20 Animals That Are Bad To The Bone And Know It

Just like us, every animal is different. While we don’t necessarily understand what they’re trying to say or why in the world they do what they do, they each have their own personality and tastes. This is what makes them so unique. What they often all have in common, however, is an inhuman amount of honesty, rendering us befuddled by the very truth of what they make us realize.

From independent, sweetly obnoxious felines to technicolor songbirds, there comes a time when we all crave the company of an animal. Being around other people can be exhausting, whereas animals somehow seem to know how to bring a smile to our face no matter what is going on around us.

However, animals don’t get to be so well-loved by being boring, or even by being perpetually pleasant to one another or to their owners. What is so wonderfully hilarious about them is that they could care less about how they come across and are too busy being themselves to give the rest of the world a second glance. I mean, we have all been shunned by a sausage dog, photobombed by a rabbit’s behind or swatted at by an impatient cat.

So if we recognize our own companion in one of these images of 2o of the baddest animals, maybe it’ll make us wonder if the chaos they cause is why we love them so much.

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20 Canadian Fury

via reddit

Canadian geese have been striking fear into the hearts of both people and animals for as long as they have been on earth. Never make the life-threatening mistake of confusing them with something cute like ducks or swans, because these squawking assailants will make anyone regret it sooner or later.

Being hunted by a Canadian goose is like running from a flying bull with the ability to peck us into submission. Not to mention that they will fly at us for pretty much anything. Sometimes all it takes is our simple presence within eyeshot of where they are feasting on their previous prey. No kidding that these things should be used against our enemies.

19 Guardian Of The Chorizo

Via: Pinterest

There’s a reason why cats are so lovable. At least, there must be. Whether it’s their hilarious expressions, admirable independence or remarkably selective intelligence, there’s a reason we can’t help but love these terribly rude balls of fur. It’s just sometimes hard to work out what that reason may be. After all, how many of us are being glared at by our feline at this very moment?

Every cat owner knows what it is to be ignored. Rejected. Scratched and bitten for no apparent reason. But here’s a new one: having our pizza eaten and then claimed by a tabby with a temper.

18 Wooly Warm

Via: Reddit

We all know what it’s like to try to avoid going to the hairdresser’s. Somewhere in our brains certain wires disconnect every so often and let us believe we should grow long hair that would put Rapunzel to shame.

Of course, long, flowing hair loses its appeal when we realize what a chore it is to keep it out of our sweaty faces.

Apparently, sheep have the same impulses when it comes to getting their wool trimmed. Even those shearing their wool before the summer allows sheep to keep cool during the hottest period of the year, this little guy was having none of it.

17 Smug Dog

Via: Reddit

We often hear that dogs are sweeter and more loyal than cats. It’s why outgoing socialites seem to opt for a canine companion rather than a feline friend. However, it would appear that when it comes down to coming clean about making a mess, dogs aren’t as full of regret as we might have thought. So much for dogs being innocent.

You can just tell this disastrous kitchen is going to take an evening to restore to normal and also that this dog is not going to be of any help. I mean, he clearly couldn't be prouder of himself.

16 You’ll Study When I Say So

Via: Pinsdaddy

Cats can go for hours without giving you a second glance, but somehow, as soon as you sit down to complete a task, there they are. Purring, meowing, stepping on whatever it is you are looking at…

Having a cat means being prepared to drop your work at any moment if your furry friend demands attention.

Most of the time, we end up giving in, because who can say no to a face like that? And also, because if we don’t, they will make a scene (or in this case, chew their way through your books) until you give them what they want.

15 Don’t Like Someone? Put Their Whole Head In Your Mouth.

We hear so much about ventures into the beautiful wild world of safaris. For those of us who live in rather industrial areas of the world, where the rarest animal one might see is a pigeon with a broken leg, camels seem like a world away.

This isn’t what you expect when you throw all your savings into a safari holiday. Nowhere on your favorite last-minute booking website did anyone mention that having your head swallowed by a camel was part of the deal. But hey, isn’t surprise the best part of being on holiday? You never know what you’re going to get.

14 Thief Training

Via: Askideas

Oh, what cute little ducklings, you say? No harm can come of trying to pet their fluffy little tummies. But be warned! Their adorableness is but a distraction! They are, in fact, trained accomplices in crime.

It is up to them to melt their victim’s heart while their agile mother takes what she wants out of the consequently unattended handbag.

Who knew ducks were so good at manipulation? With geese as weapons and ducks as the brains behind the whole thing, this world could be in serious trouble. Let’s just hope poultry isn’t planning on taking us down anytime soon.

13 Yes, I Did It On Purpose. No, I Am Not Sorry.

Via: Twitter

Speaking of making us look foolish, here’s a good old cat prank. Despite their innocent exterior, cats can be a reincarnation of the devil when they wish to be. They make evil plans and carry them out with the sheer joy they get from making someone miserable.

It’s almost as if you can see them smirking when a teenager screams in fright or an overweight uncle sobs at the disappearance of his cupcakes. Or, in this case, when a baby finds himself covered in blue paint. Don’t be fooled - a cat’s pranks are not spontaneous. They are planned and rethought and reworked until they are ready to be carried out with perfect precision.

12 Retriever Down!

Golden retrievers are known for being the most loving dogs a person can have. They will protect your children as they would their own, they will welcome your guests with overexcited barks and they will play fetch for as long as you are prepared to toss that stick into the grass. Retrievers are loyal and trustworthy.

Or at least that's what we thought.

It would seem common decency doesn’t apply when it comes to your siblings. I mean, we have all wanted to do this a thousand times, but actually going forth with trying your brother in the toilet is taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

11 New Friends Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Via: Daily Haha

They say it’s okay to leave your kid in the car all day so long as you leave the windows cracked open and a sufficient supply of bottled water in the backseat. Well, something like that, anyway. In any case, no parent expects this to happen. And to be fair, it would be hard to prepare for such an event.

I’m sure this horse is totally friendly and just wants a new friend, but it would seem that sentiment isn’t exactly reciprocated. I suppose when you stick out your giant tongue at a perfect stranger, it can be seen as rude.

10 So Much For Obedience School

Via: Pinterest

So they can suck it up in class. They can pant enthusiastically upon arriving upon their classmates and sit when the instructor tells them to do so. They can even do that peculiar job over a mound of logs the other dogs have been demonstrating for the past two weeks.

But this doesn’t mean that your dog is taking his class seriously.

In fact, it is likely he blatantly disrespects everything about the ridiculous training he had to suffer through to get that certificate. Still, we have all studied hard just to get the grade or qualification we needed, despite having no interest in the class, so I guess we can relate.

9 There’s Always That One Friend…

We love our pets more than anything in the world, but let’s face it. They are naturally programmed for destruction. Which is why cat owners and, well, animal enthusiasts in general don’t bother bringing home any new furniture or decorations.

Cats in particular seem to know exactly when something is new. Perhaps it’s that store-bought smell or just their superior intelligence. In any case, it is a rule amongst felines like new sofa must be clawed until they look like battered tree trunks and anything vaguely resembling curtains or blinds must be climbed. That’s just the way it is.

8 Chocoholic

Via: Tumblr

Chocolate is one of those few things that can drive anyone insane. Not one of us would hesitate to throw our friends out of the way and/or trample young children if it meant getting closer to a golden chocolate fountain.

What we didn't know, however, was that birds played by the same rules.

So here’s a shout-out to the little white budgie who built up the courage to do what every one of us dreams of being able to do: literally taking a chocolate shower. After all, if you love something, just bathe in it. It’s sad we humans aren’t as free as the animals around us.

7 Two In One

While some dogs have trouble learning basic tricks, others pick up remarkably complex actions easily, such as opening car windows. Our of underestimation of your canine’s capacities, you may make the mistake of letting him stay in the back seat while the car goes through the car wash. After all, it’ll probably be fun for him watching the spinning washers and soapy suds.

Yet, somehow this pub’s survival instincts kicked it at the worst possible moment. Obviously he tried to escape, only to be hit with a whirlwind of car cleaner. At least that’s his monthly bath out of the way.

6 I’m Pretty Sure I’m Helping

Via: Pinterest

We were generally be less disappointed in our pets if it weren’t for romanticized fiction. Stories and movie plots make us believe the animals living with us genuinely care about our well-being and will do what they can to be there in our times of need.

We’ve all watched endless clips of dogs saving their owners from fires and cats alerting neighbors in case of a heart attack.

Yet, when it really comes down to it, animals seem to take more pleasure than anything else from watching us suffer. And yes, go so far as to stand on us as we throw up the last of our insides in the event of food poisoning. That’ll teach us to believe what we see on the big screen.

5 Don’t Fight The Raccoon

Via: Lolwot

Raccoons are sneaky little jerks. Some say that they are cute and rabbit-like, while others say they are evil creatures simply looking to go in for the food. It’s tricky to defend this critter. The malicious, crazed look in his eyes, the pointy teeth… It’s as if he was out in nature hunting for his prey.

It’s because of reasons like this that raccoons are so often avoided when seen. Pictures of these little trash pandas somehow all involve them unleashing their anger and ferocity on an innocent passerby. We never see photos of raccoons being civil. So hey, maybe it's best if we just keep our distance from them. A very far distance.

4 Thanks for That

Via: Pinterest

Animals are so grateful for everything we do for them. Well, sometimes they are. It would seem that the more freedom we give them, the less they care what we think. The more we try to spoil them, the more they feel the need to send us packing.

And as hard as we may try to give them the perfect house, it's usually a fruitless endeavor.

Because what they love most is shredding that decor. It’s often difficult to discern whether or not our animals even like us. It feels like we spend all our time horrified by what they can do so very carelessly. But maybe it doesn’t matter if they like us, because whether or not our feelings are reciprocated, we love them more than life itself.

3 If I Fits, I Sits

Via: Reddit

How many times have you seen your furry feline wriggle into a tiny shoebox? Or curl up, dainty little paws tucked in, in order to fit just perfectly on that sheet of paper?

We can buy them silky soft, brightly colored cat beds until we no longer have enough money to pay the rent. Our cats will always prefer to fall asleep in some bizarre position upon the rough surface of a scrap of rubbish left on the floor.

Or, in the case, in a jar of pretzels. It would seem cats have no sense of claustrophobia. In fact, they appear to be at their happiest when squashed into an inconvenient location. As long as they’re happy, I guess.

2 Give It Up

We wait all year for the summer to come around. The only reason we can stand going through the motions month after month is that we know we’ll soon be sitting lazily by the beach, ice cream in hand.

What we don’t expect, however, is to have that dream snatched away from us by a modern day pterodactyl.

Seagulls seem so innocent up there in the sky, flying aimlessly over the waters. Until one comes out of nowhere, with evil in its eyes, and snaps its beak around your ice cream cone. I’m not sure any of us would fight for our ice cream under these circumstances. I mean, his face says it all: he wants your chocolate-vanilla much more than you do.

1 Let’s Set Seal

Via: Imgur

The honeymoon phase is the most magical time of any relationship. It’s the one time you’re sure there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be than anywhere at all with the person you love most. And, apparently, with a stray seal.

This seal couldn’t look happier, or sweeter, which I guess is why he was allowed to stay. Well, that and the fact that he refused to leave. He clearly didn’t waste any time making himself at home; you’d think he was already a part of the family. How he got into the dinghy in the first place, however, we don’t know.

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