20 Behind The Scenes Pics That Completely Change Big Bang Theory

Love it or hate it, CBS knew they had a hit television show when The Big Bang Theory started pulling in high ratings by the truckload. While it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the sitcom revolving around two brilliant Cal-Tech physicists and their quirky circle of friends lasted 12 seasons and went out with a bang of their own this past spring. While it was a bitter-sweet exit for Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, and Amy, the actors were more than happy to share their behind-the-scenes experiences with their fanbase.

But does having a peak and what made the wheel spin change the way one would see the show in general?

Here are 20 behind-the-scenes pictures that make us both love the show and the cast more, but also makes us question what we saw on a weekly basis.

20 Just A Couple Of Exes Goofing Around


If you didn’t know it already, both Kaley Cuoco (Penny) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) both dated in real life for a while. Now while it worked out for both their characters (who FINALLY got married in the last few seasons), the romance between the two actors didn’t, but the friendship was alive and well and very close.

19 Just A Little Stage Direction


Sometimes, it can seem sort of weird to see some of our favorite actors taking stage direction from the crew – but that’s the job. Here, we have Melissa Rauch taking some direction while in the “Howard’s bedroom” set while Simon Helberg appears to be on the phone in the background. OH, SO YOU’RE NOT ONE TO LISTEN TO STAGE DIRECTION, HOWARD?

18 Was Shooting Scenes Like This Difficult Once They Were Broken Up?


We have to wonder if shooting intimate scenes between Penny and Leonard following the breakup of Kaley and Johnny was particularly difficult. Both have spoken out before and said that “no, it wasn’t” and both of them moved on to date others and eventually get married (Kaley). Every scene between the two appear very authentic and shows that they really are good friends.

17 "So...The Tie Doesn't Look Good?"


If you work on a show for over a decade, you begin to treat your friends like family and eventually they DO become family, which makes for an easy flow behind the scenes. As you can see here, Kunal Nayyar is getting some fashion advice (well, more like a fashion advice FACE) as he prepares for a formal scene.

16 Just A Big, Happy Family


If you follow any of the cast members on IG or Twitter, you understand how close they actually are. They would have to be to make their chemistry so easy and effortless. It must have been hard for Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) to come in after the friendship had already been established for the other four, but it seemed to work perfectly.

15 Johnny Galecki Looks Like He Doesn't Agree With What's On That Page


Read-throughs and dry-runs are common when it comes to shooting a sitcom – every show has to do it. But this one appears to be a rather interesting scene: the four main guys standing around as they go over the script, while Johnny wears a more than interesting expression on his face. Was he irritated? Or just struggling to see the page?

14 Looks Like A Live Version Of The Theme Song


If you’re a fan of the show, you know that the band Barenaked Ladies sing the theme song, and if you’re a DIE HARD fan, you’ll know all the lyrics, regardless of how fast they appear to go. The entire cast and crew are close with them and they even starred on the show more than a few times, and even sing at their cast parties.

13 Exes Can Be Besties?


We know that Kaley can be friends with her exes in real life, but can Penny be friends with her exes on the SHOW? If you watch the show, you know she can. Thus explaining the appearance of Zack Johnson (Brian Thomas Smith), the lovable “not-so-bright” ex of Penny’s who would randomly pop up now and then.

12 Fangirling Over Luke Skywalker


In the final season of the show, we know that (SPOILER ALERT) both Sheldon and Amy tie the knot, and who officiates the ceremony? None other than Luke Skywalker himself. That’s right, Mark Hamill, playing himself, ends up officiating the wedding after part of the gang retrieve his beloved lost dog. As you can see, it was a trip for the entire cast to have him there.

11 And Fanboying Over Stephen Hawking


For a few episodes over the years, the cast and crew were graced to have the late Stephen Hawking guest star on the show. And, just like Sheldon and everyone else did, the entire cast and crew fangirled over his presence and said nothing but nice things about the beloved wonder.

10 Just Paling Around On The Set


If you follow either of their IG pages, you’ll know that Kaley and Johnny enjoy paling around on the set and even off the set (though this appears to be taken on the lot where they shoot The Big Bang Theory). We don’t know why or what they were doing there, but it looks like they had a heck of a time together.

9 Wait, They're Close In Real Life?


Poor Stuart (Kevin Sussman) – he can never seem to catch a break when it comes to the ladies or to…well, really anything in life. At least, that’s how it is on the show. In real life, Kevin appears to be close with the entire cast despite his character being an outcast of sorts. It can always be difficult coming in to work with a group of already close people.

8 Working The Boards (So It's Not Sheldon Who Does Them?)


A lot of the controversy that Big Bang Theory sometimes hits is when Sheldon and Leonard’s “theories” are brought up – mainly the math and science equations around their apartment and offices. Most fans have often noted that even the simplest ones are often wrong, so people often step in in order to fix them.

7 Yawn Or Laugh?


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether an extremely happy and fun-loving Kaley is either laughing (chances are since she’s extremely hilarious, we’ll go with laughing here) or yawning when the camera awkwardly catches her in such a light. It almost looks like she’s sneezing to me, but only Kaley can answer this question.

6 Director Kaley


Judging by the looks on the faces around her, Kaley appears to be having a little too much fun behind the scenes of the Emmy-Award winning show. Thing is, Kaley is also a producer as well as an actress and founded Yes, Norman Productions (which was named after her own dog) so we expect some big things from her soon.

5 Who Are They Cheering?


It’s clear here that this photo was taken during The Big Bang Theory’s earlier seasons (and this is completely judged based on Penny’s Cheesecake factory uniform). After the wrap of every episode (that’s usually filmed in front of a live studio audience), the crowd gives a standing ovation to the cast and the cast gives an ovation to the crew and to guest stars.

4 Set Policies


Like every television sitcom, there are a bunch of polices that line the set – especially if the show is filmed in front of a live audience. Here, we have the crew working while Kaley sits patiently and goes over the episode’s script. Since she’s dressed as Penny, we can be sure that this was actually a filming day, so a lot has to go into preparing for the shooting.

3 Food Has Always Been A Constant On The Show, Even Behind The Scenes


If you’re a fan of the show, you know that whenever the group is together (as a group) they’re always either sitting down to dinner in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment (take out, mostly) or at Howard’s (in the days when his mom would cook) or eating lunch in the school’s cafeteria. They are ALWAYS EATING and it looks like the crew wanted to join in here.

2 Vigorous Work


What a lot of aspiring actors and actresses don’t know is that a lot of sleepless nights go into shooting a television show, especially on that was as popular (and long-running) as The Big Bang Theory – both for the cast and the crew. 12 years is a LONG TIME so a lot of hard work went into creating this show, this set, this EVERYTHING from the ground up.

1 The Tearful Goodbye


A lot of the cast has stepped forward already and have given interviews on how tearful it was to say goodbye to the place (and the characters) they called home for 12 years. Some of the actors even took certain souvenirs from the set. Overall it was an extremely tearful goodbye for everyone, even the fans that were sad to see this series go.

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