20 Birthday Cake Fails

Birthdays come once a year – or once every four years, if you were unlucky enough to be born on a February 29 – so, ideally, everything should be perfect for that special day, right? Unfortunately, many things can go wrong on your birthday, including the pièce de résistance of all birthday parties: The birthday cake.

These are definitely the worst birthday cake fails we have ever seen. We can only imagine what these poor birthday peeps had done to deserve these!

20 Princess Castle

😨😳😵😂 #CakeFail

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Umm, what was going through the mind of the person who baked this? Wait, no, don't tell me. I'd rather not know.

19 "Happy Birtday"

You'd think that being a baker, you'd have a good idea of how to spell "birthday."

18 Clint

Doubletap and tag 3 people! #cakefail

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What's the problem here? Clint's name or the baker's terrible handwriting?

17 Three People

Who cares what your name is when you share a birthday with two other people?

16 Elmo Fail

Nailed it! #cakefail

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Nailed it. Definitely nailed it.

15 Crazy Birthday Cake

Let's just say, fondant isn't for everyone. And while the results were not much like the original cake, it looks like they spent a lot of time trying to make this cake... so I guess that gives them extra points!

14 The Little Mermaid

Whatever happened to people not committing to doing something unless they could do it? If you know you don't have decorating skills, how about don't try it?

13 Yuck

I'm sorry, Barry

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No one should be forced to eat that thing. It looks like it came straight out of a horror movie.

12 Todd, Two 'D's

Today's office #cakefail for Todd.

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What in the world is a To2Ds? Is it a character from "Star Wars"? Some people really lack common sense.

11 The Twins

#BirthdayFail #cakefail 😂😂😂😂

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Cheese and rice, baker, that doesn't even make any sense! Why would you write that?

10 Disaster

If there's no squirrel or cat involved in this fail, I don't even know what to think.

9 Frozen Cake

Sure, that's probably what the person who ordered the cake meant by "I want a 'Frozen' cake." Seems legit.

8 Birth

Is this a birthday cake, or is this a warning for someone who's giving birth soon? Either way, it looks seriously disturbing.

7 Mark With The Sea

And let's not even mention the "Brithday". That's what happens when you really too much in the autocorrect.

6 Birthday Murder

Yeah, that totally looks like the same cake – in an alternate dimension where people can't see.

5 Puppy Party

Oh jeez, this is seriously terrible! The cake on the left looks perfectly adorable, while the cake on the right looks like it has rabies. Yes, a rabid cake.

4 M&M's

Or, you know, you can just eat the M&M's and give up on the baking career.

3 Photo Cake

Gotta be specific with these lazy ass bakers. #cakefail #bakerfail

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Funniest thing ever. Next time you might want to give the baker a printed copy of your photo!

2 Michelle With An "N"

The girl on the cake looks mad – Maybe that was the baker's prediction of how her client would react to this terrible cake?

1 Mickey Mouse


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Hey, baker, have you ever baked anything – anything – before?


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