20 Animals That Just Can't Figure Out What Glass Is

Just like kids, animals apparently have a very hard time understanding certain concepts, like mirrors, glass and sleeping through the night (yeah, I'm looking at you, cats, that wake up their humans up at 3 AM, and my dog who wakes up in the middle of the night to eat!).

Of course, the results of animals getting confused by the mere existence of glass is pretty hilarious. Check out hilarious perfect moments caught on camera!

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19 The Cruelest Of Pranks


Poor dude. The owners were kinda mean to him but, not gonna lie, it's a pretty funny prank!

18 The Glass Bone


Yeah, sorry to say glass and/or glasses are not flexible, little dude.

17 The BBQ Torment


Poor guy, if he could only figure out a way to get out from under the table and actually enjoy a piece of that delicious BBQ...

16 The Pair Of Doors


He finally thought the had the whole glass window concept down and suddenly there's something else in his way. What kind of sorcery is this, human?

15 The Thirsty Cat


Yeah, you're getting nowhere doing that!

14 The Snack Grabber


Somehow this is just too funny!

13 The Double Checker


He really needed to make sure that there's no glass door blocking his way. He's made that silly mistake before and the results were not pretty.

12 The Inexistent Door


Huh, look at that, someone finally left the door open for him!

11 The Window Crasher


"Get out of here, you silly cat! This glass window will not protect you from my scary paws!"

10 The Hungry Dog


Is that door really that tasty, or are you just that hungry?

9  The Averted Accident


Had this kitty been a dog, he'd probably have destroyed that glass door. Thankfully, cats have better reflexes!

8 The Cat Attack


So, who's going to tell this guy that there's no way he'll be able to catch that furry toy if he keeps doing what he's doing?

7 The Feisty Pooch


He's daring to show you his teeth because somehow he knows you can't get to him as quickly.

6 The Squirrel Revenge


This is what happens when you clean your windows and glass doors too much – kittens have no idea what's going on!

5 The Scared Fella


"So the cat has been able to see me this entire time?! He can't get in here, right? He scares the crap out of me!"

4 The Silly Mistake


And it will probably happen again, and again, and again, because that dang human loves cleaning the glass door!

3 The Thirsty Kitten


Oh, cat! You do know there's actually a way to reach that glass of water, right? You're under the table, silly animal!

2 The Broken Door


Apparently he has no idea that there's no glass on that door. You're not stuck in there, pup, you can definitely get out!

1 The Mirror


LOL, this kitty seems to be a little bit confused about the whole glass/mirror situation!

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