20 Of The Best Disney Princess Tattoos (Because, Why Not)

A dream is a wish your heart makes - or your tat, your tat too. We all know that getting a tattoo is a huge commitment, and tattoos are magical when they have meaning behind them or are just whimsical art pieces. Let us be honest, though. What is more magical than the world of Disney? If you're one of us, you're probably still a sucker for everything Disney. Oh, we know all '90s babies are still obsessed with all Disney princesses - even Elsa! These princesses taught us everything we know today about life, love and dreams. So, if you're looking for some inspiration for your next ink artwork, have you thought of some Disney princess tattoos?

Every single person will agree with us that a tattoo of a Disney princess is as timeless as true love. If we haven't convinced any of our fellow '90s babies yet, take a scroll through this article; the princess tattoos are enchanting. We know many of you are already dreaming up your next, or first, ink, and as Ariel said, "Who says my dreams have to stay just my dreams?"

Take a photo of one of the following Disney tattoos, bring it to your tattoo artist and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo," you'll have a magical tattoo. We know choosing your favourite Disney princess is not an easy task. Remember though, that your ink says a lot about you and that all Disney princesses stand for different things. Now that we have tempted all you Disney lovers, go ahead and look at the various artistic interpretations of the Disney OGs.

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20 The Two Sides Of Mulan

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Sing it with us now, "Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?"

We're pretty sure that the person who got this creative ink of Mulan is a huge fan of the strong princess and maybe had to hide behind a mask. Whoever thought of this Mulan tattoo is beyond brilliant, though. We got all emotional when we first looked at it, remembering all the adversity Mulan faced, both as a woman and a woman playing a man. Notice how she looks despondent? Mulan was not happy being someone she was not; she no longer recognized her reflection. The split face truly captures the message and meaning behind Mulan.

19 The Beast In The Shadows

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We are going absolutely bonkers for this tattoo of Belle and her one true love, Beast! Beast lived his entire life in the shadows, hiding from the world. You may remember that at the beginning of the enchanting tale, every time we caught a glimpse of the Beast, it was either of his shadow or him completely in the dark.

Not many would've thought of this genius idea, and we are moved.

"Who could ever learn to love a Beast?" Belle did, and this tattoo is the perfect display of their unconventional love. With his shadow behind her, the message of Belle needing her Beast resonates.

18 This Snow Princess Tattoo Is Magical

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For the first time in forever, we want to get some ink of Elsa! If Elsa did not let fear control her life, why should you? If you get this vibrant ink of the fierce princess with a frozen heart, nothing will stop you or get in your way, not even the cold.

The tattoo artist really nailed this portrait of the ice princess we all adore - don't lie, you still belt out the words to "Let it Go" when it comes on. We had to do a double take when we saw the tattoo because it looked too realistic and too good to be true. With the dark shadowing and shading on Elsa's face, the tattoo perfectly depicts the struggles Elsa went through. And we all know Elsa did not need a man to save her from her sorrow.

17 Imagine Having Sleeping Beauty Sleeping On You?

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How epic would a sleeve be with a Disney princess on it? Well, this person has us all stunned with their detailed ink of the sleeping beauty herself, Aurora.

Don't we all wish we could sleep all day, every day? No, we're being goofballs, but how serene and gorgeous did Aurora look while waiting for her prince?

This is a very meaningful tattoo, as Aurora always emphasized how important it is to constantly dream. Aurora was cast under a spell, but she truly believed that love would find a way. Any person who would get a tat of the sleeping beauty must keep in mind that Aurora was a big dreamer; a dreamer who only woke up when true love came along.

16 We Learnt Best From Cinderella

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As children, we all wanted to live the fairytale that the Disney princesses did, but now we're old and wise enough to know that that is all bogus. What Disney was truly trying to emphasize through their princesses, like the beautiful Cinderella, were lessons about life; lessons on how to behave when life gets tough.

This tattoo is one of our favourites, because it is not of the "princess" Cinderella, but the Cinderella who was a normie. The above depiction of Cinderella is what real-life is; real-life is not waltzing around in a blue ball gown. While Cinderella had to slave away as an outcast, scrubbing the floors and wishing to be free, she stayed true to herself and always had courage and stayed kind.

15 This Ariel Ink Is Moving

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All The Little Mermaid wanted was to be a part of the human world!

Ariel was ready to give up just about everything under the sea to live on the dry land. To Ariel, the human world was wonderful, and as a mermaid she was living an oppressed life. So, what did Ariel do? Like every other princess, she kept on dreaming.

As you may recall, she exchanged her voice for some feet with the underwater villain, Ursula. However, this tattoo of a hand mirror with Ariel's reflection is deep. It's dark, shaded and Ariel's posture depicts sorrow and loneliness, which clearly emphasizes how unhappy Ariel was living as a mermaid. If you feel like you're not yourself at times, this tattoo may be relevant.

14 A Tattoo Of Aurora's Dream Come True

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Aurora and Prince Philip's love is eternal, as we learnt from the Disney classic.

We love this ink because it is classic and represents the fairytale that is Sleeping Beauty. When we think of Aurora, the image that comes to mind is exactly the tattoo that the person got. Sleeping Beauty made sure we understood that we should not accept any ordinary love; that like she, we should let a lifetime pass until true love finds us.

We find the above tattoo perfectly represents the message from this Disney film. The colours are vibrant, but what stands out most, even though it is inked in black, is Aurora's mantra, "Once upon a dream."

13 Pocahontas Fading In The Wind

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We honestly got chills looking at this tattoo of Pocahontas, the princess who taught us all to listen to our hearts.

Although the film was colourful, the simple black ink outline of Pocahontas is one way to depict all the struggles that took her away with the wind. It is as if the wild wind is sucking the life out of her with her side profile blurred, mouth open and hair blowing.

The tattoo artist really nailed it with the fadeaway, and we have all the feels all over again; we're slowly picturing the moment Pocahontas was in the middle of the wind, all by herself, but still standing tall. For anyone in tune with nature, this ink is a must. Could this be any more perfect?

12 A Tattoo Commemorating Mulan's Strength

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This was the most significant moment for Mulan in the film. This was the moment that Mulan took control of her life and showed us all how brave a woman could truly be!

Mulan took the sword to chop off her locks as a symbolic gesture that removed her duties as a daughter so that she could maintain the honour of her family as a son. Until this day, we have not forgotten the power of this scene, and we're totally digging the tattoo for that reason.

It is an iconic scene with so much meaning behind it, so God bless the person who got this rad ink. Also, notice the blooming flowers in colour around Mulan? To quote Mulan, "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."

11 This Jasmine Tattoo Looks EXACTLY Like The Real Thing

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Some tattoos need to be perfectly detailed to look magnificent, and this tattoo artist nailed the Princess Jasmine tattoo! Are any of you Disney ink fiends yet?

The details are flawless and we love how the artist stayed true to the Jasmine we all know, instead of altering her appearance or changing the colours. And because Jasmine always stayed true to her values, we admire the artist and the person who got the ink for choosing a design of Jasmine that we all recognize. Despite being a princess, Jasmine did not view people from other classes, such as Aladdin, as a street rat, and the design is emblematic of that. Plus, the colours pop and it perfectly matches Jasmine's vibrant personality.

10 This Person Was Inked With All The Colours Of The Wind

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This tattoo is the quintessential Pocahontas! Who ever thinks of Pocahontas without thinking of this particular scene? There is one princess that truly appreciated and took care of nature, and it was Pocahontas, even before her beau, John Smith, came along.

This artist truly painted with all the "Colours of the Wind" and designed Pocahontas with as much emotion as there was during this scene. Pocahontas taught us that every tree, rock, and creature has a spirit. And, this tattoo design of the Disney princess captures just that with its mash of colours, the leaves and her pensive face.

9 When Ariel Became A Part Of Our World

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Take a person out of their habitat and they're going to give you the stunned expression that our favourite little red-headed princess Ariel has on this tattoo. This person may have asked for this ink because they started a new life, or a new beginning, just like Ariel did when she became a human. An avid Disney fan will associate this face of Ariel's with when she became a free lady with feet.

She so badly wanted to be dancing, and to be with people, that she let go of the most powerful thing we own as humans, her voice. And when she got on land for the first time, all lost, ditzy and without a tail and voice, this was her exact facial expression. We'd be just as confused as Ariel!

8 Jasmine Was Surely One Of Aladdin's Wishes

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Although Princess Jasmine looks a little different here, this artist just opened our eyes to a whole new fantastic point of view of the princess. We all know that Jasmine took Aladdin to a "Whole New World," but this tattoo is giving us serious indescribable feelings. For Aladdin, who longed to live and lead a life like Jasmine's, Jasmine was exactly what he wished for his entire life. And coincidentally, Aladdin became besties with a Genie who was able to grant him his most-desired wishes.

However, never did we think for one second about this brilliant tattoo idea with Jasmine coming out of Genie's shiny lamp. After all, Jasmine does look like a genie - wink, wink.

7 Tale As Old As Time

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The story of Beauty and the Beast will never get old. It's the unconventional story of a beautiful princess falling in love with a beast, and the Beast learning to love so the spell can be broken.

The Disney classic had a fairytale ending, but not everything was "roses" throughout the entire film. In fact, the hand mirror had major significance in the film, as the Beast would constantly look at it and get angry because he was sure that Belle could never learn to love a beast. And the enchanted rose that slowly lost its petals, and acted like a ticking clock, ended up surviving like their eternal love.

This tattoo is symbolic of many things, but the half profiles of both Belle and Beast in the mirror are all about their ever-lasting love.

6 We Don't Want To Let This Tattoo Go

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If you're brave enough to walk around with a tattoo of Elsa on your thigh, it's because you're as fierce and badass as the Disney princess; we know Elsa did not take any bogus from anyone.

Many people nowadays like to get all fancy with their tattoos, but we admire the simplicity of this one. Already, a Disney tattoo requires a lot of detail, so the ink of her face is enough to get the meaning of the tattoo across. If we had to choose, we'd probably pick this one - how cute is the tiny snowflake? It's all simple, real and sweet, and we know Olaf would melt for this wonderful ink.

5 The Beast Could Not Let His Belle Go

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One piece of advice from Beauty and the Beast that has stayed with us forever? Never let go of your one true love. Thankfully, the Beast had his friends to give him a little advice. Clogsworth told him to not let go of Belle, and Lumiere told him to confess his love when the moment was right.

This tattoo is peculiar, but so enchanting because it is a different depiction of true love. Beast always tried to be on top of things to control her because he was afraid of losing her; having that grasp over her, like in this design, was the only thing that made him feel accepted and secure. That is how the Beast finally learned to love her. This ink should be on the cover of a Beauty and the Beast book!

4 A Water Colour Tat Of The Beauty And The Beast Scene

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Whether Belle is your most beloved Disney princess or not, there is no denying that her and the Beast's scene waltzing together in formal attire in the ballroom is the most tearjerking Disney princess scene ever.

Besides Belle rocking that yellow ball gown (which we will never pull off), the two finally admitted their love for each other, and the Beast finally turned back into a prince. Are tears rolling down your face yet?

Belle taught us to never judge a book by its cover, so we love how this tattoo artist did not draw and colour in the two characters how they actually were. Instead, by using watercolour, he made it all about the movement and emotions of the scene, which, given the colours used, were happy ones. Just like a "Tale As Old As Time."

3 Did Walt Sketch This Tattoo?

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Fun fact: all the older Disney classics, like The Little Mermaid, were made up of hand-drawn animation. This means that every movement in the entire film was sketched! Sounds amazing, right?

If you've never seen a sketch of a Disney character before, the above tattoo is what it looks like. The characters are carefully and lightly drawn with lines and a lot of fine detail. Besides this tattoo artist being fantastic at their job, we think he/she should apply to Disney's animation department. We praise this tattoo for its creativity, originality and accuracy! Not every person could make a fascinating image come to life.

2 A Jasmine Outline

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Sometimes less is more, and in the case of this tattoo, it is! Some people may love their Disney princesses, but do not want to necessarily walk around with blue, pink, yellow or red on them, so we totally dig this approach. It is small in size and beautifully simple; exactly how Princess Jasmine is.

And we clearly do not need a face to put a name to her, and that says a lot about the tattoo and its meaning. If we could recognize a person without their facial features being present, it says a lot about the person's power. Basically, if we just saw an outline of Jasmine's hair, we'd point her out in a jiffy! The tattoo may be minimalistic, but it's powerful.

1 A Perfect Representation Of Snow White

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Who is the fairest of them all? This tattoo of the fair Snow White. We had to leave this one until the very end, because in case you did not know, the princess who was joined by dwarves was the first ever Disney princess - yes, she is the original.

And we simply adore this tattoo because it stayed true to the Snow White we know, with the colours and detail that brought her magic to life. Those extra lines and circles on her face and arms also resemble that of a sketch, which makes us all feel nostalgic. Who knew Snow White was that old?

And we cannot picture the princess who got fooled by a witch without the poisonous apple, nature and the creatures around her.

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