20 Baby Outfits So Ugly They Should Be Illegal

It seems to be pretty common for parents to have a few fashion glitches when they shop for baby clothes and wind up accidentally purchasing something that’s truly ugly looking.

Thankfully, most parents have friends or relatives to tell ‘em straight up that their choices are ugly and should either be returned to the store ASAP or to just light a bonfire and toss the clothes inside.

In other cases, they either don’t have anyone to be bold enough to criticize their fashion ideas for the baby or everyone else for some reason thinks that the hideous outfit is actually cute when it’s not.

Below is a collection of unfortunate kiddos that got stuck living with parents that are fashioned-challenged.

20 Jamie Fraser Laughs At The Kilt Attempt

Via: Imgur

Okay, that weird-looking shade of pink dress and the kid with some random band aid across the bridge of the nose is facepalm worthy in its own right, but that tartan onesie really takes the cake.

Unless tartan is worn by Jaime Fraser from Outlander, it’s not exactly a good look and no amount of frilly lace around the collar is going to make it look good.

19 This Kid Is Horrified By The Parents' Lack Of Fashion Sense

Via: Imgur

Given the look on the baby’s face, it’s pretty clear that he knows the outfit he’s wearing is the ugliest looking thing he’s even seen in his life thus far.

Sure, infants need to stay warm but that sweater is hilariously oversized to the point where the kid’s probably wondering if his parents simply took his grandpa’s sweater and shrank it in the washer.

18 Too Foo-Foo For Everyone's Tastes

Via: Instagram

Seriously, did the designer channel Walt Disney’s ghost and vomit up that dress? That thing is honest to goodness hideous.

Between the sparkly satin top with the bow in the back that’s bigger than the poor baby girl’s head, the layers of tulle and the faux fur, this isn’t a dress—this is an eyesore.

17 Alice In Wonderland Demands Her Dress Back

Via: Instagram

Really, what on Earth was up with this father’s fashion style? This looks like a piss-poor attempt at dressing this kid up like the original Disney animated movie version of Alice In Wonderland.

The fuzzy (and itchy-looking) blue jacket and lace bib only add to the amount of cringe contained within this photo.

16 Hold Off On The Costumes Till It's Halloween

Via: Instagram

Okay parents, it’s cool that you guys are total Disney geeks but let’s hold off on immediately dressing an INFANT up like your favorite character and taking a cheesy photoshoot.

The knitted cowboy hat is truly the piece de resistance—why not just get a regular-sized cowboy hat and put it next to him? Or, y’know, wait till he’s older and buy a regular Halloween costume.

15 Santa Claus Is Cackling Right Now

Via: Pinterest

Between the ugly AF green velour overalls and the clashing candy cane-esque long-sleeved shirt, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus would take one look at this child before running away screaming in horror at his outfit.

Alos, elf booties? REALLY? This poor child is going to rip this photo to shreds when he grows up and becomes a teenager.

14 Lady Gaga Is Cringing Right Now

Via: Imgur

If that little baby could speak eloquently at this point in her life, she’d look down at what she’s wearing, look at her parents and be like “this outfit sucks ass.”

The leggings aren’t too bad, but that long-sleeved pink shirt and overly fuzzy faux fur white vest are really too much. Then again, considering mom can’t apply eyeshadow correctly, guess this is to be expected.

13 Creepy Halloween Costume Is Creepy

Via: Imgur

Marine life like squid are already creepy AF, so why in the hell would any parent want to dress a baby—who are notorious for being weird-looking at times—up like something like that for Halloween?

Like damn, the fake eyes of the squid are super freaky looking when compared to the baby underneath and let’s not talk about the fake legs. It ain’t right and it ain’t natural.

12 Get Along Little Cowboy

Via: Baby Center

New parents usually tend to enjoy Halloween because they get to have a bit of fun when it comes to picking their little one’s costume.

This outfit though is so basic, so itchy-looking and so cheesy that it makes one want to reach through the screen and set it on fire. Really, a cowgirl? That poor child, her parents clearly have no imagination.

11 Vomit-Colored Onesie

Via: Baby Center

Uhhh…was the designer of this onesie recovering from the stomach virus from hell when they came up with the color scheme for this thing?

That green looks EXACTLY like the color of vomit and clashes terribly with the black and pink polka dots. The fabric they used and the cut makes it clear that whatever poor child that is forced to wear this will look like an Oompa-Loompa to boot.

10 What In Tarnation

Via: Instagram

Davy Crockett, is this you?

Jokes aside, why the hell would a parent even think to themselves “Ah yes, let me purchase a furry hat that Davy Crockett would wear,” let alone humiliating that poor child by putting him out in public wearing a tacky blue plaid shirt with the furry hunter cap? Save the hat for Halloween, damn.

9 Even Baby Knows This Outfit Is Fug

Via: Instagram

Holy clashing patterns and colors Batman, Anna Wintour would start weeping if she saw this baby’s getup.

The black and white striped shirt clashes TERRIBLE with the foo-foo skirt; who honestly looks at the shirt and goes “Cool, a floral pattern that doesn’t match the top will be the piece de résistance of the outfit?” Don’t they know that if you pick a pattern, stick to solid colors in terms of a dress?

8 Ditch The Drab Colors

Via: Instagram

Why is it all the rage to dress a poor, unsuspecting infant up in hideously drab colors that not even an elderly woman would dare to wear and attach all sorts of doo-dads in a photoshoot?

This weird pink-brown outfit is hideous and given the side-eye she’s giving, pretty sure the kiddo knows it. Also, why the heck is she wearing a backpack? She’s a little too young to go to school and that looks like a good way to mess up a baby’s back.

7 Tigger Says That's A Pumpkin Not A Child

Via: Baby Center

The Tigger onesie all by itself would be a fairly cute outfit for an infant, but the orange sweater is just overkill and really needs to be ripped off of the baby ASAP.

With that ugly orange sweater, the poor child went from looking like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh to a demented Halloween pumpkin.

6 Picasso Gives Y'All Major Side Eye For This Mess

Via: Instagram

Dear sweet flying spaghetti monster that dress is tacky AF because it looks like someone just glued fabric triangles all over. Definitely feels as if the designer half-assed this.

The giant lavender bow also clashes terribly with the dark teal, gold and pink sand colors too. Why not just find a teal bow and call it a day?

5 Future Can-Can Dancer Ahoy

Via: Pinterest

Is it bad that at first glance that this outfit looks totally should have been in a music video for Barry Manilow’s Copacabana?

Like, are the parents big Manilow fans and decided to dress their poor child up as a bloody showgirl? C’mon folks, that girl is practically drowning in tulle and that bow is way too big for her head.

4 Dogs Will Urinate On This Hideous Piece Of Trash

Via: Baby Center

There are so many questions about this get-up but the main one is why the designer thought it would be a-okay to put a weird-looking dog’s head on a shirt and have a child wear matching pajama bottoms? Because y’know that doesn’t look awkward AF at all.

Who bought this for their child? Their poor kid is going to have nightmares about this hideous thing for the rest of their damn lives.

3 Victorian Era Wants Its School Uniforms Back

Via: Instagram

Unless these kids are extras in a television show or a movie about an old Victorian home populated by the ghosts of creepy-ass children, burn those hideous smock outfits.

Not only are they drab as all hell, but they look like someone made ‘em out of an old pillowcase that grandma and grandpa had in their closet moldering away.

2 Hamburgerler Is A Proud Dad

Via: Baby Center

Uhhh, do these parents not realize that no, this black and white striped onesie is NOT cute and it makes the kid look like the son of the Hamburgerler?

Seriously, all this kiddo needs is a black mask and a black cowboy hat. Get something more colorful on this poor child ASAP!

1 Steve Irwin's Ghost Must Be Facepalming So Hard

Via: Baby Center

This baby outfit looks like someone is desperately hoping their little one will be the new Steve Irwin or something—can we say “tacky?” Oh, I think we can!

Camouflage just isn’t a good look for ANYONE unless you have to wear it as part of your job but the top part with all of its ridiculous doo-dads just adds to the facepalm worthy-ness of this getup.

Sources: Baby Center, Instagram, Imgur

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