20 Attractive Pics Of The Ladies Of Vanderpump Rules

Reality TV junkies are always into the best Bravo shows. Vanderpump Rules is a fan favorite with plenty of drama to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The ladies on the show always look good, but it’s their relationships that are even more exciting to watch. From break-ups to breakdowns, there’s never a moment that’s even remotely boring.

Speaking of the ladies, they are all gorgeous in their own way. Part of the show’s success is seeing these gals get dressed up, dolled up, and done up in ways most women could only try to achieve. They are super fashionable and fun, always letting loose and leaving little to the imagination.

These 20 hot pics of the ladies of Vanderpump Rules prove just how pretty they all are. Fans already realize this, but for those who’ve never tuned in, they are sure to be interested after seeing these sassy snapshots.

20 Stassi Looks Super

Via: nrttoday.com

Stassi is always stylish, and this pic is no exception. Her fashion-forward sensibilities are always on point, and her pics come out amazing. This pretty black dress is a prime example of her awesome wardrobe, and when she puts something on, she’s confident and chic. Leave it to Stassi to make a statement as she sits with her back to the mirror.

19 Triple Threat

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These three babes are having a ball in their colorful outfits and fun-loving attitudes. Lala is going green with a wig that’s wild, and the other two are brilliant in bold colors that bring out their best qualities. Dressing up is always a blast, and these gals are making the most of their party time.

18 A View From The Top

Via: eonline.com

Scheana is stylish as she stands high above the crowds and gives the camera a gaze of sensuality. Her wet-looking hair is perfect for this party, and her outfit is not for the prudish. With her late-night vibe and overall attitude, this lady is looking for a good time. She’s about to have an evening she won’t soon forget.

17 Selfie Supreme

Via: blushinginhollywood.com

Stassi is great at taking selfies, and this close-up shot shows off her fab features and beautiful blue eyes. She’s always sharing pics on social media, this way her fans can see what she’s up to. They like to see her fashion choices and read her fun captions to keep them occupied.

16 Double Trouble

Via: cheatsheet.com

While they are out for the evening at what looks like a special event, Lala and Scheana are styled impeccably. They are both fashionable and looking fantastic, each with their own signature style. As they pose for their picture, both ladies are looking their best. There’s no one on the show that is “so so” in any way.

15 The Fab Four

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This fine-looking foursome is nothing short of fantastic. They look amazing in their cute outfits, and when they all get along, things are even better. Fans of the show know these gals often get into arguments, but they wind up making up and having tons of fun. Not to say we don’t enjoy the drama.

14 Gorgeous Gals

Via: cheatsheet.com

Brittany and Katie are looking great as they lean in for their pic. With her big smile, Brittany is like a ray of sunshine, and Katie’s cat-eye look is perfect. These gals tend to get along well, and their relationship is important to them. Now that Brittany is married like Katie is, they have even more in common.

13 Ice Cold Costumes

Via: hayu.com

Stassi and Ariana are ice queens in their intricate matching costumes. They look fantastic, and all the work put in surely paid off. From their tiaras to their all-over jewels, they’re bedazzled and beautiful. It’s cool to see how they transformed from everyday California girls into living works of art.

12 Cold Shoulder

Via: bustle.com

This open-back lace dress is dazzling, and Ariana wears it well. She looks over her shoulder with a sensual smoldering stare, and her many fans must adore her attractiveness. As she poses for the paparazzi, she knows she’s looking better than good. Her boyfriend, Tom would be the first to agree.

11 Beach Babes

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Life’s a beach for these beautiful babes. As the ladies walk along the sand in their swimsuits, they soak up the sun and work on their summer tans. Both are wearing stylish sunglasses and spend the day doing whatever they want. With time off to relax and unwind, there’s no need to make any plans.

10 A Pooch And Two Princesses

Via: allthingsrh.com

Lisa runs the show at her restaurants, and the younger cast members are her real-life employees. She’s always doting on her dogs, and this pampered pooch is one lucky pet. There’s always so much going on in everyone’s life, so it’s nice to see these women stop for a sec to smile.

9 Cheers To Three Cuties

Via: cheatsheet.com

These gals don’t always get along, but for the moment, Lala, Stassi, and Kristen are actually pals. They are toasting to their good fortune, and there’s plenty of that to go ‘round. They are successful on the show, and their fame is only rising. Bottom’s up to whatever the future may hold for these hotties.

8 Party Atmosphere

Via: timessquaregossip.com

It looks like Stassi is ready to have a fun time at what looks like a lively party. She’s dressed beautifully, and her rich red lips pop for the camera. Her golden blonde hair is wavy and shiny, and that smile is a sight to see. With all the fun these gals have on the show, it’s no surprise that Stassi is happy.

7 Fanny Pack Fun

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Fanny packs are often considered “uncool,” but Stassi is changing the bad reputation the carry-all normally gets. With her cool vibe and sassy attitude, she’s taking the fanny pack to a whole new level. Ladies from all over will start to wear one once they see how cool Stassi looks with hers around her waist.

6 Lucky Seven 

Via: nbcubravostage.apps.nbcuni.com

These seven sensational reality TV stars are all together and looking lovely. Each has her own style, and as a group, they’re gorgeous. It looks like they’re on set of Andy Cohen’s late-night Bravo show, so that means they’re dishing the dirt about their drama. Andy never fails to get his guests to confess.

5 Sporting Shades

Via: usmagazine.com

Brittany and Lala are each wearing a pair of cool sunglasses, showing off their fashionable style. They are enjoying a day outdoors, perhaps grabbing a bite for lunch or doing some shopping. While they are out and about, there is no doubt that fans will see them and want a selfie.

4 The Beautiful Brittany

Via: pinterest.com

Jax is one lucky fella to have landed a lady like Brittany. Not only is she super sweet, but her looks are lovely. Her hair is amazing in this pic, with golden honey tones and lots of shine. She may not be the one to bring the dirt and drama to the show, but her positive energy brings the group together.

3 Group Shot With A Supermodel

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

It looks like the ladies of Vanderpump Rules have a famous fan who’s excited to take a pic with the pretty gals. Chrissy Teigen is a big-time star, but she seems more excited to meet this cute cast. As they all smile for the camera, it’s a fun memory the ladies will look back on when they’re old and grey.

2 Rocking The Red Carpet

Via: realityTVworld.com

Scheana is well-styled and posing for her pic as she stands on the red carpet. She may be on a reality show, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a TV star. She’s got fans from all over the world who are impressed with her talent, and as we see here, she gets to go to special events within the industry.

1 Naughty By Nature

Via: nbcubravoprod.apps.nbcuni.com

Kristen and Stassi are posing for an interesting pic while out in the trees. They are wearing large jewels and colorful dresses, and each lady looks like a million bucks. Before they were on the show, no one knew a thing about them, but now that they are famous, their lives are an open book. Pics like these give fans something to look at until the next season airs.

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