20 Bakers Who Just Can't Follow Instructions

From misspelling names to taking the instructions a little too literal, these bakery disasters will have you laughing out loud. Hopefully, these following 20 bakers can actually bake better than they decorate!

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20 Find the Toenail

Via: oola.com

Either this is a cruel joke or the baker was trying to put a unique twist on the king cake.

19 Congratulations Cat Head

Via: t.now.msn.com

It’s always better to type out instructions in case your handwriting is not that great. Otherwise, a baker may interpret “cap on head” as “cat on head.”

18 I Want Sprinkles

Via: theperfectdetails.com

At least this graduate knows what she wants out of life. Some simple sprinkles are not too much to ask for unless you order from this bakery, of course.

17 Communication is Key

Via: oola.com

Let’s hope this guy has better luck communicating with this girlfriend than the baker. Not only did they write out the instructions, but they also misspelled “underneath.” At least they made sure the sprinkles were “around the edges” as requested. They also get extra points for the random fondant fairy riding a carrot in the corner.

16 Huge Hugs

Via: cakewrecks.com

This guy isn’t trying to ask anyone to marry him. He just wants a hug . . . a HUGE hug, according to the baker who decorated this cake.

15 Proof in the Pudding

Via: giveitlove.com

No wonder they requested proofreading with this spell fail! Maybe the baker didn’t understand the instructions since “prooffreed” is not a word.

14 Fit for a Queen

Via: cakewrecks.com

We can only hope that this erotic princess cake was made for a bachelorette party and not a child’s birthday.

13 X-Rated Web

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Spiderman has either fallen down or is doing a push-up. Otherwise, his behavior is inappropriate for this kid’s party.

12 Drunken Decorator

Via: i.huffpost.com

This is an impressive looking cake, but unfortunately, the wording overshadows the design. The baker copied the instructions in fondant, is guessing this birthday will be a happy one, or drank some of the Jack Daniel’s while working on it.

11 Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls, Oh My!

Via: pinterest.com

You can’t totally blame the baker if “ghosts, goblins and ghouls” were actually spelled “goats, goblins and booze.” Whether intentional or not, it also looks like the goats are pooping.

10 Pumpkin Poop

Via: oola.com

Speaking of poop, the big turd on top totally ruined this beautifully-made pumpkin cake.

9 Merry Missed It

Via: cakewrecks.com

Another tragic case of writing out the instructions as well as not following them. Perhaps it can be interpreted as missing Roxanne on Christmas?

8 Olympic Oops

Via: cre8tivegroup.com

Holidays aren’t the only cause for celebration. Luckily for this baker, the Olympics only comes around every few years, so he or she should have time to practice actually drawing out the rings for next time.

7 Bowel Blunder

Via: cakewrecks.com

The funniest misspells are those that bring a whole different meaning, like this piece of potty humor. The fact that it also says, “Go, Go, Go” makes it even better.

6 Big Purple Balls

Via: cakewrecks.com

Poor Coach Tom got big purple balls instead of the cake. Perhaps he should have gotten a pre-season physical with the rest of the team.

5 Baby Slayer Welcome

Via: failblog.org

It looks like someone should have shortened the guest list a little for this baby cake (and brought weapons for guests to protect themselves against the baby slayer).

4 Weeding Day

Via: amusingplanet.com

This wedding shower cake isn’t much better. It must have rained real showers because the bride’s apparently got a hard row to hoe.

3 Mr. & Mrs. PMS

Via: cakewrecks.com

Here’s a subtle glimpse into what married life will look like, for better or worse depending on what time of the month it is.

2 Custom Photo Confusion

Via: guff.com

This is what happens when the baker doesn’t know how to use a USB drive. At least it’s an exact replica.

1 No-Bake Cake

Via: kidspot.com.au

No matter how bad you mess up, you can never fail if you just don’t try. That’s the motto behind this bake-it-yourself treat. (Hopefully, the birthday boy or girl is vegan.)

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