of The Mighty Sea

via dive2000.com.au

Solid land isn't the only place where bikes can be abandoned. The deep blue seas as well are home to many items that have been abandoned over the long years and bikes are one of those things. Boats are probably predominant in this field, but we'd say bikes are a close second, especially when you consider how many we found in our search!

1 Still Running!?

via Lapakonlineindonesia.id

Judging by the bags hooked up to the back of this bike, this one's journey isn't over. And it gives us hope as the last entry on this list. It's nice to have some hope in an article about desolation, abandonment and the end of things. It's nice to know that an end isn't always an end, but just may signal the beginning of something else.

Sources: Dive2000.com, HDForums, Pinterest.com, DailyMail

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