20 Awkward Pregnancy Things Doctors Don't Tell Dads

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, to everyone who is not pregnant. They see the miracle of life forming and it puts them in awe, and they marvel at this new life coming into the world. Women who are pregnant, see it as something completely different. They see it as uncomfortable, beautiful and a bit awkward.

The dad-to-be’s are also there, but they have a passenger-side seat to one of the wildest rides of their life. They are often in the dark about what is going on and what they should do to try and help their partner through it.

They also are not always the best when it comes to dealing with the messier side of pregnancy, and there are some things that doctors may keep from them to spare them the details. We are unveiling 20 awkward moments of pregnancy that dad-to-be's are just not prepared for.

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20 Multiple Exit Points


When we say multiple exit points, we don’t mean how the baby comes into the world. We mean during pregnancy the fact that a woman can both throw up and go to the bathroom at the same time.

It is hard to maintain control of body functions when pregnant and it all becomes one big mess.

19 Inappropriate Eating


Men will often gain weight when their partner is pregnancy because she is eating more, and when she eats, he eats.

Men may not be prepared for the amount of food that a woman eats when she is pregnant. It may surprise him to see her scarf down and entire container of pickles or ice cream, or even both.

18 All The Throwing Up


Morning sickness is not an accurate name, because it is not limited strictly to the morning. Women who are pregnant can find themselves throwing up at any point of the day. Or, they may just throw up the entire day, for weeks.

Men are not prepared for this, they see it as just running to the bathroom in the morning and that is it. They are not expecting the frantic run in the middle of the grocery store at dinner time.

17 Awkward Dreams


Doctors do not warn fathers that their safety at night may be at risk, thanks to their pregnant partner. Pregnancy can bring on some pretty wild dreams. Dreams that usually involve a significant other because we spend so much time with them.

Husbands and boyfriends need to be careful of slaps and kicks in the night, in case mom-to-be is having a dream that is not so favourable.

16 One Word … Gas!


Gas is one of the most awkward moments in pregnancy, but every woman goes through it. Thanks to hormones, everything is a bit looser and there is a bigger chance that mom will have some pretty bad gas.

The worst part is, she may not have the best control when it comes to holding it in. Dad may need a good gas mask for a while.

15 What Baby Kicks Really Mean


Baby kicks may be one of the most beautiful moments in pregnancy, and it is where dad-to-be feels like he can participate. He can’t wait until the can feel his baby kick from the inside, it is a special moment.

However, baby kicks can also get pretty intense and they can be a bit unsettling to dad. They expect this beautiful moment, and it ends up looking like an alien trying to escape.

14 Strangers Hands


Most men don’t like when someone looks or touches their partner without permission, and this can become very awkward for a man who is about to be a dad.

Strangers love pregnant women and they always want to touch the belly. Even if mom doesn’t mind too much, there is a large chance that dad will mind. He may not know how to respond when this happens.

13 All The Crying


No one likes to see someone they love cry, they want to do anything to make them feel better. There is a lot of crying in pregnancy, and that is thanks to hormones. It is not crying that can be explained, it just happens.

Anything can trigger it and dad-to-be may be left getting frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do to make his partner feel better.

12 Impossible To Go


If no one has had a problem going to the bathroom, they may never understand the pain and discomfort that comes with constipation.

Thanks to hormones, this happens a lot to women who are pregnant. It is an awkward situation when mom-to-be is grumpy and she explains that she hasn’t been able to go to the bathroom in a week, how does anyone even respond to that?

11 Men Just Don’t Understand Hormones


Hormones play such a big part in pregnancy and men are often let not understanding what all the changes are in his partner.

Hormones can chance the appearance of women as well, it can cause some darkening of the skin all over the body which can be awkward or anyone to bring up in a conversation.

10 “Why Does She Hate Me?”


Unfortunately, the partner of a pregnant person will be the target of a lot of their pregnancy rants. Hormones can make a pregnant woman a little testy, and the uncomfortableness doesn’t help either.

This can mean that a pregnant woman may lash out and snap at her husband a lot and if he doesn’t understand what is happening it can be very confusing.

9 Careful When She Coughs, Or Sneezes!


Incontinence is not something anyone wants to deal with, and it is normally something people associate with babies and the older generation.

It can be really awkward when it happens to your pregnant wife, and it will. When she nears the end of her pregnancy, a cough or sneeze may cause a little accident. It will be worse if this is not her first pregnancy.

8 The Depression Catches Him Off Guard


Depression has a lot of stigma attached to it, and when it is found in a pregnant woman it is even more so. Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, so it is hard to imagine why she would be depressed.

This is again due to hormonal changes, and it can be very awkward for dad-to-be. He wants to help but there is little he can do.

7 Swelling Is Just Off-Putting


Swelling is something that comes hand in hand with pregnancy and it can be alarming. This normally happens near the end of the pregnancy and the size of a woman’s feet can be quite surprising.

This can make a husband feel a little awkward as he is not sure what is happening, and he knows better than to ask his wife about it. Just don’t bring it up.

6 The Brain Gets All Foggy


Pregnancy brain is a real thing, and many women experience it. They may find themselves doing silly things, like placing the jug of milk in the cupboard.

Men find this odd and it is definitely awkward to bring up. The best thing to do is just fix the blunders you find, instead of bringing it up to your wife.

5 Awkward Moments In The Shower (It’s Not What You Think)


This one seems like it may be a little saucy, but it’s not. Due to hormones and prenatal vitamins, there are a lot of changes that can happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Her hair can grow in thicker and faster, and she may lose some of it in the shower. Don’t be surprised if you go in the shower and there are stray hairs stuck to the shower walls.

4 Bad Breath


Pregnancy hormones effect the mouth a lot more than people realize, and this can cause some bad breath. This is one of the most awkward moments in pregnancy.

Dad-to-be doesn’t want to point out that his wife has bad breath, and he sure doesn’t want to just hand over a breath mint, that is a clear giveaway.

3 Everything Itches


The skin stretches a lot in pregnancy, it has to in order to make sure there is room for the growing baby. However, this can cause some itchy skin and that is never comfortable.

If your partner asks you to scratch their entire body, just do it. Better yet, run to the store and get some good moisturizer which can help take some of the itch away.

2 It Changes Colour?!?


This is one of the most surprising pregnancy changes. A woman’s lady parts can change colour during pregnancy. This one is definitely awkward for the dad’s, they don’t want to bring it up, but they have no clue that this is normal.

It is due to the changes in the flow in the body, which can make it look a little blue duringpregnancy.

1 So Much Sweating!


It may be the middle of winter, but your pregnant wife may be sweating buckets. This is normal, and again due to hormones, but it can be a bit awkward.

Get all the fans in the house and point them right at her. Do anything to help keep her cool while she grows your little baby.

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