20 Actors Who Didn't Want To Kiss Their Co-Stars (But Had No Choice)

Sometimes we forget that a movie set isn’t all glitz and glamour – that in the eyes of the actors and actresses who work from day to day on a set see it as their workplace, and the people they work with are their co-workers. So when it comes to kissing or being intimate onscreen, it can prove more difficult – especially if you don’t get along with the person, are too close for the person, or just really, really uncomfortable.

And while a lot of these stars just had to buck up and smooch on screen in order to appease the director and follow the script, some of them weren’t too thrilled with doing so.

But hey, that’s show business. Here are 20 costars who didn’t want to kiss in real life, but had to anyway because that’s their job...

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20 Kristen Stewart Was Too Close To Taylor Lautner


Actress Kristen Stewart is nothing short of professional, so when it came to kissing her Twilight costar, she wasn’t looking forward to it. Why? Because it seemed out of character for her character, Bella. “[It] was so against everything that Bella’s always been,” Stewart said in an interview. Well, she still had to do the deed anyway, as we know.

19 Shailene Woodley’s Insane Diet Kept Miles Teller Away


Actress Shailene Woodley and actor Miles Teller starred in a few films together, so they were extremely close friends who had to kiss in front of the camera. But when it came down to it, Teller said that Woodley had an odd diet that kept him away. She would take Chinese dirt supplements that, according to Teller, didn’t smell all too dandy.

18 50 Shades Of Nope When It Comes To Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan


Sure, their onscreen chemistry was a little off in the 50 Shades trilogy, but according to people who had to witness Dakota Johnson and Jamie Doran act in front of the camera, the two stars didn’t really get along and had absolutely zero chemistry when working together, which translated horribly when the film was released.

17 Alyson Hannigan Wasn’t The Biggest Fan Of Jason Segal’s Smoke Breath


For nine seasons, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segal played the loving married couple Lily and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. And while they’re close friends in real life, at first Hannigan didn’t like kissing Segal thanks to his cigarette breath. Segal would actually give Hannigan $10 bucks every time he would smoke a cigarette, which nearly left him broke (not really).

16 Onions Kept Dane Cook Away From Kate Hudson


Does anyone remember the romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Girl? Yeah, us either. But Dane Cook DOES remember kissing Kate Hudson because it was such a chore. Hudson would eat onions before a kissing scene in order to get a rise out of the comedian. “Worst onscreen kiss ever,” Cook went on to say in an interview. It was all in good fun, though.

15 Emma Watson And Rupert Grint Were Too Much Like Siblings

Marie Claire

When you’re practically raised together onscreen, it can get a little weird when it comes time for your characters to kiss. This was the case with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter series. “I’ve known Emma since she was literally 9 years old and we had this very brother-sister relationship, so it just felt very surreal,” Grint said in an interview.

14 Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Had No Kissing Chemistry


Even though they’re close friends in real life, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (who have starred together in numerous movies) aren’t fans of kissing each other. Lawrence called Cooper a “wet kisser,” which apparently didn’t sit too well with Cooper. “You don’t want to hear that,” he said. “It was not a compliment.”

13 Actually, Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Co-Stars Weren’t Fans Of Her Kissing Style


Considering that Lawrence appears on this list three times, maybe it’s NOT her costars who have the kissing problem? Josh Hutcherson referred to his Hunger Games buddy as a “slobbery” kisser, while Liam Hemsworth would complain that she would get garlic or tuna right before a kissing scene as a joke.

12 Reese Witherspoon Said “No Thanks” To Robert Pattinson’s Flu Germs


When you’re feeling ill, the last thing you want to do is work. But in movies, the scene can’t stop because you’re a little sick. This went down in Water for Elephants between costars Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. Pattinson apparently had a bad cold during a kissing scene, which threw Witherspoon for a loop. Hey, it happens in life.

11 Thandie Newton Didn’t Appreciate Tom Cruise’s Kiss Style


Both superstar Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton starred in Mission Impossible 2 together and had interesting onscreen chemistry, but it didn’t feel that way for Newton, who wasn’t the biggest fan of Cruise’s kissing style. She claimed that the actor is a very wet and sloppy kisser – which no one really likes.

10 Patrick Swayze Thought Jennifer Grey Was Too Immature


While Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey had to pretend they were in love in the movie Dirty Dancing, they weren’t fans of each other in real life. While Grey didn’t think they had chemistry at all, Swayze thought Grey was childish and immature, which led to some rows behind the scenes. Well, regardless, everything translated well on camera and fans loved it.

9 Eccentric Meets Neurotic With Woody Allen And Helena Bonham Carter


The pairing of neurotic Woody Allen and the eccentric Helena Bonham Carter seems like a good idea, but when the two were in front of the camera in Might Aphrodite, they weren’t the biggest fans sharing onscreen kisses. Allen is notoriously rule oriented and had so many guidelines when it came to what kind of kisses he’ll accept. I mean, WHAT??

8 The Behind The Scenes Feud Starring Julia Roberts And Nick Nolte

US Weekly

You may not remember the movie I Love Trouble starring Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte but THEY do. And why? Because the two costars hated each other so much that the set was practically ripped in half. So when it came to them sharing a kissing scene, both were not happy. Roberts even called Nolte “disgusting,” while he called her a “not nice person.”

7 Drinking And Kissing Don’t Mix With Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence

According to ABC News, apparently Chris Pratt was the first married man Jennifer Lawrence had to kiss in the movie Passengers, which made her so nervous that she would drink in order to loosen up her nerves. It had nothing to do with them not wanting to kiss, it was the fact that Lawrence had no desire to kiss another woman’s man, even if it was for work.

6 Harrison Ford’s Facial Hair Didn’t Tickle Sean Young


Seems like some big stars just can’t handle sharing a screen, let alone a kiss. This was the case for Harrison Ford and Sean Young in Blade Runner. The two were not fond of each other so when it came time to kiss onscreen, they would complain about everything. Young simply hated Ford’s beard stubble and would complain at every turn.

5 Feuding Love Birds In Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams


Sure, in real life both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams ended up falling in love and dating for a time, but that wasn’t the case on the set of The Notebook. The two notoriously feuded the entire time and couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together, which actually translated well onscreen. Fans absolutely adored the movie.

4 Tisha Campbell Wasn’t Thrilled With Martin Lawrence


This was a case of one coworker being in love with the other while the other was taken. Tensions rose on the set of Martin because apparently Martin Lawrence was interested romantically in onscreen wife Tisha Campbell, who was in a relationship. This led to the end of the show since it got to the point where Campbell didn’t even want to work with Lawrence.

3 Tupac Was Too Much Of A Ladies Man For Janet Jackson


While their onscreen romance translated well for fans, Janet Jackson was unsure about kissing Tupac in Poetic Justice because of his reputation. Jackson had heard that Tupac was quite the “ladies man” and felt insulted that Jackson was worried about doing love scenes with him. In the end, the tension proved great for the film itself.

2 Brad Pitt Respected His Wife Too Much To Kiss Kate Blanchett


While Brad Pitt had kissed many women onscreen while married to Jennifer Aniston, when he married Angelina Jolie, he became uncomfortable with kissing anyone else. This was the case with Benjamin Button costar Cate Blanchett. Pitt had to be convinced to do the kissing scene with her, which threw director David Fincher off a bit.

1 Speaking Of Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst Didn’t Want To Share A Kiss Because Of Her Youth


Who WOULDN’T want to kiss Brad Pitt? Apparently, Kirsten Dunst. When she was 11 years old, Dunst had to kiss Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, and she wasn’t happy to do it. In fact, she was so weirded out by it that she didn’t kiss anyone else until she was 16 years old. Understandable since she was just a child at the time.

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