20 Adorable Dogs That Prove That Smiling Is Contagious

It's a well-established fact that dogs are one of the best creatures to have ever walked this earth. They're adorable and friendly creatures that magically seem to understand us, despite being of a completely different species. Research has shown that dogs, and many other animals, can feel joy, whether it be from the lovely weather outside, or from the fun they're having with their humans. The 20 smiling pups below definitely seem to support this notion. I dare you to scroll through these super sweet photos without cracking a grin – I bet you can't!

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20 Big Grin

This happy guy is excited the sun is out, and he gets to roam around town! We'd be smiling, too!

19 Joyful

What a happy Poodle! His whole face is smiling, and it sure does solve any and all problems!

18 Best Day Ever

Golden Retrievers are active dogs, so it's no surprise this one loved his day out hiking! Smiles all around.

17 Right Back 'Atcha

Via: Pinterest

This happy guy is sending a wink your way! His gorgeous smile is enough to make anyone crack a grin.

16 Say 'Cheese!'

Meet Calvin, one of the happiest canines ever. He loves to show his pearly whites when he smiles for the camera.

15 Sweetie

Via: Pinterest

How cute! Almost too cute. This little one has a naturally smile that's enough to melt all hearts.

14 Sun's Out, Tongue's Out

Billie here obviously enjoyed his day at the park! What else does a dog need besides sunshine, fresh air and good company?! Smile on, Billie!

13 Excited Face

Via: Pinterest

As if bull terriers weren't cute enough, this happy fella is proving happy bull terriers are even cuter than you thought!

12 Woke Up Like This

Big Smile!😬 #smilingdog #puppies #dogsofinstagram #cutedogs

A post shared by Jojo and Dash (@jojoanddasher) on

He walked in the house with a huge smile on his face! He must be one happy doggy!

11 Show Your Teeth

Dormir é muito bom. Melhor no colo da mamãe

A post shared by Tereza (@terezateta) on

Now those are some pearly whites! It's no wonder this cutie feels the need to show his teeth with every smile.

10 Flower Smile

Via: Pinterest

Even with a fresh picked flower in his mouth, he still manages to give us a grin! This photo is oh-so frame-worthy.

9 Tiny Happy Face

The littlest smile may be the sweetest! This Pom, adorably named Bear, has a super cute happy face.

8 Excitement Overload

Via: Pinterest

If looking at this smiling dog doesn't make you happy, then I don't know what will!

7 Sleepy Smile

This may be the cutest thing you see all week! A sleepy pup plus a sweet grin.

6 Beach Baby

Via: Pinterest

This puppy may be young, but he already knows the beach is a happy place! He's all smiles as he enjoys his first trip to the sand and surf.

5 Cruising

Nothing beats the smell of fresh air on your way to the waves! This cutie knows how to have a good time.

4 Crooked Smile

Via: Pinterest

The look of pure contentment! Oh, how we wish we could be as at peace and as happy as this doggy.

3 Goofy Smile

Via: Pinterest

This little one's silly smile is over the top! If you're going to crack a grin at any of these photos, it's most likely this one.

2 Too Happy

A smile so big, he had to close his eyes! Golden retrievers are some pretty outgoing dogs.

1 Sweetest Smile

Via: Pinterest

This is probably as pure and as genuine as it gets. Truly a heartwarming photo.

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