20 Animals Who Understand The Monday Blues

The Monday blues are not exclusive to people, you know? After a weekend of fun and games, getting back to regular activities can be annoying for pets as well! Don't judge – Chasing their tails and bringing home dead mice can be pretty tiring, alright?

Check out these dogs and cats that have just had enough of those dang Mondays.

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20 Completely Bored

Look me into the eyes #rainyday #sadcat

A post shared by Wen (@wen____l) on

"It's not even 9 AM and I'm already hating you more than usual. Don't blame me, blame the Mondays."

19 You Again

When I realize it's Monday... #saddog 週末終わっちゃったなぁ… #MondayMutta

A post shared by Mutta (@mutta_frenchie) on

"Why can't Mondays just leave me alone for like a week or something?"

18 Thoughtful

"The thing is, I just don't get it. Why do Mondays even exist? They have no purpose in life, everybody hates them... Ugh, so complicated!"

17 Better Days

"Not only is it Monday, but I'm also paying the consequences of what my human called my 'reckless actions' over the weekend. I'm not a happy camper right now."

16 Time To Wake Up

"I said no photos while I'm sleeping, human! You're such a creep sometimes..."

15 Five More Minutes

"That's figurative speech, of course. By five more minutes I mean 24 more hours."

14 Monday Again

"I see that my plan to end Mondays has failed again. I shall try again another day when I'm not as tired."

13 Nothing Is As Fun As It Used To Be

Not getting out of bed today...

A post shared by Alice the Pug (@alicethepug13) on

"Why, Monday, why can't you be more like Sunday? I remember it like it was just yesterday – I was running free, fetching the ball... and now I'm trapped in the car."

12 "What day is it?"

"What do you mean it's Monday? I thought I specifically told you not to wake me up on Mondays! Dumb human..."

11 Bath Day

"Are you still wondering why I hate Mondays so much? If I have to go through this one more time, I swear, someone will pay!"

10 Not Feeling It

"Dude, it's Monday. I told you already I don't do anything on Mondays."

9 Sleeping Until The Last Second

"This is why I don't drive, at least I get to sleep for a few more minutes on the ride to work every Monday."

8 The Chaser

"Could you chase the mice and birds today for me? I just don't feel like it."

7 "Don't leave me."

"See? This is why I hate Mondays. You're always going, going, going and I just stay here and eat your shoes. That's just not fair."

6 Monday Grinch

"My heart will not be growing two sizes today, or any other Monday, thank you very much."

5 The Partier

"Can't. Get. Up. That party was craaaaaaaaaaazy, dude!"

4 Siblings

"Here, you help me mess up with his work, I'm too tired to press that many keys on my own today."

3 Walk Of Shame

Sad ride home from the vet. #coneofshame #puppy #saddog #Georgia

A post shared by Nafeesa Karim (@nafeesakarim) on

"I had so much fun last weekend that I never thought this could happen to me! Dang Mondays..."

2 Don't Say It

Camo kitty is sad. #cayenne #sadcat #firstworldproblems #kibblesonhermind

A post shared by Chris (@christineteix) on

"If I have to hear the word 'Monday' one more time..."

1 Mondays Be Like...

Me right now. #sleepydog

A post shared by Giorgia Sinibaldi (@thegirlwhocriedonce) on

"If you don't carry me outside, I swear I'm gonna pee right here right now. I refuse to get up today!"

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