20 Animals Who Know How To Beat The Heat

We've all had those moments where we are so hot, all we want to do is pant, splay ourselves out in the shade, and seek a cool treat. Everyone gets hot... even animals. It’s hard for humans to find a socially acceptable way to cool down at times. But these 20 animals have found great ways to beat the heat.

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19 Polly want an ice cream?

Via: Teen.com

You know birds like crackers, but ice cream is a much better way to beat the heat! There are a number of creatures that reach for ice cream first when it’s hot. Apparently birds are among them!

This bird’s beak must be extra hot since it’s a dark shade of black. It’s probably cracked and parched because of the dry heat. Since he doesn’t happen to have any chapstick handy, ice cream will have to do!


When it’s hot outside, the creamy, cool taste of ice cream never gets better. This smart bird is forgoing the spoon and going right for the heart of the ice cream first. It’s less likely others will want to share with her that way than if she eats politely.

18 Full relaxation

Via: ThinkProgress.com

One of the easiest ways to get cool is to simply stop moving. Bears have the market cornered when it comes to being lazy. They are known for laying on a hot rock and relaxing the day away when it’s good and hot outside.

This bear is as relaxed as he can get in the heat pressing down on his fur. Apparently, dogs aren’t the only animals that pant in the heat and this bear got caught in mid-pant with his tongue fully extended.

Via: GlensLife.com

Sometimes when it’s hot, you just have to grin and bear it. This bear is certainly baring it, right? Opening herself up to the slight breeze that comes through is the only way she’s making it through the hottest part of the day.

17 Sharing cool treats

Via: Israel21c.com

Who doesn’t want a frozen treat on a hot day? Eat something that cold and you instantly feel cool!

Meerkats with meal worm icy treats are certainly no longer hot. People enjoy icy treats, too (minus the meal worms). You’d think swinging around in the trees would keep them cool, but that only makes things worse. They look like they enjoy the icy treat enough that they would eat it in the winter. The challenge in the summer heat is to eat it faster than it melts.

Via: Teen.com

Frozen fruit is not only a healthy snack, but a cooling treat as well. It's odd to see an animal eat such a thing from a stick, but hey, we can't blame him! When it’s that hot, we’d eat just about anything frozen, too!

16 The big spray down

Via: MyTeenagerDays.com.ar

Elephants use their trunks for a variety of things, but when they're hot, surely the best use is a good spray down. If we all had trunks to use in this manner, no one would ever have to be hot again!

We’re used to thinking about elephants picking up peanuts with their trunks. Or even raising them up and letting out a loud elephant noise. But really, this is the most inventive and useful thing they do on the hot, summer days.

Via: Top10HQ.com

The best part about having an elephant for a mom is you don’t even have to spray yourself when you’re hot! Just continue eating and carrying on as normal and let mom do the work. She has a bigger trunk with a longer spray anyway!

15 Taking a cold shower

Via: Telegraph.co.uk

Not every animal has an elephant around to spray them down so when the temperature rises, they have to resort to a cold shower from the hose instead. It’s not always their favorite thing, but it sure beats being hot!

Birds enjoy bird baths, but they usually scatter into the trees for shelter when it rains. This owl doesn’t look all that happy with his shower, but he’s certainly happier than he was boiling hot a minute ago.

Via: Teen.com

Normally, pigs love mud, but when it's hot and sticky out, nothing beats a cold shower! You can tell they like it because of the grin on their snouts. With any luck, this cold shower will create some mud beneath them so they can have the best of both worlds!

14 An ice bath

Via: Pinterest.com

There are days when all you want to do is lay down in a big tub of ice. It doesn’t matter where you find it or where it’s been, it’s going to cool you down. These animals definitely have the right idea on a hot day.

This pooch sure looks cool now! We are left to wonder how the ice got on the driveway, but the dog doesn’t care one little bit. He simply took advantage of the situation at hand.

Via: Pinterest.com

So maybe it’s not practical for a polar bear to find a big chunk of ice on a hot day, but keep in mind that polar bears like it cold. Any day above freezing feels hot to them! This polar bear is lucky the ice is thick here so he can still cool down.

13 Frenzied popsicle licking

Via: WJBQ.com

Dogs aren't always the most patient creatures, especially when it comes to treats. But on a hot day, who can blame him from eating fast? Frenzied licking is the only way to cool down… and to eat as much of the treat as possible before it melts!

This popsicle tastes too cool and good to slow down, even inside. This pup has the right idea. Keep the tongue flapping at full speed and you’ll never have to worry about drips! No mess possible at this frenzied pace!

Via: Dogvotional.blogspot.com

Two popsicles, three dogs, one hot day... you do the math. Their tails are wagging and their tongues are operating full speed ahead! We just have to hope they notice when they reach the stick so that no one gets a splinter.

12 Fresh from the fridge

Via: Pinterest.com

When it's hot and you want to cool down, you enjoy the feeling of a cold drink in your hand as well as down your throat.

Is this pup’s owner out a can of Coke? Or, perhaps the puppy is acting like a can holder, trying to keep the can cool for the person who will eventually drink it. But he doesn’t look very willing or ready to share. He’s enjoying that cool can way too much.

Via: SolarNavigator.net

On the other hand, the camel went straight for the chug. He’s going to have one huge bubble in his hump after drinking the whole bottle. Watch out: camels not only spit, but also burp. But at least he’s feeling cooler now that he’s tended to his dry throat!

11 Under carriage spray

Via: ThenComesFamily.com

Who doesn’t like a good spray down after a long, sweaty afternoon in the sun? Some dogs like it up top, others like it underneath. Both get the cool down job done!

Certain areas sweat more than others and the fastest way to cool down is to spray yourself from every angle possible. This dog didn’t wait to get home to take a private shower in his own yard with the hose. He simply couldn’t wait that long. Instead, he decided he’d take what he could get, when he could get it.

Via: ForGifs.com

Wait for it… wait for it… attack! He gets a cool face and a nice, soothing drink at the same time… all while showing the sprayer who’s boss in this backyard! No hose will mess with him ever again!

10 Tub of beaver

Via: Teen.com

Beavers like to swim and on a hot day, they LOVE it... even if they have to resort to a bathtub.

Normally, you would see a beaver in a river, happily moving trees and branches from place to place in order to build a dam. But not today! It’s way too hot for this beaver to be at work. He left the river and forgot about the dam. Even a beaver deserves a day in the tub to relax, reset his fur, and try to stay cool.

Via: Flickr.com

It’s not an easy life, always busy building and all. But at least this beaver makes himself cool by staying in the water on a hot day. He might still have to work, but at least he’s completely immersed in water.

9 Dog party at the pool

Via: WJBQ.com

Can you imagine going to the pool, expecting to swim with family and friends only to find that dogs took over the water? It might not help you cool down, but at least the dogs are happy!

These dogs are so hot, they kicked all the humans out of the pool and took over the waters themselves! They are in the midst of organizing a doggy paddle race, so stay tuned for results.

Via: ReckonTalk.com

These puppies have not yet perfected panting in order to cool themselves down. In the meantime, they have to resort to water cool down methods. They look like they are lined up waiting for their first swimming lesson! No matter what the occasion, they are nice and cool and they look cute to boot!

8 Pig out and stay cool

Via: RichardAustinImages.wordpress.com

When you get hot, you may not think about pigs in order to help yourself cool down, but the fact of the matter is that pigs have a few great ways to cool down. Perhaps, we should take a lesson or two from their books.

Lesson #1: Get as much air circulation going as possible when you get hot. Just spread your limbs out like this pig. This is not a normal, socially acceptable position. There aren’t many places where you can just sprawl out and groan like this pig. If you did this at the beach, you’d get some looks. Hopefully, the pig took stock of where he is so he isn’t embarrassing himself. Oh wait, he’s a pig.

Via: Becuo.com

Lesson #2: Pigs love to wallow in mud any day, but on a hot day, there’s nothing better. You may turn up your nose at the idea, but if you’re really hot…

7 Air vent heaven

Via: Seniorgif.com

All air-conditioned spaces have something in common: they all have some type of air vent to blow the cool air into the room. When you’re really hot, finding that vent and enjoying the cool air as it comes out, fresh from the vent, is the absolute best.

There's nothing like cooling yourself directly over the air vent. It's enough to put a hot puppy right to sleep! The ear flapping phenomenon doesn’t seem to bother him a bit!

Via: Pinterest.com

In order to get more air than anyone else in the house, lay directly on the vent like this pooch. You get all of the benefits of the cool air in all the right places. Once you’re cooled down, you can share the air once again.

6 River otters stay cool naturally

Via: Pinterest.com

River otters are used to staying cool in the water, but swimming can be hard work! These otters found a nice, cool way to stay in the water without overheating.

Even the river can get too warm for comfort, but these river otters found a cool treat in this ice cold tunnel. Not every body of water is cool enough on a hot day. That’s why they had to move to this pipe. The water is fresh, cold, and shallow. It’s the perfect size for their long, narrow little bodies. They get to have fun on the slide portion of the tunnel and enjoy cool water at the same time.

5 Bears relax and chill out

Via: LifeofGuangzhou.com

Bears are known for being lazy creatures, at least during hibernation in the winter. During those hot summer months, they can also excel at moving as little as possible.

Pandas aren't too good to hold onto an iceberg when it's this hot and steamy outside. We hope, for his sake, that it doesn’t melt as fast as it could. He deserves to soak in every ounce of the cool wonder into his hot fur. With any luck, this panda will feel much better by the time it’s gone and fully melted.

Via: Animals-zone.com

Watching a bear do the back stroke isn’t something you see everyday. But on a hot day, there’s nothing a bear would rather do than lounge around in the river, floating away and staying cool.

4 Lick faster!

Via: RichardAustinImages.wordpress.com

On warm summer days, no one can eat ice cream fast enough. It’s way colder than the temperature outside and science gets the better of it. It melts! When one animal can’t lick fast enough, it’s always best to share.

Not every animal likes to share her food, but when given the choice to share or watch it melt, these gals choose the right path. The only question that remains is, who is going to get the cone once the cold treat is gone?

Via: LolIndian.com

Kitties love dairy treats and ice cream is no different than milk. Each has a paw on the cone to hold tight to their claim and both tongues are licking mightily. You can tell they are in love with this treat by the look on their faces.

3 Splay the fan

Via: Spi-global.com

Laying sprawled out can help on a hot day. Laying sprawled out by the fan... heaven! Almost everywhere has air conditioning these days, but do you remember when you were really hot and all you had was a fan? The breeze of the fan could be delicious on a hot summer day.

The art of using the fan could be mostly lost on the next generation, but this cat is keeping it alive in order to prove that some days, there’s nothing better than a good fan.

Via College-Humor

This cat is killing two birds with one stone. She’s cooling off by standing close to the fan and entertaining herself with the toy that she jammed inside it earlier!

2 Dogs perfect water submersion

Via: Pinterest.com

There's nothing like fighting a hot day in the cool pool. Find a comfortable position and settle in! We’ve all had times where we’ve sat in a pool to cool down. We may not want to actually swim or get our hair wet, but it’s too hot to sit out in the sun.

This dog looks too human-like with his seated position. His head it out of the water and he’s simply relaxing in the cool pool. We have to wonder if this is something he does on a regular basis or if he’s trying to get away with the act without anyone noticing.

Via: Funny-Pictures.com

This pooch can’t even find the energy to swim on a day like this. He stays cool by dipping his paw in the water and moving as little as possible.

1 Grin and fan it

Via: Teen.com

We've all sat close enough to a fan to make our voices sound funny. Now that many buildings have central air, fans are not as common for cooling down purposes. But they still come in handy from time to time!

This pooch is enjoying the fan too much to talk. He just has to smile instead! Eventually, once he’s finally cool, he might just lie down and take a much-deserved nap by this cool fan.

Via: Fansided.com

This dog was born cool. He doesn’t have to do anything but put on his shades and act like his normal, every day, cool self. Eye protection is important to a dog. She doesn’t want to damage her eyes on a sunny day! In reality, she simply wears shades to be a different kind of cool.

When it's hot, it's good to know that animals have found a way to cool themselves down. After all, many of them wear fur coats year round! We're all hot at times, but it's nice to have a few extra tips to cool down when the temperature rises. Some of the tips are a bit more socially acceptable in public than others, but hey, if you get hot enough, you won't be below using some of these tricks either!

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